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I decided I want to do a picture log of what I am eating in a day. For people who ask me about what I eat and because this way seems healthier/more creative way of logging than counting calories.

Bran Muffin
Greek yogurt

½ box of white cheddar mac and cheese
1 can tuna
¼ cup cottage cheese
½ avocado
(all mixed in bowl)

Greek yogurt

1 cup white rice
Boneless/skinless chicken breast covered with Grey Poupon mustard and one tbsp Italian breadcrumbs

Rice pudding, made with almond milk, stevia, cinnamon and raisins

Exercise for the day:
30min 2 mile loop hike
Intervals on the treadmill for 30min/2 miles

You can’t visit Juneau without stopping by the Mendenhall Glacier – just outside downtown Juneau. Because it’s only April (before the cruise ships start arriving) the place was pretty deserted. The ice has thinned and melted over time – it’s pretty amazing to look at pictures of what it used to look life. You can check out member station KTOO’s awesome story about how climate change is affecting the glacier here

There are a bunch of walks and hikes around the glacier – I think I walked about 8 miles just looping around the area. Folks said there’s a family of black bears living nearby – but I didn’t see any (maybe thanks to my constant clapping/singing – ha!) 

No bears – but we did see a mountain goat way up on the top of ^that^ waterfall! 


(Photos: Elissa Nadworny/NPR) 


Price Lake Loop - Julian Price Memorial Park

Along Blue Ridge Parkway mileposts 296-297 is Julian Price Memorial Park, which houses the 47-acre Price Lake and easy 2.7 mile loop hike. We hiked this in June 2016 and highly recommend it if in you’re in the area looking for an easy hike or camping at the nearby Julian Price Park campground. The hike winds through dense foliage along the lakeside and offers intermittent peeks at the water and the mountains beyond. Boaters were out in kayaks and canoes enjoying the beautiful weather. The northwestern section of the loop follows the Blue Ridge Parkway along a short bridge and ducks into the campsite. I’ve passed by this lake in the fall and the changing leaves are gorgeous, so I would especially recommend this hike then.



Lake Tahoe

From Reno I took a great day trip up the mountain to Lake Tahoe and ended up circling the entire lake while stopping at some places for hiking and great views. Going on a recommendation I received, I pulled off the road and hiked less than a mile over to the “Secret Cove/Harbor/Beach” area and was met with incredible turquoise waters and a coastline of conifers and smooth boulders. It just so happens that this area is “clothing optional” and a handful of people were taking advantage of that on such a beautiful day… I tried to avoid capturing any of that in my photos and possibly violating people’s privacy. I hiked over to the other side of the trail an Chimney Beach park where I sat on the beach for a bit and enjoyed the quiet. After making my way further around the lake I realized that a few viewpoints and stops were still closed. As the sun was making it’s way behind the mountains I pulled over at Eagle Falls in Emerald Bay State Park and climbed down a bit to see Lower Eagle Falls in full force. The 1 mile loop trail across the street was pretty flooded but still offered good views of the falls and river. On my way back East and off the mountain I caught a colorful sunset in my rearview, and only now wish that I had stopped to enjoy it when I had passed all the observers out in South Lake Tahoe with the right idea. I can see now why this area is a hugely popular destination, and it’s reputation hold true. Just another spot that I’m adding to the list of places to return to when I have more time to explore.

Miles Wood #1 - Cast

Anon asked: I didn’t exactly have a plot thought it but if you could, could you please make a miles wood imagine that is extremely cute and fluffy 😁😁

I am totally on board if y’all don’t have a plot besides “fluff” or “angst” but it is also slightly terrifying because I’m afraid I will royally fuck it up somehow. It gives me free reign which is so much fun but it’s also interesting to attempt a specific prompt because I like the challenge. Anyway, the idea behind this one is from a mix of two trips I took in the past. One was the road trip from Yosemite to Disneyland and the other was me in a foreign country tripping on the side of the road and hurting my ankle badly. For an athlete I can be very uncoordinated. Anon I hope you enjoy this fluff!

You had been planning the off season California trip for months. Most of the activities you had booked required the early planning because the slots filled up very quickly. The idea was to start in Yosemite National Park and work your way down the coast, ending at Disneyland. There were sightseeing opportunities, museum visits and amazing restaurants to try but not even two days into your three week trip your plan came to a grinding halt. Your long term boyfriend and normally your favorite person Miles Wood was currently whining and sitting in a hard plastic chair in a hospital waiting room. He was holding his wrist delicately and attempting not to move it.

