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Things I didn’t know Desmond could do 1/? - Mah boi pulling some John Wick style right here


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Pairing: Jensen x daughter!Reader, Miles (OC)
Word count: 1,445
Warnings: Talk of needles, blood, stitches, a couple swears

Part 9 of Letters From the Dead

Y/N is your twin.

I swear it. Always joking to keep the mood light.

We needed to attend a funeral last week. She felt a little comedy was needed, and then started cracking jokes. Thankfully she’s young, so people thought she was just so cute. That won’t go so well in a few years.

 It felt like everything was in slow motion. Miles couldn’t get you to Jensen quick enough. You were awake, but clearly in pain. Dan brought a towel over to put against your head. “I’ll bring her to the emergency room.” Jensen said, getting out of the pool.

“Can I go, too?” Miles asked, looking worried.

After a moment, Jensen nodded and made his way towards the house, only stopping to grab his phone from the table. Miles followed, grabbing a couple towels so that you could at least wrap it around you and not sit at the hospital in just your bikini. He didn’t care that he’d left his phone on the lawn, he could get that later.

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Had a dream where miles Edgeworth taught a German class and Phoenix was one of his students and like since it’s a language class miles didn’t speak much English to them but then one day he assigns the class a butt ton of homework and nick is just complaining his heart out then miles pulls him to the side and starts admonishing him in English but miles has this wicked cute German accent and nick can’t help but just stare and nod

4. Set Up pt 3

Alex x reader 

“You never showed up on Friday night.” You said as you passed Kara’s desk at work on Monday morning. You weren’t mad, you were just confused. “That was kinda the plan.” Kara chuckled as she made her way over to your desk. “I thought you’d catch on by now.” She leaned on your desk, looking down at you. “Catch on…?” You looked back up at her, your eyebrows furrowed. Kara sighed, “I set you up. I set you up on a date with Alex.” You froze, wide eyed. How would Kara know that you were crushing on her sister? “Uh… why-why would you do that?” You said, trying and failing to keep your cool. Now it was Kara’s turn to be confused. “Alex told me you guys had fun… did you not have fun?” “No, no i had a lot of fun, but-” You were cut off. “Then what’s the big deal?” Kara asked with a little laugh. “I just… how did you know i liked your sister?” Your heart was beating a mile a minute. A wicked grin formed on Kara’s face. “I didn’t. I knew that Alex liked you. That’s why I set you up. Now that i know you like her….” She slid a small piece of paper on your desk. “Use it.” She whispered with a wink and walked away. You picked the paper up and on it was Alex’s phone number, scribbled in Kara’s handwriting. You couldn’t help but smile as you tucked the paper into your jacket pocket and turned back around to start your work. - When your lunch break came around, you pulled the crumpled up slip of paper out of your pocket and dialed the number written on it. It rang 3 times before Alex picked up. “Hello, this is Alex Danvers.” She answers in a stiff voice. She must have thought this was a work call.  “Hey Alex it’s Y/N. I’m sorry to call you while you’re at work like this.” You chuckle nervously, starting to regret your decision.  Her tone lightens up. You can almost hear a smile in her voice. “Y/N, Hey! It’s no problem. I was actually hoping you’d call.” Your heart fluttered and you felt your cheeks become hot.  “I just called to ask if you wanted to go out again… this weekend? I had fun on Friday night, and I’d like to see you again..” You bite your lip as you wait for her answer.  “I’d love to. There’s this really cool bar that I want to take you to. I’ll pick you up at 8 on Friday night?"  "8 on Friday’s good. I’ll see you then, Danvers” You say, teasing her. 

Broadway Princess Party

Just because some people asked. Here’s the song list from the Broadway Princess Party at 54 Below:
Ariel (Desi Oakley)- Part of Your World
Merida (Teal Wicks)- Brave
Anastasia (Alison Luff)- Journey to the Past
Belle (Kara Lindsay)- Home
Anna (Laurie Veldheer)- For the first time in Forever
Pocahontas (Arielle Jacobs)- Just Around the River Bend
Aurora (Steffanie Leigh) ft. Prince (Matt Shingledecker)- Once Upon a Dream/Summertime Sadness/Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Tiana (Adrienne Warren) - Almost There
Thumbelina (Alexandra Zorn)- Soon
Adam Jacobs and Laura Osnes- Let Me Be Your Wings
Jasmine (Courtney Reed)- Call Me a Princess
Mulan (Ruthie Ann Miles)- Reflection
Rapunzel (Taylor Louderman)- When will my life Begin
Esmeralda (Ciara Renee)- God Help the Outcasts
Cinderella (Laura Osnes)- Cinderella Medley (A Dream is a wish your Heart Makes, It’s Possible, Ten Minutes Ago, On the steps of the Palace, In my own Little Corner)
Elsa (Caissie Levy)- Let It Go (Let It Be)
All Performers- When You Wish Upon a Star

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     Lola felt cared for, supported, maybe even loved, and it was all thanks to Miles. With the play going so well and their secret little rendezvous, Lola felt like she had finally found someone who got her, who could make her happy. And even though she was technically Miles’ Hope, he felt like hers too. 

