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this blog is so amazing ahhhhh!! how would the aa men react to the reader theyre in a relationship with being kidnapped and taken hostage because of one of their cases? bonus points if you include kristoph, and kristoph's NOT the one doing the kidnapping ;D

Phoenix: He grasps on to the phone as though it’s a lifeline. A sinking feeling of despair pools in his stomach, and he can feel his breathing grow ragged. The world spins around him, but he knows he has to focus on whatever it takes to get you back home to him. He calls Edgeworth and the Detective, and together they work to find you.

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El amor no siempre es bonito. A veces te pasas esperando todo el tiempo que finalmente sea algo diferente, algo mejor.
Entonces antes de que te des cuenta, has vuelto al punto de partida, y perdiste tu corazón
en algún lugar a lo largo del camino.
—  Ugly Love

For the lovely @milesjai !! I was actually one of her anime expo ticket winners, but due to me leaving to see a friend I wasn’t able to go. She is such an inspiration and wonderful person!! Her YouTube is filled with amazing videos that I and my friends found in like 2012 and still, I get excited seeing her videos on my feed. Hopefully I didn’t butcher this too bad! Thanks for all you do Miles!!

Pero me falta valor, ella tenía novio, yo era torpe, ella era preciosa, yo era un aburrido sin remedio y ella era fascinante hasta el infinito. Así que regresé a mi habitación Y caí sobre la litera inferior, pensando que si las personas fueran lluvia, yo sería llovizna y ella, un huracán.
—  Buscando a Alaska