That morning the two of you had set out on the Mirror Lake Trail; an easy five-mile loop around the beautiful lake in the heart of the park. Roughly two miles in, Miles decided he wanted a picture of him on top of a small boulder looking out over the park. You tried to convince him it was too slick with water and that his shoes were not well equipped but he waved you off as a worrier and did it anyway. Just as you had predicted he took a wrong step and slipped, promptly falling off of the rock. In an attempt to lessen his fall, he stuck his arm out and ended up not only scrapping his face, but breaking his wrist.

This is why the two of you were currently sitting in the uncomfortable hospital chairs waiting to be seen by the doctor on call. You were filling out his insurance sheet because of course it was your luck he hurt his dominant hand. When finished you turned the form in to the front desk and sat down next to your boyfriend.

“I’m sorry babe,” he said.

“It’s fine Miles, not much we can do now anyway.”

“I know this throws off your plans.”

“Your health is more important than getting to see some waterfall.”

“You’ve been planning this trip for months. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will turn out to be just a bad sprain.”

You looked down and the awkward angle his hand was sitting, “I don’t think we’ll get that lucky.”

The door leading to the examination rooms swung open and an elderly nurse stepped through.

“Mr. Wood?” she read off of her clipboard.

You and Miles stood and made your way over to her. Just as you were about to cross the threshold she put a hand up to stop you.

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I did this week’s tempo run after work and cut it to 7 miles due to time. The temperature was perfect, but where did this wind come from??

When there are cars around, I prefer to do my pace runs on a one-ish mile neighborhood loop. Boring, but safe. Half of each loop was coasting, and the other half was putting my head down and battling the 16mph wind to that next turn.

The headwind hurts more than the tailwind helps, so I was pleasantly surprised to average the same 6:17 pace that I pulled off last week for 8 miles. The progress has been great, but I’m a little worried I’m doing too much too soon. Might scale the intensity back a little next week to make sure I’m not overstressing my body.



Good morning!

“I am very busy.”

Yep. I think this is why I bite my nails at night. It’s an unconscious thing, but usually happens when I’m spinning too many plates in my life. That’s ok! Life is for living and switching nail polish every three days is a great problem to have💗

In other news, it looks like I’m doing Toughest Mudder in March in L.A. That’s a five mile Tough Mudder loop that starts at midnight and ends at 8am. This incidentally qualifies you to run World’s Toughest Mudder… The best part is that I’ll be running on a team for the first time (With Anna and Channing, if you’re up-to-date on my girlfriends who run) and doing a snapchat takeover for Obstacle Racing Media if you want to check out a night race with me💃🏼

Happy Thursday.


So tumblr ate my post Sunday. I have been waiting for it to appear miraculously…

I felt great, I went to the gym at 7, cycled 25 miles on the road at 10, rode 7 gnarly technical miles on the new loop trail on Roxyann at 6. The last was a struggle but a blast.

Monday I woke up tender from Sunday’s outings, but I put clipless pedals on my road bike- I love them @wiserstrongerbetter !!-
and rode 15 fast miles on the bike path.

Today I just went to the gym, I am running for the first time in a couple of weeks in the morning. Just slow road miles and see how I fare.

I am loving the summer weather.


Visiting the New Bears Ears National Monument

In an area as vast and diverse as the new Bears Ears National Monument in Southeastern Utah, it’s hard to know where to start in exploring. Here are some ideas for capturing a sampling of what the new National Monument offers.

On the Northern end, take state route 211 into spectacular Indian Creek Canyon. Stop at Newspaper Rock, a large and spectacular petroglyph panel with carvings dating back to 2,000 years. Further along, the canyon opens up into a wide valley rimmed by Navajo Sandstone. The iconic “Sixshooter” spires soon become visible. Look for rock climbers scaling the narrow cracks in the vertical Navajo Sandstone.

Further south, Take Highway 261 and 95 onto Cedar Mesa. The twin Bears Ears rise just north of the mesa. This is one of the most significant archaeological regions anywhere, with ancient pueblos tucked into endless canyons. Visiting many of the pueblos require planning ahead as they include hikes and some also require visitor permits. However, a view of the spectacular Butler Wash Ruin is a one hour round trip hike from a developed trailhead while the Mule Canyon Ruin is located along the highway.

