miles frank


·.·´¯`·.·★ [ 𝓜𝓘𝓛𝓔𝓢 𝓕𝓡𝓐𝓝𝓚  ] ★·.·´¯`·.·★

Weight: Unknown
Height: 6′ 2″ or 188cm
Hair Colour: Dark Brown - Black
Eye Colour: Hazel - Green
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington
Date Of Birth: September 20, 1990  
model, musician

Zodiac signs as the Outlast characters
  • Aries: Miles Upshur
  • Taurus: Chris Walker
  • Gemini: Richard Trager
  • Cancer: Waylon Park
  • Leo: Eddie Gluskin
  • Virgo: Blake Langermann
  • Libra: Martin Archimbaud
  • Scorpio: Rudolf Wernicke
  • Sagittarius: Frank Manera
  • Capricorn: Jeremy Blaire
  • Aquarius: Lynn Langermann
  • Pisces: William Hope

Do You Hear the People Sing?” in ASL

Don’t stay silent, speak up and be united. You are not alone.

Lavernius Tucker from Red Vs Blue.

Based on the idea that he’s some sort of saint or religious figure. Based on the post by @souridealist that said “Tucker may have been the alien version of the Virgin Mary”. Cue my deeply catholic grandfather rolling in his grave

Edit: okay so mom’s mad I called him the Virgin Mary. I am disowned.

Double edit: apparently my grammar is atrocious