miles art


I decided to “redraw” some old art/designs I came up with back in middle school, basically I was gonna try and draw a Comic combining the worlds of Sonic the Hedgehog, Crash Bandicoot, & Spyro the Dragon. And this was gonna be the list of “featured” characters. I do think I will color this, just don’t know if I wanna use my NEW Prismiacolor pencils as practice of stick to my normal pencils.


Alexander Hamilton: Ace Attorney - Non-Stop

Over the holidays I played Ace Attorney for the first time and the fact that the game features lawyers in cravats got me thinking about these two lawyering rivals (even if they’re supposed to be on the same side of the courtroom.)

(Also Happy Birthday, @linmanuel!)


 feliz navidad y feliz año nuevo!! ^_^

its been a though year, but finally we are here!

another one its coming.. we’ll make it through guys, together

the best wishes and hope you like it!!