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Teenager Obsessed With Dexter Stabbed and Dismembered His Girlfriend

Steven Miles was just 16 when he brutally attacked his 17 year old girlfriend Elizabeth Thomas in his home in Surrey, England. The murder took place on the 24th of January, 2014, after Elizabeth allegedly tried to break off their relationship.

After stabbing her in the head and back, he dismembered her legs and arms, wrapped them in clingfilm and put them in bin bags. He used saws and tools from his father’s tree surgery business to cut up her body, which he covered in a plastic sheet.

Miles told his family he had an alter ego called Ed who had instructed him to kill someone. When the defendant’s sister returned home to the flat about an hour after the murder, Miles told her:

“Ed made me do something bad.”

Miles had a fascination with horror films and the macabre and had wanted to emulate the actions of Dexter, the lead character of an American TV series about a police forensics officer who is also a serial killer.

He was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder.

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if the words fall apart, then they lose all their meaning
if we don’t feel like going outside, then we’ll never meet
ideals, journeys, the revolving doors will spin on forever
in the end you’re the one who needs to make the decision and leave