August May Be My Favorite Month of Summer

May, June and July are all so BUSY with Memorial Day and school and the 4th of July. But in August you can relax.

That doesn’t mean its boring though.

There’s a certain energy in the air!

It’s the last stretch of summer, so you’re brimming with that energy. You want to get in what you can!

But also it’s the precursor to the best part of fall, when the leaves are changing and you’re excited because soon it’ll be nice and cold but not TOO cold.

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If you’re a nerd like me, you also start getting excited for new & returning TV shows.

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Not to mention, if you’re still a student (and depending on what kind of student) you might actually get excited about going back to school because you remember all the fun things about it (and forgotten the horrible things)!

Things are changing just enough to be more exciting then scary.

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Also, personally, the movies that come out in August can be very good if a little forgotten about because they come out at the tail-end of Summer (fingers crossed Man From U.N.C.L.E. and, hopefully, Fantastic Four)!

All in all, I love August.


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