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I just wanted to say I am in love with your art and your OCs. They're amazing and your amazing! But also, in my game I came across a raider that looked an awful lot like buttons and I was just curious if buttons has come across any doppelgängers in his travels?

Thank you! <3



Lance canonically has little kids in his family. Little kids that he left behind. The kid on the left is like a carbon copy of Lance… Do you think that kid is Lance’s favorite? (Lance is probably close to both of them though.) Little kids grow so fast… By the time he gets back to Earth, they won’t be the babies he left behind. How often does Lance think about that? Does he ever think about how much he’s missed?

Re-watched the finale before bed - enjoyed it a lot more the second time. I do think I’d just built it up in my head too much lol. 

The monster they fought reminded me a LOT of like…a classic Zelda boss. With the sounds it made and the way it moved and how it kind of “evolved” as the fight went on and started showcasing new things. I enjoyed that. 

I love Ruby’s “fuck yeah, cool weapons!” expression when Jaune does his sword thing. 

Ren and Nora are perfect. 

I’m not sure any show benefits more from it’s soundtrack than RWBY does. Which is not intended as a knock but the music is so good it’s surreal sometimes. 

Weiss’ hopeful smile might be the most important shot of the entire volume.

Either that or Yang’s bad ass smirk as she sits on her bike threatening her sister from miles away. 

My heart breaks for Taiyang.

Very excited for Cinder’s impending death.

The Jaune/Nora/Ren moment was wonderful.

Mistral looks really cool - I’m really excited to go there.

I’ve seen people say that nothing happened in this volume and I just really disagree. The characters grew up so much. The first three volumes, it was the characters that were kind of hollow as the world evolved around them. Now we got a chance to see where these kids came from, how they feel, what they’re fighting for. It wasn’t perfect, and I appreciated Miles saying exactly that at the RTX Sydney panel today cause it’s good for a writer to understand that - but I fucking loved this volume and could not be more excited for the next. 

Time for sleep tonight and then start filling the void of the hiatus tomorrow. Goodnight everyone <3

Forbidden Ecstasy - Chapter One

Pairing: NeganxReader

Chapter Warnings: Swearing (It’s Negan so obviously lol), mentions of rape (very little), no smut yet but it’s a comin

Chapter Summary: Negan meets the reader for the first time and instantly takes a liking to her

Series Summary: The reader (who isn’t Negan’s wife) catches his eye and he might maybe end up loving her?? (ooo) After working in the laundry room together Negan decides he wants a taste.  Meanwhile the wives find out and aren’t very happy (but who gaf)

Requested: Yes!! By the lovely @prettyepiic, (the part she requested doesn’t come til later when the smut comes in ;) ) thank you so much for the request darling!! Love me some Negan. Go follow her peeps!

A/N: My first Negan fic whaaat??? This didn’t start out as a series but… shit happens *shrugs*
A/N2: Send me some requests y’all! And shoot me some feedback, good or bad, I appreciate every word :)

TWD Masterlist

(Gif not mine my dudes. But damn is he fine. *drools*)

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“Still not pissin’ our pants yet? Shocker. Y’know, I’m really surprised I haven’t been able to make at least one of you’ns shit yourself by now.” Negan said boisterously as he waltzed in the gates of Alexandria. “Rick, my man. How’s the family? Good, I hope, I really do. So tell me… where the fuck is everybody? I come here expecting everybody to be dressed in their Sunday best and standing in the streets upon my arrival!”

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Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 279}

A few months later…
Moonlight Falls has died in magical activity at most. Beatrice and Belinda have been living like normal sisters. Apart from a little spell or two the witches have been at ease. Although this year has been a lot longer than usual and more brutal… Fate has tried to kill the charmed ones in unexpected ways and with Belinda dead many thought that it was to end of the three Crumplebottom sisters but then came a long a third, a new and secret sister; Beverley.
They haven’t even bothered to follow up on the mysterious time traveler who sought to harm them. The only exciting thing that’s happened recently is a very chaotic video chat with Beverley from her dorm room at Salem University; she was nearly caught casting a spell by her already suspicious roommate, Lara. The power of three will be hard to maintain with a student sister living miles and miles away but Beatrice believes that Beverley’s qualifications are of upmost important and wants her to graduate with flying colours, without the use of the craft. Becoming a witch shouldn’t prevent her life goals from happening. Beverley’s ‘learning’ to teleport to the manor from the house. At the moment but doesn’t matter she’s not here… There are no demonic threats. Even Beatrice has stopped sleep walking. All has been very calm until
Bianca: “
AAAAAAAaaaaaaaahhh!!! ”

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Miles or Kerry I think said Neo was always one of the most dangerous people that they were made to square up against, and that Roman was holding her back. Thing is with Ruby and Yang, she was toying with them. Not even remotely trying, while they both were trying with everything they had to just land a blow. Imagine if Neo, full force unleashed? I think you someone who is up there with Salems council in terms of lethality.

She still got got by little red tho. 

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Mae and Brandon are indeed no longer following each other; Miles never likes anything by Brandon anymore, even though he seems to like content by everyone else, including Alisha and Mae, on a regular basis. Miles has even UNLIKED posts from Brandon, such as the one of him dancing shirtless. However, Miles still follows Brandon's sister, Brandon still likes every single post from Miles, and Brandon's mom AND dad follow Miles. I feel like they either broke up or Miles REALLY wants to hide things.

Hm… I don’t know. You’d think that if he wanted to hide things Brandon would go along with it, wouldn’t he?