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In honor of the100th episode of Supernatural Misha has worked on (He’s worked on 100, only acted in 99 though) - I decided to share with you guys, 100 reasons that I love @mishacollins as a sort of tribute/celebration to him. He’s done so much to change my life and I just wanted to put my love for him out into the universe. I also made this into a twitter thread which can be found HERE.

1.) He gives me strength to get up and get through my day whether he knows it or not.
2.) He cares about his fans & constantly strives to show just how much.
3.) He cares about minorities that the struggles we face daily.
4.) He cares about the LGBTQ+ community & has gone to far length to prove just how much.
5.) He cares about mental health & the issues that affect those of us who suffer because of our MH issues.
6.) He cares about disadvantaged youths and wants to give them an equal playing field (Free high school, etc)
7.) He cares about disadvantaged groups in general & proves it daily through his work with Random Acts.
8.) He cares about lonely Senior citizens & tried to brighten an otherwise lonely day for them (Valentines Day).
9.) He funded Random Acts - a registered 501©(3) charity on his own because he’s the change he wants to see.
10.) He constantly runs charity events throughout RA & gets his fans excited to donate & put good out into the world.
11.) He runs GISHWHES - the biggest scavenger hunt in the world and most of proceeds from that go to charity too.
12.) His scavenger hunt often encourages others to commit random acts of charity towards strangers.
13.) He cares about the state of our country and how the political turmoil affects the everyday citizen.
14.) He is extremely invested in politics and is not afraid to speak his voice on things that offend him.
15.) He fights for the people. Not just his people, or my people - but all people.
16.) When he makes mistakes, he owns up to them and apologizes even when he doesn’t have to.
17.) He is active on social media and gives us (his fans) peeks into his daily life, which he knows we always want more of.
18.) He is a general friendly person who goes out of his way to be an angel to everyone he meets.
19.) The money from his Castiel photo ops at conventions goes to charity.
20.) Growing up, he experienced the struggle of poverty & goes out of his way to level the playing field for others in that situation.
21.) He’s EXTREMELY humble about his accomplishments and doesn’t brag about his good deeds.
22.) To date, he’s still shocked and made to blush when fans express how he has changed their lives.
23.) He wears safety pins when he can, to let people know he is an ally and will protect people who need protection.
24.) He’s a published poet and has a way with words that speaks to millions.
25.) He is EXTREMELY intelligent and uses his ideas and intelligence for nothing but GOOD.
26.) He is an amazingly talented actor & with that talent has become one of the most loved characters on Supernatural.
27.) He plays himself on Supernatural (an angel)
28.) He engages his fans, even going as far as answering questions other actors refuse to.
29.) He’s selflessly shared extremely personal stories of his struggle at conventions in front of large crowds.
30.) He supports intersectional feminism.
31.) He supports nasty women and acknowledges the world needs us and has talked publicly about it
32.) Even though shippers are historically snubbed in the SPN fandom, he gives us a voice.
33.) He’s gone as far as to physically “Ship” Destiel and that warms the cockles of my heart.
34.) He married his high school sweetheart.
35.) His relationship with his wife is absolutely beautiful and a goal for anyone with a significant other.
36.) The love he has for his wife is visible whenever he talks about her, he softens up and smiles.
37.) He supports his wife’s business endeavors no matter what they may be & defends her accomplishments.
38.) He & Vicki renewed their vows dressed in drag at an Albertsons and that in itself is amazing.
39.) He takes the time to maintain his beautiful marriage & goes on spiritual retreats with his wife.
40.) His family in itself is pure and goals for anyone with a family.
41.) He’s a busy man but still takes time to be a great father to his kids and it shows.
42.) He gives us access to his time with his kids sometimes and it never fails to put a smile on my face.
43.) He brings his kids to conventions sometimes and it’s adorable - there’s NOBODY who doesn’t love it when he does that.
44.) There are tons of instances where he has been seen comforting distressed fans on his own free will.
45.) He encourages fans to say hi to him if we see him out and about.
46.) He takes fans out to do fun things during his meet n greets, something which no other actor does.
47.) He has publicly stated he appreciates fanworks whether it be art, fanfic, crafts etc.
48.) He built his own house, proving he loves to see the fruits of his effort.
