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“I tested the connection between Zach Quinto and his boyfriend Miles. I said “I’m gonna try and test your connection, fellas”, let’s see if you guys are really connected, to which they were incredibly intrigued. So I had Miles hold his hand out, and had Zachary hold his hand out, and told Miles to close his eyes. I then took a cigarette and started pouring the content of the cigarette on the back of Zach’s hand, and asked Miles if he could feel it, to which Miles replied “yes”. At this point, you see Chris Pine, and he’s absolutely freaking out. He doesn’t believe what’s happening. And Zach is just speechless at this point. I tell Miles to open his eyes and I go up to him and pour the cigarette on his hand and asked him, “is this what you felt?”, to which he replies, “yes”. And everyone loses their shit”. - Chris Ramsay. 

[X] ^Also on this VC casting note, some ppl have suggested Paul Boche as Lestat and I have resisted it, but seeing him w/ Miles McMillan here, it’s very Louis & Lestat, oui?They look like they have really good chemistry and that matters more to me than looks alone w/ acting *u*