miles edgeworth and his terrible puns

stillbetterthanthesolarsystem  asked:

Hiii!!! I love your art so much and Narumitsu has been my very first ship I ever had and afjghkjh thank you for blessing us with your drawings!! Can I request a little Narumitsu thing maybe please? You don't have to draw it if you think it sucks but I just love fluff so much so how about Nick and Miles visiting Grand Canyon and they enjoy the view and Nick goes "Miles, you're gorge-ous" and is terribly proud of his pun and Miles rolls his eyes and then grabs and kisses him. I'd love you forever!

Worst case scenario, he’ll either catch a cold or sprain his ankle.

  • Miles Edgeworth: *At the Gatewater Imperial Hotel after Matt Engardes trial* Wright, I've been pondering. Matt Engarde really made you for a fool. Have you figured out why?
  • Phoenix Wright: I... listen. I'm just glad Maya is okay after all she has been through. I do agree though. He was indeed very cunning.
  • Miles Edgeworth: I think it's because his best asset was his 'lie ability'.
  • Phoenix Wright: ... You wanna know what's REALLY funny Edgeworth? Wendy Oldbag is still here and wants to see you in 'her room'.
  • Miles Edgeworth: *Immediately runs away screaming* NnnghhhOOOooooH!!
  • *On New Years Eve*
  • Miles Edgeworth: Wright, did you know that on January 1st, 1889, someone gifted Vincent van Gogh with a prosthetic ear?
  • Phoenix Wright: I did not know. Is that really true?
  • Miles Edgeworth: Apparently. It is said that inside the box there was a note that read, "Happy New Ear".
  • Phoenix Wright: You know, sometimes you are so annoy-
  • Miles Edgeworth: *Casually blows a party horn in Wrights face*
  • Miles Edgeworth: Wright, since when do you bring a briefcase to court?
  • Phoenix Wright: I figured carrying around all my evidence in my pants wasn't exactly ideal...
  • Miles Edgeworth: I see. Perhaps this will be a 'brief-case' then.
  • Phoenix Wright: *Wright in frustration throws his briefcase on the floor and yells in the lobby* HURR HURR LOOK AT ME I'M EDGEWORTH AND I MAKE DUMB PUNS. "I 'REST' MY CASE"
  • Miles Edgeworth: Wright, I am not very how you say, 'outdoorsy'... However, I was wondering if you'd like to come fishing with me.
  • Phoenix Wright: Sounds like fun! I don't have much experience though.
  • Miles Edgeworth: All you have to do is just make sure you don't... drop the bass. *Dubstep starts playing annoyingly loud*
  • Phoenix Wright: *Covering ears and trying to scream over the annoyingly loud dubstep* ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THAT PUN ONLY WORKS ON PAPER YOU FOOL!