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For DWC: 🏊 swimming together! May I have some Solrana please?

Glimpses: Mydas

@dadrunkwriting, @thevikingwoman

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Verse: Confessions of a Teacher’s Pet

Pairing: Solas x Surana

Warnings: Professor x Student, age gap

The water lapped at her bare toes, cool and calming. She sighed and laid back against the smooth rock, closing her eyes. Her legs and arms hurt, and she could already feel blisters forming where her sandals cut into her skin. All around her she heard the soft echo of waves striking the shore, rocking back and forth like a lullaby.

She lay at the mouth of a small limestone cave, carved from the cliff by millennia of wear. It was cool and quiet inside, empty except for some snails and spiders. They’d walked over a mile along the beach, clinging to the worn walls of the shore. He’d offered to take her back the first time she slipped and fell, but she refused. And she was so glad she did.

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Two Smoking Guns 4

Summary: AU: First Day of your new Job, first day of class, should be all peaches and cream, except for the fact that your new Boss and your Professor are the most attractive men you’d ever met, and they won’t stop staring at you.

Author: @i4z-0892-imagines

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,946

Warnings: You guys know me, if it was anything serious it’d be in the tags!

A/N: Pacing be damned! Take it! Take my writing and LIKE IT! Sam-centric part, we gettin a little heated up in here. Phew! PLEASE! I’m begging you send me your feeback, what you’d like to see, what your thoughts are, things you’d like from your Smoking hot Boss or incredibly tight Professor!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -

You collapsed on Jess’s couch, unable to function, your mouth and mid going a million miles an hour as you dictated everything that had happened earlier that day. She listened intently occasionally lending giddy encouraging words.

“I think he liiiikkkkeeessss yooouuuuu.” She sang, as she poked you over and over again in the ribs. You curled up trying to evade her assault, letting out a whine as you did.

“But he’s my booossssss. I think he was just being nice. He’ s been really nice.” You reasoned, in an attempt to logically approach the situation without going to the point Jess had leapt on like a panther on prey.

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Fanfic SIN by half-spectre-half-mineral


A low evening light seeped into Edgeworth’s office, cloaking the very man himself as he typed away at his computer, the dull clicks and clacks of the keyboard the only sounds echoing throughout the room. It was a great difference from the bustle that had assaulted his office only a few minutes before, and Miles Edgeworth was grateful for the peace and quiet.

Old friend Phoenix Wright had invaded Edgeworth’s domain in a panic, rambling on about some power outage in the middle of a lead he was coming on to. He claimed that it was urgent and asked if he could borrow Edgeworth’s own computer.

“My computer?” Miles had asked incredulously, still stunned from when Wright had slammed his door open and explained his situation in a severe case of word vomit.

“Yes!” Wright confirmed. “It’s crucial evidence Apollo sent me, but since he’s out of town, he can’t exactly do the case himself.” Phoenix shook both of his fists. “I thought this case was out of our hands, but this decisive evidence will change everything.”

Edgeworth shook his head in disbelief and leaned forward on his desk to speak. “Let me get this straight, Wright. You,” he began, pointing his finger at Phoenix. “Came to a prosecutor for something about your case in regards to something as simple as requiring a computer.”

Phoenix lifted his hand to the back of his neck nervously. “Well, when you put it like that-”

“Did you not think of going to a library, perhaps contacting Athena, or maybe even Trucy?”

“Hey! Listen, the library is farther away than your office and Athena went to one of Trucy’s shows. and when she’s at one of those she never answers her phone.” He grumbled before sparing a glance towards Edgeworth’s window. “I know this is kind of silly, but I’m already here, and it’s urgent, please Miles,” he begged.

Edgeworth sighed and removed his glasses, pinching the bridge of his nose. “You’re ridiculous, you know?” He stood up from his seat and moved in defeat. “Just be glad I wasn’t doing anything too important. And don’t exit out of any of my tabs.”

Phoenix smiled. “Thank you, Edgeworth, I promise I’ll be quick.” With that he hurriedly scurried over the computer, still standing as his fingers furiously typed against the keys.

He usually would have made more of a fuss, but the day, for once in his life, had been slow, and he just wasn’t used to it. Miles had moved to his bookcase, eyes roaming over each spine in interest when he heard his name called. “Hm?” He replied, back still to Phoenix as his fingers plucked one of the books from a shelf.

“I asked if it was okay if I logged you out of your email, Apollo had sent me the stuff through Gmail.”

Edgeworth turned slightly, “It’s fine I suppose, just hurry up.” And the typing soon resumed. What an unprofessional platform for a work email, Edgeworth thought. Couldn’t they use a more secure messaging approach in these kinds of matters?

“Yes!” Phoenix had suddenly shouted, causing the thinking prosecutor to jump in surprise.

He swiveled completely on his feet to face Wright, who clambered away from the desk, a victorious grin on his face. “We’re so going to get this one,” he explained before dashing towards the door.

Phoenix suddenly paused with his hand on the knob. “Oh and thanks again Edgeworth!” He called with a wave before disappearing with a wave.

“Huh,” Miles had muttered to himself as he stared at the closed door. He didn’t know which one his prosecutors were going to deal with the case Wright had apparently found the key to, but he already felt bad for them. An enthusiastic Phoenix was always so stubborn, and rather a nuisance.

He returned to his seat and sighed with relief that all the webpages he had opened previously were untouched. It wasn’t that he did not trust Wright, it was simply that the man was clumsy, for lack of a better word.

