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The Assassin’s Creed A B C….Z
Part One A-G
Text from Assassin’s Creed
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The Boston Lemur has been seen a few times by some quite credible people in and around Boston, Massachusetts. One night in July, 2008, Red Sox Senior Advisor Bill James claimed to see a strange creature he at first thought was a cat. But upon closer inspection, he noticed the eyes on the side of its head, the “pug-like” face, speckled grey fur, and a tail “like a broomstick handle”. He watched the animal for a little while and reported that it walked with “an odd sashaying motion”. He stopped watching when the creature ducked under a parked car. Other sightings have happened up to 20 or so miles outside Boston - in Sherborn, Massachusetts. 

Bill James later called animal control who told him that it was the first lemur sighting on record in Boston. The Franklin Park Zoo was contacted, but all their lemurs were accounted for. 


Maxwell’s World is now out!

Located just a few miles from Boston, Maxwell’s World was once a place of joy. The biggest amusement park in the country, Mister Maxwell dedicated his fortunes and life to making everyone’s time at Maxwell’s World as happy as possible. Then the bombs fell and it all went to shit.
Now, the park lies open, shrouded in legend and danger. A thousand myths say that Maxwell hid a treasure, deep inside the control center of the park, just waiting to be reclaimed by some wasteland.
Unfortunately, a thousand more myths say that something happened to Maxwell’s World. They tell tales of shambling skeletons in the park that attack anything in sight, robots that find you and force-feed you hot dogs, of the rides coming to life and devouring those inside. There are some that say that Maxwell traded his soul to keep the park running, and not even the apocalypse stopped that.
All anyone knows, is that whoever enters Maxwell’s World, never leaves. Because the park isn’t just open. It’s alive.

Maxwell’s World is my horror quest mod for Fallout 4, that finds the Sole Survivor trapped in the twisted amusement park known as Maxwell’s World. Teaming up with a group of survivors, the player leads a last ditch expedition through the park, in an attempt to uncover just what happened to the park, and how to escape.
Maxwell’s World features an emphasis on multiple paths and resource management! The park is malicious and out to claim your soul, and will happily give you cursed resources to further than end. Carefully manage what you’ve brought with you, or take the plunge and use the tainted weapons and aid that Maxwell gives you! Aspects of the quest change based on your dialogue as well. Take sides among your companions, learn their histories, uncover secrets, and watch as the end of park changes to match your perspective!

-A seven part quest of survival and fright, with more than four different endings, that reacts and changes based on your choices during the main quest.
-An entire new world space, Maxwell’s World, with over five completely different sections, hidden detail, and much much more.
-Three new companions, fully voiced with their combat styles, and miniquests.
-Brand new gameplay elements!
In Maxwell’s World, the things you find are tainted and can affect both enemies and the quest. Consume them if you dare, or focus on using the precious little non-cursed resources you brought with you!
A respawn system. Maxwell wants you to stay, and is content to kill and resurrect you over, and over, and over again. Watch your stimpaks and microfusion cells, because you won’t get them back!
Animated ride bosses! Malevolent bumper cars and serpentine rollercoasters are out to kill you! These juggernauts are scattered throughout the park, and can come to life at any time! Some say that there are weapons in the park that can deal with them, but you risk losing your soul to Maxwell’s influence!
The Presence. A mysterious entity that travels around the park, bringing the rides to life and causing machines to go haywire. Reroute power to different parts of the park to draw it away, or risk its wrath for the comforts electricity brings you!
Minigames! Shooting galleries, robot fights, and more
-New enemies. Face off against deranged animatronics, living rides, ghoulified mascots, and the terrifying Revelers; those guests before you whose souls were claimed, now forever cursed to wander the park in great armies.
-New weapons! From firework cannons, rayguns, mallets, to the triumphant return of Fallout 3’s heavy incinerators.
-A new clown paintjob for power armor.


The nation’s first lighthouse celebrates 300 years off the Boston coast on Wednesday. It’s called Boston Light and it’s manned by Sally Snowman.

“I jokingly say ‘womanned.’ I’m the 70th keeper of Boston Light. The first 69 were all men,” Snowman says.

This isn’t just a job. For Snowman, this is a lifestyle. She knows the mechanics, all of the history, she even dresses in period clothing.

“I just think it as the best government housing in the United States,” she says.

When you bring up Wednesday’s anniversary of Boston Light, she’s quick to clarify — it’s the 300th anniversary of the light station — not the actual light tower.

“The original tower built in 1716 was blown up by the British in 1776. We have the new one,” she says. The “new one” was built 1783 — guiding ships with light powerful enough to see from 27 miles away.