     The petite girl saw him in the hallway after lunch and bounded up to him. “Ready for play rehearsal after school?”

Match Made in Heaven, or, the Dio/Pucci is Too Real

i mean

just look at this

we’ve got the meet cute:   

dio’s all “mmmyeah look at that fine booty –”

“– and legs that goes on for miles…” 

wicked cool courting gift(s) for the bae:  

damn dio you’re a smooth criminal 

guess who just got laid

“p.s. i’m in training to get married to god so take that as you will”

“i don’t want to lose you pucci”

(also that is such a romance novel cover pose)

hmm yes the will of d is flowing into him alright

and of course:

a.k.a. ‘that awkward moment when you’re not sure if you’ve stumbled onto an mpreg story’

there’s also the fact that Versace’s attitude towards Pucci could be summed up with “you’re not my *~real dad~* you can’t boss me around just cause dad gave you his boner and you have his baby”

so yeah

in conclusion: dio/pucci

Backstage Characters as Broadway Songs - Music Department Edition
  • Jax: Wonderful from Wicked
  • Miles: Another Day from Rent
  • Bianca: My Shot from Hamilton
  • Alya: Good For You from Dear Evan Hansen
  • Scarlett: You And Me (But Mostly Me) from Book of Mormon
  • Kit: Right Hand Man from Something Rotten

The woman is pure evil, and man does he dig it. F!Survivor/Hancock

He ran the point of the blade along the back of his nail, carefully scraping out the dirt wedged against it. There was little else better to do, and his head was too full of unwelcome thoughts to be doing anything that required even minimal awareness. Thoughts that would lead to dangerous places, a pale-knuckled grip on his leg, a breath that tremored. Thoughts that centered around mile-long legs, a wicked grin, and a pair of blistering brown eyes.

Hancock had to wonder if she actually looked at him like that on purpose. He’d seen her flash that crooked smile at folks before, no less impish than it was any other time, but whenever it turned onto him it all seemed so…so…

“Mayor Hancock.” Kit drawled, her voice thick with smoke and grit. He sighed quietly in minor dread before lifting his head. It took maybe half a moment for him to regret doing so.

She looked like candied poison - a trait he was quickly understanding to be permanent. Under a curiously well preserved silver bomber jacket was a black tank top, cropped to show her tattooed midriff and just enough cleavage to leave his mouth dry. The cutoff denim shorts beneath that were practically underwear, and her dark hair had been washed and gathered into a neat ponytail, hints of blue flickering in the sunlight that spilled into the room. She shifted her weight to lean against the doorframe, full hips rolling in a way that he felt was entirely unnecessary, and kicked a foot out to cross her legs at the ankles. Sharp canines bared themselves through a pale screen of cigarette smoke.

Visceral. The word he was looking for was visceral.

“General Murphy.” He replied through a grin as casual as he could manage, his throat tight enough to be obvious. It only made her smile wider.

“Call me Kit. I hear that enough from Preston, and he’s impossible to convince.”

“Let’s make it fair then. Hancock will do just fine.”

She pushed herself from the door and crossed the room on a smooth gait, tilting her head back to blow a smoke ring into the air. When she stopped, she loomed over him with barely a foot to keep it civil. A wave of warmth rushed over him, ripe with cigarette smoke, whiskey, and soap. “Just Hancock? Not John? I suppose we’re not close enough for ‘Johnny,’ then?”

Hancock swallowed hard. God, even her walk was predatory. “Well, far be it from me to discourage closeness,” he chuckled low, “but no. I’d prefer Hancock. Personal reasons, ya feel me?” He hit her with a broad smile, his knife dancing through his fingers and hurdling along his knuckles.

“Oh, I certainly do.” She purred, ribbons of smoke floating from her nostrils.

His knife hit the floor mid-twirl. He really hoped his jaw hadn’t done the same.

At that, she suddenly burst into a thunderous cackle, her head thrown back to bare her throat.

“Dude, I’m just fuckin’ with ya. Relax.” She shook her head, scratching a brow with her thumbnail as her posture dropped into something looser. Her dippled smile suddenly lost the dagger edge, and the light that filled her eyes was as warm as the sunlight. 

Oh boy. She was a dangerous one alright.

“Well obviously.” He nearly wheezed, scooping his knife from the floor, carefully keeping his eyes on it and not her… God. Her legs.

She just rolled her eyes and playfully kicked at his boot. “Listen, some of the guys and I were gonna go out and smack a few beers cans around. We found some old golf clubs the other day and thought we could make use out of ‘em. Wanna come?”

“Oh, I certainly do.” He mimicked her with a seductive lilt, praising any higher power that could be listening for the renewed strength in his voice.

“Good.” She turned on her toe and marched away on long strides, only to halt at the door and toss that vicious little smirk of hers over her shoulder. “Let’s hope you hit better than you flirt.”


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