mile draws

shortaki week: day 4

theme: reunion/shadow/tears

Home. Helga Geraldine Pataki has never felt or experience “home”;it’s concept is so foreign despite reading,learning, and hearing it from school or other people’s mouths. Settling down has always been pretty scary,even unnerving for her as all she ever want to do was to run away from Hillwood, from P.S. 118 and most of all from her poor excuse of a family in which her existence is less than that of a shadow. And yet here, right now, as she witness the reunion of her sweetheart with his parents whom he’d longed for for so long has teared the built up walls around her heart that tears slowly cascaded from her eyes as her heart soared from it’s broken shackles and cage.This is home, she feels it and in the unexpected way possible for she thought she’ll never find it.This is home, she felt the warmth of the family embrace in front of her. This is home and its a feeling when your heart is gasping from having been drowning in being lost and alone for so long.


Hamilton // Ace Attorney

Happy 4th of July!!!

which also just so happens to be the day i beat ace attorney for the first time so here’s some celebratory gifs!

“Different Name, Same Charm and Charisma.”

so i drew everybody’s favorite non-binary memelord. hella proud parent right here. @amandaschronicles

also, i did my first speedpaint!! i’d love if you’d check it out:


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

  • Phoenix : I bet I could fit the whole world in my hands!
  • Miles: Wright, that's physically impossible.
  • Phoenix: *cups Edgeworth's face* Are you sure?
  • Miles: *blushing* ...stop it, I have a reputation.