(a very drunk) Michael: I could have uh, twins or triplets, or god, maybe like octobabies.
Miles: If there truly is no god you’ll have eight children.
Jack: By octobaby he means a baby with eight arms.
Michael: Yeah eight arms jack knows whats up. Just one baby with eight arms, he could do so many chores at once. You give em an allowance and like, they take out the trash they do the dishes and they vacuum all at once. 
Miles: It’s truly incredible, life is incredible.
Michael: Incredible.

RTX 2017 RWBY Panel Summary
  • Qrow didn’t use the scythe during his fight with Tyrian because Tyrian is just too fast. Using the sword allows Qrow to be faster than with the scythe. 
  • Miles and Kerry are well aware how upset the fandom will be if Qrow dies.
  • New characters in RWBY Chibi! 
  • Explicitly no confirmation whether Neo will have a voice actress or not, her making noices during a fight doesn’t have to mean she will speak. But she will definitely come back!
  • RNJR was always supposed to be named RNJR. 
  • They kept the amount of time between volume 3 and volume 4 ambiguous on purpose to avoid plot holes that confirmation might cause.

This is only the stuff that might be interesting for the plot. I watched the stream here.

And I’m definitely hyped for Neo now. So hyped.