49.) He built most of the furniture in his house further proving he’s a hard worker.
50.) He interned at the White House during the Clinton administration
51.) He made the engagement ring he proposed to Vicki with.
52.) He invited fans to join him during his bike ride for E4K this year.
53.) He teaches his kids about healthy eating while teaching them HOW to cook.
54.) He ran over 50 miles for charity & anyone who’s ever even ran 1 mile knows how brutal that must have been.
55.) In 2011, he was named TV’s “Best Non-Human” by TV Guide which proves he’s actually an angel.
56.) His smile is singlehandedly the most beautifully infectious smile I have ever laid eyes upon.
57.) He looks good in literally anything.
58.) When I’m feeling crappy about life, I just look at pictures of him and I instantly feel better.
59.) His charity is in partnership with a crisis support group that has helped thousands of people like me during hard times.
60.) He’s not afraid to be emotional publicly and has even publicly cried before over issues that matter to him.
61.) His hard work and dedication inspire me to want to reach MY own goals.
62.) Seeing everything he’s accomplished makes me not want to give up.
63.) His sense of humor is brilliant and truly funny.
64.) He’s not afraid to make himself the butt of a joke and that kind of humor is extremely attractive.
65.) His humility (that I touched on earlier) transcends into everything he does whether it be his job, family or charity.
66.) He directly helps his fans - ex of which can be helping w/homework, sending them autograph replacements etc.
67.) He has posted his phone number publicly with the sole purpose to have conversations with fans.
68.) He truly regrets working on a movie about sexual assault & openly discourages people from watching it so we don’t get triggered.
69.) He steps out of his comfort zone sometimes to face issues in the fandom that no other actor wants to.
70.) He takes the time away from his family to come to conventions for his fans even when he’s extremely tired.
71.) His smile lights up any room.
72.) He very clearly says “fuck you” to gender norms & constantly does things like paint his nails.
73.) He encourages people to vote, even if it’s not for his candidate.
74.) He acknowledges the importance of white people being allies to minorities.
75.) He is extremely humble about his incredible good looks.
76.) He takes the winning gishwhes team on a vacation with him every year.
77.) He has been known to talk about very personal issues that resonate with fans during his meet n greets.
78.) He is nice to literally everyone (I’m serious, even to the people he dislikes: note, trump)
79.) This is kind of unrelated toa lot of the other reasons but he’s THICC HAVE YOU SEEN HIS THIGHS? wow.
80.) He’s an anchor for a lot of people who constantly struggle with depression (such as myself) and he guides us back to a good state of mind.
81.) He’s interested in the environment and he proved that during E4K this yr by bringing a geologist to talk to us about the terrain.
82.) His interactive gishwhes competitions inspire people to think outside the box.
83.) He’s simply beautiful like have you SEEN a picture of him?
84.) Everything he does is to better this world and community.
85.) He is the purest person I have ever come across in my life and I’ve come across quite a few people.
86.) His smiles are always genuine, you can tell by the way his eyes crinkle.
87.) He has struggled so much in his life and even then, came out successful. He is GOALS for all of us.
88.) He understands the reality behind a lot of these online “challenges” such as the ALS challenge & truly cares about the causes.
89.) He is extremely work oriented and has been known to stay on set way beyond what he was supposed to to film & perfect his scenes.
90.) His voice is pretty much the single most incredibly beautiful thing I have ever been graced with the opportunity to hear.
91.) He cares about orphans, refugees & homelessness.
92.) I truly believe that he loves each and every single one of his fans.
93.) He’s an imaginative goofball & that shows through with the items he has for gishwhes every year.
94.) He was the best thing to ever happen to me.
95.) This man is the epitome is what one should strive to be when it comes to their attitude, life & personality
96.) Whenever there’s a tragedy in a foreign country, he tries to tweet his support in their native language.
97.) He continually shows he cares about the fans that go through struggles and need support.
98.) When I first found out about his past, I promised myself I’d stop self injuring & make something out of my life. I am now clean of self injury and have been for a while.
99.) He unknowingly helped save me from one of the worst depressive periods of my 26 yr old life where everything seemed bleak & hopeless.
100.) His love for life saved MY life when I was hellbent on ending it last year and I will be eternally grateful to him for that.

