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Tag: 10 Favs From 10 Fandoms

i was tagged by @miupy whos like??? the raddest bean ever ^^ these are by no means in order, btw. theyre just. general favs.

1. tamaki from ouran high school host club (bc lets start w og anime :’) )
2. kuroo from haikyuu!!
3. felix from red vs blue
4. klein from as bright as the stars
5. zuko from avatar: the last airbender
6. taako but also mb kravitz from the adventure zone
7. dave from homestuck (end me)
8. cecil from welcome to night vale
9. david from camp camp
10. jaune from rwby

and i tag @ghostiecutie @clyrics1 @paazmazh and @mistbutterfly (if you wanna) and anyone else who would like to do it ^^ just like,, list me as the person who tagged you itll be all g


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

Why Nerve is amazing

1.) it’s all about the dangers of anonymity on the Internet and how that leads to a feeling of invincibility and a disconnection from the repercussions of your actions

2.) the colors gradually become more neon and striking as the main character becomes more daring.


Why You Should Pay Attention In Class, Feat. Dad and Dr. Puck

Gather ‘Round everyone, it’s time for another installment of Family Lore!

So back in the late 60′s  dad was getting his undergraduate at Cal Poly, because Dad was an early proto-nerd  (like really, he wrote a bunch of the groundwork for the thing that would eventually become the internet), and Cal Poly had one of the first comp sci programs in the country.   Also, it was like 10 miles from home, so he didn’t have to move out. However, because this was undergrad, dad had to take a bunch of non-major courses, so he decided to do geology because he’d been good at identifying rocks in boy scouts.

The course was taught by  gentleman named Dr. Puck, yes really, who was a brilliant geologist, but teaching a bunch of somewhat uninterested just-out-of-high-school kids about rocks can wear on you, even if you aren’t some sort of deranged fey creature.  So he tried his best to make it interesting, and Dad and most of the other kids had a fairly interesting time.


Dad recounts that there were two girls in class who spent the entire time blowing off lecture, talking and generally being a distracting nuisance, until they heard that a quiz was coming up, then they’d pester and bully anyone for notes, usually Dad.  This went on for about three months and virtually everyone in class was grinding their teeth at these two, but Dad in particular, who did not appreciate being accosted in the hall by these two, who would alternately offer sexual favors for his notes, or threaten to start rumors about him if he didn’t help them study.  Puck knew some shit was up, but dad wasn’t eager to start legal action in his first semester, not to mention it was the 60′s and rampant patriarchy would have meant nobody would have believed him.

One Day, Dr. Puck organized a field for the class to the Santa Cruz Mountains, which are full of all manner of interesting geology things, most notably, fossils.  Really stinking cool ones.  Everyone is having a nice time hiking through the hills, looking at all the picturesque geology, when they round a corner and see a Big Goddamn RIB, just sticking out of the side of the trail.  Everyone goes OOOOOOH appreciatively, and Puck explains that this is an ancient Whale that UC Santa Cruz was digging up, but he knew someone in their geo department, so he got the goods on the site.

He then explains, in grand gestures and with the sort of vivacity that only people of Fey ancestry can muster, how this used to be an ancient seabed, but due to the magic Natural Geologic Process of Continental drift and Uplift, this whale was now some 2000 feet above sea level.  He spent a good twenty minutes telling the tale, while everyone took notes.

Almost everyone.

Literally the moment after Puck finished, one of the girls finally noticed the GIANT FUCKING RIB and asked him “But Dr. Puck- how did  whale get all the way up here?”

Puck, somehow, did not explode, but instead stood up to his full five-feet-and-one-and-one half-inches and explained in his most deadpan, eloquent lecture voice.

“This is a Great Flying Whale of the Cretaceous Period.”  He gestured at the Rib.  “They used to migrate here to Santa Cruz to breed, from their winter grounds in Hawaii, and would build magnificent nests out of kelp.”

Dad recalls stuffing his notes into his mouth to keep from laughing.  His more silver-tongued classmates began to chip in.

“Didn’t they used to eat Stegosaurs?  Just swooped down and gobbled them up.”  a student asked, trying not to snicker.

“Indeed!  They were far from the gentle giants we have today!” Puck agreed.  “Teeth the size of your arm, and long sticky tongues to catch smaller prey with.”

“How did they fly?” Asked another, ready to hear a choice piece of bullshit.

“Oh, gravity was much weaker back then, so they could ‘swim’ through the air with only the aid of a few helium bladders.”  he nodded sagely.  “Yes, and when they fossilized, the bladders were preserved.  Santa Cruz has some of the finest Helium mines in the world thanks to these magnificent beasts.”

