So I’m short on money at the moment so I’ve decided to open up my commissions again! A few of you have been asking about it too so I thought now’s a good time. I’ve put the US currency as well as the UK currency to make it easier for all you folks in America to know how much you’d be paying in your own currency. If you have any other currency then you can easily work out the price for you by looking up GBP to ___ on google.

Here’s some important info:

  • More than two characters: +£1 for each person added.
  • NSFW: +£3 for general nsfw and +£5 for more highly explicit stuff (e.g kinks and whatnot) If the request is too explicit I may not want to draw it.
  • Prices may increase if you ask for more complicated drawings (e.g robots, animals, armour).

And if you want a NSFW commission I am trusting you that you’re of a legal age to request this so please do not lie about your age.

Payment info:


Paypal email: th1s1smydesign@live.co.uk

Please can you pay me in GBP (Great British Pound) when sending me the money via paypal. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

When sending me the money please select the option “Pay for goods or services” AND NOT “Send money to friends and family”. I would rather not get in trouble with paypal so please be careful and pick the right option before sending me the money please!

Contact me via my inbox or via th1s1smydesign@live.co.uk for more details or for other requests (e.g. if I will draw NSFW content you’re not sure if I will draw or not)

Update: Here’s a link to my commission tab on my blog where you can see how many slots I have available and some more info

TLSP @ Lollapalooza: A Summary
  • they opened with moonage daydream and it was sooo good
  • i was 2nd row on the left and had a super good view because no one was directly in front of me and every time alex or miles walked over i died because they’re so beautiful
  • alex was wearing the riddler jacket over the peach shirt lmao what a combo. he took off the jacket after moonage daydream but then he draped it over his shoulders but he was struggling to get it on because one of the sleeves was inside out and he never realized and i just wanted to run up and fix it for him
  • alex kept motioning for the cameraman to come closer and then he’d put his hand up dramatically to stop him
  • they were both getting really up in the cameras and goofing around
  • speaking of cameras there was one right in front of me and it felt like it was being pointed at me a lot lmao idk what that footage is being used for but i hope my sweaty face isn’t in it too much
  • during used to be my girl alex adjusted the mic so it was super low and then he sat down and sang and eventually laid down and started bicycling in the air and he was literally RIGHT in front of me and i was getting an awesome video AND THEN MY PHONE RAN OUT OF STORAGE RIGHT BEFORE HE STARTED BICYCLING
  • miles was soooo smiley it was really cute. he was standing in front of me but he kept smiling at someone on the right side of the audience so idk what they were doing or if they had a sign or something
  • someone threw a rose to miles but he didn’t take it
  • alex was doing the thing where he hops around with his guitar like a kangaroo except he was hopping sideways and it looked really fucking funny i hope someone got a video
  • they ended with in my room and it was INSANE. miles screamed and jumped with his guitar and alex was flailing around
  • it was way too short i wanted it to go on forever

House of Blues summary


sonicllama: @thelastshadowpuppets closing out Lollapalooza Day 1 #tlsp #lollapalooza