So yeah, if you ever want to even begin to question my love for Misha Collins- don’t. I will love him fiercely until my dying breath.

Congrats on the milestone, Misha. We love you.

I’ve been walking a lot… and I mean a lot. I’m in a few Fitbit competitions which are fantastic motivation.  According to Charity Miles, I’ve walked 58.29 miles so far this month, and that’s when I remember to turn on the app. 

Every night I’m walking for at least an hour or so around the neighborhood in order to get 10k or more steps.  Recently while I’ve been doing this, I’ve had on Rick & Morty to help distract me from the fact that I’m out walking in the dark with Beckett.  Rick and Morty = me not being weirded out by every little noise on my walk. 

  • Thursday 09/14 13,658 steps
  • Friday  09/15 10,954 steps
  • Sunday 09/17 12,444 steps (and a whole bunch of wine!)
  • Sunday 09/18 11,408 steps
  • Monday 09/19/ 11,431 steps
  • Tuesday 09/20 11,350 steps
  • Wednesday 09/21 11,546 steps

The last day I got less than 10k steps was September 2nd.  SO. This is just to say… I am walking, a lot… and I like it.  I even feel my waist getting smaller again – win!  (PS I don’t normally carry Beckett, he was just being a baby yesterday, and it was easier to carry him and walk faster.) 

Also, I’m running out of Rick and Morty episodes to listen to… so if you have any other suggestions for funny shows that make great background noise… let me know! 

PPS - Join the Charity Miles app for Team Gryffindor!  

Happy Birthday author Irvine Welsh, born September 27th 1958 in Leith.

To me Irvine changed the face of Scottish fiction, a product of the harsh realities of Muirhouse, a housing estate on the Northern edge of Edinburgh, his writing is non compromising, gritty, violent, funny and lots more besides. It was the first book I read that was written in the way I spoke, more or less, I have to admit it wasn’t easy reading all those words you have only ever spoken out loud.

Trainspotting was an instant hit, it became a stage play and then a popular film, a welcome follow up film was released earlier this year 21 years after the 1996 release.

To date, Welsh has published eleven novels and four collections of short stories, he has also written several stage plays, including Headstate, You’ll Have Had Your Hole, and the musical Blackpool, which featured original songs by Vic Godard of the Subway Sect.  As well as the two Trainspotting films, The Acid House, Ecstasy and Filth have all been made into Films and there are rumours of a Trainspotting 3, but he will have to write the novel first.

Irvine’s last offering The Blade Artist, gave us an insight into the life of one of his anti-heroes Begbie, but with a twist, now going by the name of Jim Francis, Begbie is now a Scottish expatriate artist in California who returns to Scotland for a funeral. I have yet to read it myself so can’t tell you much more other than that it was shortlisted for the Fiction Book of the Year at Saltire Literary Awards last year.

The pic shows Welsh on Edinburgh Castle Esplanade as he set out on the first mile of a 5,000-mile charity challenge for the charity Scottish Love in Action, that cares for and supports vulnerable children in India. He has also been a long time supporter of The Homeless World Cup.

To all the runners on Tumblr...

There is this app called Charity Miles, it tracks your runs, you get a random sponsor and based on the distance, the sponsor, donates a certain amount to the charity of your choice.

I just wanted everyone to know that this app is out there and maybe download it.

Have a nice day,
Xoxo, marti

*Has a website


1. *Google Drive: You have to also download the subapps(?) like docs and slides but it’s so convenient when you have to take notes and it saves automatically to the cloud, plus you can set documents to be available offline.

2. *Quizlet: You can create your own sets of flashcards or look at the thousands(?) of other sets. Life saver for AP classes. 

3. *Khan Academy: Lessons on all sorts of subjects on most levels (Math, Science, Art, History, SAT, College Prep, Economics/Finance) 

4. *Duolingo: Lots of language learning (Memrise is another one but I’m personally not a fan)

5. *Google Keep: List maker (you can even add task boxes)

6. *Google Calendar: A calendar that syncs with all devices. Nuff said

7. *Todoist: To do list. You can color code too.


8. Walkr: sPACE. If that doesn’t do it for you, by walking around you get energy and you can use that energy to boost productions to get more coins so you can explore new planets. Also, sPACE. 

9. Clue: Period tracker app that’s not pink and there’s a touch id function. 

10. Cardiio: There’s a 7-minute workout function, checks your heart rate and tracks averages from up to 30 days.

11. Plant Nanny: Water Tracker where the amount you drink waters the plant and it grows. There are achievements so if you’re anything like me you’ll want to complete them all. There are different backgrounds and pots too. 

12. Runkeeper: Exercise tracker. You can input your goal. You can either log your own runs or you can let it track for you.

13. Charity Miles: Sort of an exercise tracker but you earn money for a charity that you choose from the list. There are also teams you can join (they have Pokemon Go teams)

14. Sleep Cycle: Tracks when you fall asleep, when you wake up, average sleep time, and your sleep quality. 

15. Pokemon Go: You have to go outside to actually catch Pokemon (unless you’re lucky and live in the not-suburbs where Pokemon actually appear) and you have to walk to hatch eggs because it can detect when you’re in a car.

Charity Miles

There’s an app I recently started using called “Charity Miles” you simply turn it on during your walk, run, bike ride, etc. and your miles are sponsored by a business like Johnson & Johnson, MasterCard, Chobani, and more. 

