miles mattison

Just watched this week's Revolution!

-Spoilers if you haven’t seen it- 

Nate is actually Jason Obama’s Captain Neville’s son. I’m like dying. I had such a spaz I don’t think you even know. He’s my baby and just asdfghjkl Nate/Jason, I don’t want to call him Jason though…Nate is a hotter name…I’m sticking with Nate, anywho NATE YOU’RE TOO GOOD FOR CHARLIE. I still ship it don’t get me wrong but Charlie kinda gets on my nerves. I’m stuck between thinking she’s badass and then thinking she’s a dumbass. 

Ugh I don’t know. But I love Miles. Billy Burke is my spirit animal (I’ve met him he’s the best haha). 

Also Bass has really really pretty eyes. 

I love this show so much. Damn you Eric Kripke. He just takes feels and rubs them all in my face and then he rips them apart and makes me cry (yes I cried over Maggie. I’m already too attached to this show)