Driving south along the rolling pinion uplands of Cedar Mesa does not prepare one for the descent of Highway 261 via the “Moki Dugway”. The route drops precipitously with views of Monument Valley in the distance. Similar landforms to Monument Valley’s famous formations are found along a 17 mile unpaved loop drive beginning at the base of the Dugway which traverses the Valley of the Gods.

A final stop along the southern border of the monument is also a must see. The viewpoint at Goosenecks State Park takes in a spectacular sequence of tight and colorful meanders of the San Jun River carved into the sandstone cliffs.

Many parts of the new national monument are remote and there are no services. Make sure to stock up with supplies in Monticello, Blanding or Bluff which all offer a full array of services as well as accommodations.


Appalachian Trail, Gatlinburg

Hiking along a section of the Appalachian Trail - which is approximately 2,200 miles long and spans from Georgia through Maine. The trails were snow capped and sometimes ice capped in several sections which made the scenery all the more interesting. I did an 8 mile loop on this day and merely saw 2 pairs of hikers. It was so easy to get lost in one’s thoughts and enjoy the solitude.

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil ( tumblr | instagram )

06/01/17 ~ 6 miles and 519 ft elev gain

I did 6 miles in my neighborhood. First 2 were flat/warm-up. Surprisingly my right calf was very tight and burning, but my left calf was okay. Still, my left foot went a little numb. I stopped for a poop break at my house around mile 1.8, then continued on to finish. I did 4 miles/loops of hills, and I didn’t totally die, in fact I had plenty of energy to do more at the end, but it was getting dark. I think I went a little too slow, particularly on the downhills, my legs felt totally trashed.

Today marks the first day I’m logging my runs in a training journal. I want a more tangible way to see my progress with running rather than just blogging about it on here and instagram, so I think this might be a good way to do that.

Armed Forces Cycling Classic Challenge Ride - 06/11/2017

The Challenge Ride is an opportunity to ride as many 6.5 mile loops of a completely open and car-free highway in three hours. They close off the highway that stretches from Crystal City to Rosslyn, so you get to ride past the Pentagon and Arlington Memorial Cemetery multiple times, and it’s relatively flat, too.

I got a late start to my morning, thanks to a late night the night before, so I had a little less than 2 hours to do as many laps as I could.

Lap 3, I attempted to draft a few other riders, but didn’t last too long. Lap 4, I decided to stop along the side of the route for about 2.5 minutes to take in some chews and hydration and take a few photos. I think I took the above video during the 4th lap, too.

This ride was a lot of fun! Next year, I definitely plan on getting there earlier and getting at least 7 laps.

west coast florida gothic

  • you’re on I-75 for ten minutes without going a single mile. time has apparently stopped but you are still driving, without moving a mile, the radio loops the same three pop songs 
  • a tourist asks you for directions to the wal-mart, to the mcdonalds, to the closest walgreens, to the nearest portal to the underworld. you hope you gave them clear directions.
  • everyone at the crafts fair is selling candles. hundreds and thousands of candles. you worry they will catch on fire due to the heat. you buy the ocean breeze one and go home.
  • a seagull sits on the top of your car. you drive to the post office, to work, back home, and still the seagull is there. finally you try to make eye contact; you don’t remember seagulls having cat eyes. it is hungry.
  • you go to cross the street, and have to make sure the old person sees you enough to let you cross. you stop and start six times before you realize their eyes are closed, and their hands are not on the wheel. you let them through the intersection first.
  • every chick-fil-a is the same chick-fil-a and you had a high school crush on the person working the counter.
  • every local eatery is serving brunch, and only brunch. you’ve been eating french toast for weeks. your breath permanently smells of cheese hashbrowns
  • you’re at the beach when the sun has gone down quite quickly. it’s now definitely night, but all the hotels are lights out and your phone has died while you were instagramming the waves. you can’t find the way back to your car. suddenly, you hear a seagull squawk next to you. it is hungry. 

Short video of a beautiful 5 mile loop hike I did in the Marin Highlands. I loved the rolling hills and seaside cliffs which gave a relatively short hike lots of variety.

Golden Gate National Recreation Area, May 2017