Then you pick your charity. You can pick Feeding America, Stand Up To Cancer, Save The Children, World Wildlife Fund, ASPCA, Wounded Warrior Project, Pencils of Promise, and more! 

You can also join a team! I first jointed the Hogwarts Running Club.. and then the sub-team “HRCGriffinDash17.”  Please don’t act surprised, I’m now a HP nerd at heart now. 

Technically you can choose any team you want… but PLEASE join Gryffindor! Slytherin and Ravenclaw keep kicking our asses! (& we all know we never had to worry about Hufflepuff.) 

All jokes aside — I love this app because you can do some good for others, while doing some good for your mind and body

Since July I have 48.23 miles on the Charity Miles app, with 22 sessions. Per person, it is approx. 25 cents a mile, so without doing anything different, I have helped donate approx. $12 to charity (ASPCA) in a month!  Nothing major, but it adds up over time.

With everyone who have used this app, they have been able to donate over 2 million dollars to charity!  Who knows, you may even find yourself going on more adventures, and even managing some mischief. 

(photos 1 and 2


New Video! Got so many requests for a new whats on my phone vlog and wanted to share some of my favorite apps with you guys! ♥♥♥

well I attempted a run! I didn’t realize you can barely read that charity miles overlay, but oh well. I only got about a third of the way into my workout before tummy troubles hit. I didn’t have a ton of time so I decided to just go home and shower and get ready for work. I’ll try again tomorrow or monday. I was all pumped to tackle W5D3 too! ah well, next time! Tonight I’m going out with some coworkers after work to celebrate one of them leaving. I’m gonna miss them! They are one of my favorite coworkers! I’ll update later about all the fun! 

If you play Pokémon Go:

There’s an app called Charity Miles which allows you to raise money towards a charity of your choice just by walking, running, or biking. So for example, if you have an egg that needs 10 km to hatch, you can raise money for your charity at the same time! If you’re going to be walking anyway, it only takes a few more clicks to do some good while you’re at it.

Have a smart phone? DOWNLOAD THIS APP! 

The United Nations Foundations and Charity Miles have grouped together to create an app that will donate money to a charity of your choice for every mile you run, walk, or bike! 

Everyone! This is your chance to donate to a charity of your choice and get fit at the same time! Please, please, please! This is such a great opportunity! 

And, if you’re the competitive type, they are going to feature the person who raises the most money on their website and facebook page. Get running! Get walking! Get biking! Make a difference in a charity of your choice! 

If you do end up doing this, even just a bit, please post a text post saying whether you biked, walked, or ran and how much money was donated and to which charity. Tag it “SSOJ Charity Miles” and we’ll reblog it here. I sincerely hope this gets spread around. I am not able to participate but I hope that many other tumblrites can!


Hello loves!
Using Harry as an inspiration and to celebrate his birthday we created this project on twitter to spread love!
Ways you can be a part of the project:
Going to orphanages, giving food to homeless people and animals, donating money (or using apps like Charity Miles that convert the miles that you walked to charities or some games that do the same thing - links are going to be on our profile), free hugs… Really anything that you do to be nice, be good and help others would be amazing.
You can submmit pictures and videos of yourself doing these things to our DM on twitter (@benicetpeople and @benicetpeopleTR) throughout January and beginning of February. On Harrys birthday we will use the tag #BeNiceToPeople to divulge our work.
If you need advice, support or just someone to talk to curious cat us (@benicetpeople).
Please check this out, it would be amazing if you could help in any way. If you have any doubts please contact us on Twitter.
All the love always.

date: 26 July, 1979

time: 11:00pm

location: The Green Dragon

status: ​@charitybvrbage

He usually seeks her out on nights when he feels like wrecking something pretty, so imagine his delight when he’s about three drinks in and he catches a glimpse of familiar auburn locks at the other end of The Green Dragon. Cassius isn’t one for hesitation, so he makes his way across the bar, dropping the partially expended cigarette that rests between spindly fingers into an unattended tumbler of firewhiskey. A little surprise for when the owner decides to stop chatting up a waitress and return to his drink.

The witch he’s after is talking to another (boring) patron. Probably another muggle-lover as well - like her. Cassius can’t stand that about Charity. The altruism in her namesake seeps into the other parts of her life and Cassius finds the whole thing fucking despicable. Truth be told, if it weren’t for her pretty eyes and pureblood status he wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole.