Keeper Of Boston Light Reflects On America’s First Lighthouse

Photos: Jesse Costa/WBUR and Petty Officer 3rd Class Andrew Barresi/U.S. Coast Guard

tlsp in boston:

- cam avery is quite literally the most devilishly handsome man on the face of this earth
- he did this awesome ten minute song/story thing and his back up singers were rad af
- Alex stumbled on first and did the first verse of eycte a cappella and everyone lost their shit
- and then Alex undid half his buttons and miles stripped down to a wife beater
- miles kane’s smile live and in person is the literal sunrise I wanted to cry
- he made friends with a girl in the balcony and then smiled and pointed at her several times
- everyone was screaming and he punched the air and dear god it was a transcendent and victorious and I screeched
- they did pattern and miracle aligner back to back and I could not handle it at all
- me and everyone around me seemed to know all the lyrics to everything which is really just fucking ridiculous tbh
- sweet dreams tn slut drop
- they did a new cover ( at least I think it’s new?) and miles sang it with alex on keyboard
- they kept smiling at each other jfc
- miles is a ray of sunshine and Alex is as dark and sultry as the night
- dynamics, tempo changes, the strings were beautifully mixed and textured
- literally though they put their arms around each other just as the strings were doing that last ascending bit and everyone’s hands were in the air and miles was grinning and then the quartet resolved the last chord and I cried fuck what a way to end it I barely survived
- the reality was better than the fantasy

A Sea Serpent was reported in 1931 just off the coast of Boston, Massachusetts. The creature was reported to Lowell Sun, a newspaper company. The article was brief but covered what it needed to:

“BOSTON, May 25 (AP) – 

Captain Roy Marden of the Gloucester fishing schooner
Catherine Burke reported today that he sighted a sea serpent 20 miles east
of Boston lightship on May 18 as his vessel moved out to Georges Banks.

The monster was described by Captain Marden as about 50 feet in length, with
a head resembling that of a horse, a black smooth body and a tail like that
of a shark. It moved at a speed of about seven miles an hour, he said.”


More people from animeboston! And there was a LOT of attack on titan people, it was no joke lol If you recognize anyone from the pictures just message me and I’ll tag them (or take it down etc, whatever they want) :)

colorlessbutunbroken as asuna! Just saw her and kirito again

Imperial aircraft of the Central flying school:

De Havilland mosquito, Hawker Typhoon, Supermarine Spitfire, Percival Proctor, Grumman Avenger, Hawker hurricane, and three miles masters. In the back row, left to right: Avro Anson, airspeed Oxford, de Haviland tiger moth, Avro Lancaster, miles Magister, Vickers Wellington Douglas Boston, North American Mitchell, miles Master and short Stirling.

This morning’s 2.62 miles was my first run in 2 weeks after coming down with a death plague (or more realistically Bronchitis). I’m still dealing with the after effects of that, the most notable symptoms being coughing and inability to breathe properly. Though my breathing has definitely improved in the past week.

After running the first 0.9 miles, I got stopped at a light and took a moment to catch my breath. I wasn’t running particularly fast, about an 11:30. But I started feeling light headed while waiting for the light so I opted to walk a bit. Then I ran a bit. And walked a bit. And ran a bit. This went on for the remainder of the run and my avg pace ended up being a 12:05.

I had to go back 6 months to find an avg pace that slow. But I finished and that’s all that really matters. I thought of Michelle and Rook and the countless other runners who weren’t given the opportunity to finish. I thought about this amazing community that welcomes anyone who has ever laced up a pair of sneakers, no questions asked. I thought about how much running has done for me, never asking for anything in return.

I ran into my roommate on the stairs as I was coming home and she asked me how it went. I told her I knew one thing for sure, I was definitely NOT bringing my running gear to California. That this run showed me I’m still not ready yet. But then as I cooled down and thought about it a bit more, I decided that’s exactly why I AM going to bring my running gear to California. I just ran 2.62 miles. I am ready. Am I back to 100%? No, but I’m ready. Just because I’m not where I want to be, doesn’t give me the right to give up trying.

So I’m packing my gear and plan to do at least 1 if not 2 runs while I’m out there. They won’t be pretty, but I’m not going to get any better just sitting on my ass. My goal is to run 8 miles a week from Saturday and get back on track for BK Half training. And it all starts today!

     I had seen him many times before, often with his girlfriend, but I’ve always hesitated approaching him. Even now I didn’t know if I should dig deep into something sad, so I asked him to tell me whatever he wanted.
     “I’ll tell you something funny,” he said. “Grab my cane, and walk a mile in my shoes.”

Boston, MA