Boulder 70.3

A year ago tomorrow I screamed, shouted and dragged myself across the line of Boulder 70.3. This year, I’ll just be dragging my ass around our local town’s half marathon course.

Someone many folks know will be out at Boulder thou, milemarkersoflife will be there giving her all, to smash another goal. Have a fantastic day Grace, you are gonna rock it!

Tumblr Crushes:

I forgot to do this yesterday, so here it is. I like to see these because my crushes change a lot.

Irondoeslife has completed two full Ironmans and she is working her way back to getting in shape and getting ready for another IM in 2013.

Victoriafindslife has lost a ton of weight, looking great, and is training for Chicago Marathon.

Milemarkersoflife just attempted a 70.3. Her body revolted causing her to DNF and lighting a fire under her booty to come back and finish the job stronger than ever.

fattofast is a full time student, with a full time job, and training for Chicago marathon. I’m not sure how she juggles it all.

Ashamedtosay is a fellow redhead, fellow mom, and training for Chicago (are we seeing a trend here).

Timetotri likes triathlons and all the sports involved but she also likes to box and hopes to attempt and complete a full IM someday.

Morethanthesunlovesthesky likes to run, is adjusting to a new job, and lives away from the BF so they are cute when they’re together.

Beachyrunner what can I say? I adore this girl!!! <3

Runningthegoodrace is training for Soaring Wings Half Marathon. Woot Woot! I can’t wait to meet this girl
Hey everybody, meet Becky Runs

Very early this morning, before I left for my workout I got a new follower. Who was this early bird I asked myself? From her About Me:

I’m Becky and I’m 18, and I’ve decided to run a half marathon.. I’ve run on and off for the past year, never more than 4 miles, never faster than a 10 minute mile. Stupidly, I’ve decided I need to get fit, and so impulsively entered this race.. Race day is May 27th, lets see what happens!

Welcome to the Fitblr universe Becky - you’re in exactly the right place:) I see you already follow Carly, Bre, Molly, Adrian, Ben, NickDaniel, and a few others - you should check out Hana @Beautifulday4running and Grace @milemarkersoflife - both running blogs by a couple of great people who are close to you in age and who have tackled the ½ marathon distance already.

Just one thing though … “Stupidly?” Yes we’re a little crazy - and yes we’re a little bewitched (some might say obsessed) with fitness and running. But all this is some of the best stuff we’re doing for ourselves and for our lives. Don’t make us come over and … ;)

I look forward to reading about your training and cheering you on to your first ½ marathon and beyond.