Fingers empty of cigarette now curl around the wand in his pocket and he gives it a quick twirl. He contemplates uttering curse to have the man opposite her’s glass shatter between his fingers, but Cassius stops when he decides there’s a better use for his own drink. He strides across the floor of the bar, making his way like a shark through the dark, murky waters of this pub. He doesn’t bother to eavesdrop on them, instead coming right up to the man and jostling him. Cassius brings up his own glass and with practiced hands he tips the tumbler forward in the imitation of intoxication. The drink goes spilling all over the wizard’s robes.

‘What the fuck!’ Is the cry he receives. 

“Oh shit! I’m sorry,” Cassius says with not one ounce of remorse. He cannot remember if he’s ever had an ounce of such emotion grace his conscience, but eyes flick up to meet Charity’s to make sure he has her attention before turning back to the man. 

“You should clean that up.”

He doesn’t leave room for argument. With a simple shove he pushes the wizard in the direction of the loo and steps into the space the man occupied seconds before. There is a flash of protest from the other, but it dies quickly – and then he’s gone.

Cassius sets his empty glass on the bar and hails the bartender. He turns to Charity without a trace of his faked intoxication and offers a passive gaze.

“If I’m going to have to steal your attention from someone at least let it be someone worth all the whiskey that gets wasted.”

He gives a pointed stare at the drink in her hand. 

“I thought you didn’t drink.” 

There’s something a smirk on the horizon. 

“Has little Miss Perfect finally started breaking the rules?”
War veteran posts defiant pictures after having her limb amputated
Kirstie Ennis, who walked nearly the length of Britain to help raise £250,000 for Prince Harry’s troops’ charity, has showed true grit and posted a series of defiant pictures online.

She is the wounded war veteran who stole the hearts of a nation, and the admiration of a Prince, by bravely completing a 1,000-mile charity trek – despite suffering agony with a badly injured leg.

Now Kirstie Ennis, who walked nearly the length of Britain to help raise £250,000 for Prince Harry’s troops’ charity, has again proved her true grit by undergoing a traumatic amputation – and posting a series of defiant pictures online.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Harry has been in daily contact with the 24-year-old since the operation to remove her lower left leg on Monday.

It is the 39th operation she has endured since surviving a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012.

Miami-born Kirstie, who first met Harry in 2013 at his Warrior Games event in Colorado, posted the series of pictures as social media updates to document her recovery for friends and family.

The first picture, described as ‘A creative start to the send-off for my leg’, was taken just before the operation and shows her posing seductively in a red bikini.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday last night, Kirstie said: ‘I chose the red outfit because it was just something fun and playful. I didn’t want anything too serious.

It is the 39th operation she has endured since surviving a helicopter crash in Afghanistan in 2012.

Miami-born Kirstie, who first met Harry in 2013 at his Warrior Games event in Colorado, posted the series of pictures as social media updates to document her recovery for friends and family.

The first picture, described as ‘A creative start to the send-off for my leg’, was taken just before the operation and shows her posing seductively in a red bikini.

Speaking exclusively to The Mail on Sunday last night, Kirstie said: ‘I chose the red outfit because it was just something fun and playful. I didn’t want anything too serious.

‘I wanted to show how I looked before surgery and I wanted to celebrate everything my foot and lower limb did for me.

‘Initially when doctors told me that I would be losing my leg I was concerned with body image, which is quite shallow.

‘I wanted to show that with or without my leg, I am still beautiful.’

Harry is said to be completely in awe of Kirstie. Sources say he would certainly have visited her in hospital on Monday if he wasn’t committed to charity work in South Africa.

Their close bond was cemented last month when Kirstie walked, against medical advice, for 1,000 miles from Scotland to London to raise money for Harry’s charity Walking With The Wounded.

Even with the support of a £10,000 brace, Kirstie was in constant pain and joked at the time that Harry didn’t dare to complain about his aching knees during the trek, because he knew she would give him a fierce ribbing.

When she reached the finish line at Buckingham Palace she was pictured in a tender embrace with the Prince and it was then, she says, she finally felt ready for the operation.

‘I knew it was time,’ she said last night. ‘By postponing my surgery [to take part in the trek], I was just prolonging the inevitable. I was looking forward to the surgery so that I could move on with my life.

‘Prince Harry has been very supportive. It makes this all a bit easier, knowing that there are people out there who believe in me.’

Kirstie was a gunner in a US Marines Sikorsky helicopter when it crash-landed. Her machine gun smashed into her face, and she suffered serious injuries to her legs, arms, brain and spine.

Harry is due to host the second Invictus Games – his annual Olympics-style competition for wounded veterans – in May, and Kirstie wants to be there.

She said: ‘I am doing extremely well and am quite optimistic that this recovery process will be a breeze. I plan to compete in a snowboard competition towards the end of the snow season, and am looking forward to seeing Harry when I compete in the Invictus Games.’