Edgeworth had commenced his endeavors, deep in concentration as he scrolled through the local database, marking dates on his calendar for his next trial or the occasional meeting. His head had been turned towards that exact table-top calendar when he heard a small ding.

His attention quickly turned towards his computer, where he noticed a little box with a mail icon fading in the corner of the screen. Edgeworth always kept mail notifications on in order to stay at the top of his game, to hastily attend to matters usually led to a better outcome.

Quietly humming to himself, he clicked on the box and watched as a window opened to an inbox that was certainly not his. Most of the emails in this inbox were unattended bouts of spam, with no folders indicating neatness. No, this email account was not Edgeworth’s, but he knew exactly who it could belong to.

He released a sigh as his cursor edged over to the log-out option, muttering Phoenix’s name beneath his breath, disgruntled. But something caught his eye, something rather suspicious.

It was the most recent email, the one that had brought Edgeworth to Wright’s inbox at the thought of it being a message regarding his own matters. The title was simple, “You’ve received a comment on your work”.

Comments? Had Phoenix sent out for professional review? Yes, he truly did need advice sometimes concerning his methods, but if he’d really needed such why hadn’t he just come to Miles for help? Edgeworth brushed off his slight offense but kept staring at the title of the email.

He was very tempted to click on it, to read whatever analysis another may have perceived of Wright’s technique. Yet his honor dragged on him, telling him that it wasn’t his business in the first place.

No, he thought, He wouldn’t do it, it wasn’t right, he had no part to play in the situation. And so he minimized the window and opened back his previous one and went back to work organizing his week’s schedule.

Oh to hell with it.

Miles quickly reopened the window, and with hardly any hesitation, clicked on the email. His eyes dived into the content and saw a brief paragraph, the apparent “comment”.

His eyebrows slowly began to knit together in confusion as he read the words: Oh my gooooood, this is so perfect! I can’t wait for next chapter!


Edgeworth leaned back in his chair, that hadn’t been what he was expecting. He thought he would see some critical consultation on court strategy, not whatever this was. What was this a comment for exactly, anyway? And what did the writer mean by “next chapter”?

There was a small blue link below the message that Edgeworth soon noticed. Perhaps it was the source of whatever the commenter was responding to, and would explain the oddity at hand. This time with hesitation, he clicked on the link, he hoped it would not grant him any viruses despite the extreme security within his computer.

A page soon popped up, host to what appeared to be an essay. Interest piqued, Edgeworth leaned in towards his computer and began to read the words.

As he read, he realized it was a set-up of a domestic situation, two men interacting friendly as they made themselves dinner. Despite the mediocrity and predictability of the writing, Edgeworth found himself to continue reading through the scene, when the most surprising thing occurred.

Edgeworth did not know why he had started reading the essay, or why he continued once he had realized it was a playful fictional story, but later he would wish he hadn’t done so in the first place when it came to the first sign of something being off.

His eyes had been skimming over the words only to read that the two male characters had suddenly kissed. Edgeworth leaned back for a second, utterly confused. What was happening?

Still interested he continued to skim through the words, only to soon become a spluttering mess as he jumped away from the computer. He could feel his cheeks turning pink as he’d realized what he just read.

The two characters, following what was initially a chaste kiss, had become a little more fervent than Edgeworth had expected.

He cautiously returned to his seat, his face still heated in embarrassment although no one was around him. Despite his reluctance, he knew he had to figure out what exactly was going on. His slow starting stroll turned in a full out dash to the end of the page as he caught words and phrases he had no desire to ever read again.

Did he just read what he thought he did?

Miles held his now bright red face in his hands, stifling his sounds of distress and pure shame. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest as realization hit his brain. Wait just a minute, he thought.

He proceeded to peek through his fingers, a little calmer now, where he saw that at the end of the last paragraph was the same exact comment that got him into this humiliating mess in the first place. His eyes read it once, and once more before he let out a miserable cry, why him?

Edgeworth began to notice all the features surrounding the comment, such as “likes” and to leave a comment of his own. That was when he noticed something that made his blood froze; every piece suddenly fit together.

The author’s name stood out in bold at the end of the story: AcE_PW.

Seriously? Really? Miles Edgeworth had never wondered what his dear friend did in his free time, but this was absolutely mind boggling. Why was this a favored activity of his, of all things? Edgeworth muffled a scream into his hands; he was going to kill Phoenix Wright.

But then Edgeworth debated if he should ever mention the event to Wright, and had started to lean towards blocking out the memory forever. But with the lewd words and descriptions written by none other than Phoenix Wright still burned into his eyes and mind, and he knew it would not be a simple task to forget.

The next time he saw Wright, in observation of a trial, his face would flush and his eyes would quickly avert from the opposite gaze. Edgeworth had been deliberately avoiding Phoenix, but when he clearly spoke Edgeworth’s name and asked him to join him in one of the lobbies, he knew he couldn’t pull it off for long.

“Are you okay Edgeworth,” Phoenix had asked, one of his eyebrows raised. “You’ve been acting kind of odd.”

Edgeworth crossed his arms and looked past Phoenix and at the door. “Oh, I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about,” he could already feel the unease creeping into his face.

“Edgeworth,” Phoenix said slowly.

“Hm?” The prosecutor replied, still looking away.

“I always bring my magatama to work.”

It was then Edgeworth felt his blood run cold. He swallowed.

Oh no.


Iamsosorry. Thisisn'tevenwellwritten. I'llbeinthetrashifyouneedme.


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