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Pass on your legacy to those who are worthy of the name Hero.
Why Marvel Champions is my favorite comic series right now

and you all should give it a go:

Their first issue literally dealt with human trafficking

This is how they reacted when one when of the kidnapped girls died

Kamala’s speech (all of them tbh but this is my fave)

Sam’s hatred toward human traffickers/pedophiles

They did this

They’re pretty real (and relatable)

Their counterparts are rich kids basically owned by rich white guys

The modern terms

The dialogue

And…the fucking diversity 

Marvel Champions: read it


Marvel’s Champions

Cyclops by Carlo Barberi
Ms.Marvel by Joe Caramanga
Viv by Will Moss
Spider-Man (Miles Morales) by Fiona Staples
Nova by Nick Lowe
Totally Awesome Hulk by Afua Richardson