“Wow.”  Muttered one of the girls, scribbling notes furiously.  Dad unwaded the parper from his mouth, ready to drive the nail into the coffin.

“Is this going to be on the test?” He asked, sweetly.

“Oh yes.”  Puck nodded gravely.

Sure enough, two weeks later, there was a test, and at the very bottom was the following:

“EXTRA CREDIT: explain everything innacurate/wrong about The Great Flying Whales Of The Cretaceous Period.  One Point per Idea that makes me Laugh.”

And that’s how Dad walked out of geology with 106% and the invaluable knowledge that people will believe ANYTHING if you speak with enough conviction.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Celebrate with us as our Opportunity rover turns 13, view art from our fans and more!

1. All Grown Up

After exceeding her 90-day mission and design parameters many times over, our plucky little rover Opportunity turns 13 years old on the Red Planet. She’s officially a teenager!

2. People’s Space

The public contributes so much wonderful art that we decided to make a place to share it. Enjoy!

3. Ready for a Close Up

Our Juno spacecraft recently got a closer look at Jupiter’s Little Red Spot. The craft’s JunoCam imager snapped this shot of Jupiter’s northern latitudes on December 2016, as the spacecraft performed a close flyby of the gas giant. The spacecraft was at an altitude of 10,300 miles above Jupiter’s cloud tops.

4. A New Test for Life on Other Planets 

A simple chemistry method could vastly enhance how scientists search for signs of life on other planets. The test uses a liquid-based technique known as capillary electrophoresis to separate a mixture of organic molecules into its components. It was designed specifically to analyze for amino acids, the structural building blocks of all life on Earth.

5. Blurring the Line Between Asteroid and Comet  

Our NEOWISE mission recently discovered some celestial objects traveling through our neighborhood, including one on the blurry line between asteroid and comet. An object called 2016 WF9 was detected by the NEOWISE project in November 2016 and it’s in an orbit that takes it on a scenic tour of our solar system. A different object, discovered by NEOWISE a month earlier, is more clearly a comet, releasing dust as it nears the sun.

Discover the full list of 10 things to know about our solar system this week HERE.

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I think about this scene so much because Miles just whips out this tiny notebook and gives the entire thing to Marcoh and obviously he just carries a tiny notebook around all the time…how many does he have?? does he keep them organized in his desk or collect the information somewhere when he fills one up? what else is written in this one? does this mean he has really neat tiny handwriting (WITH A FOUNTAIN PEN NO LESS) since the notebook itself is so small?


  • so my guy friends have started referring to each other as “my guy” or “my dude”
  • and i can’t get the image of matt doing this with neil out of my head
  • like neil walk into the room at 6 in the morning  (while he still lives with matt)
  • and matt will just have woken up and be making coffee
  • and neil will say “i ran 10 miles this morning, can you make me a cup”
  • and matt will be like “my guy… please you need to sleep”
  • and then make him some coffee bc someone needs to take care of neil gdi
  • or
  • when the hamilton mixtape first comes out with some preview singles nicky won’t be able to shut up about it
  • and he’ll be going on about it at like a team dinner and neil will really quietly turn to matt and be like “what’s hamilton”
  • and matt, a true hamilton stan,
  • (that’s a headcannon for another time)
  • will be all “my dude… my guy… pls”
  • OR
  • neil and matt will be having bro time
  • (another headcannon digression oops) in the foxes-verse they came out with an exy version of FIFA and it’s the only video game neil knows how to play or cares about and he loves it so much
  • even kevin loves it
  • andrew only plays once after he’s watched neil beat every one of the foxes (neil is so good at this made up game no one else stands a chance it makes kevin so mad)
  • bc neil gets a big head about it and andrew plays only to prove that neil can be beaten
  • neil doesn’t speak to him for the rest of the day
  • anyways
  • neil and matt are playing it (and neil is kicking matts ass fight me matt only plays this much bc it makes neil so happy)
  • and neil just quietly turns to matt and is like “this is nice… my guy”
  • and matt cries bc he’s neil’s guy, neil’s dude and he just loves and values their friendship so much
  • there’s probably more to this and i got really off topic a lot but yeah
  • neil and matt call each other my guy and my dude as a symbol of their never ending friendship

“I’m not saying being a runner makes you better than anyone else, but one thing is for sure. Running makes you different. You begin to understand the connection between your feet and the ground. You start to believe in the beauty of unfiltered conversation. You learn that you have to face your deepest demons on 10 mile runs when no one else is around. You become the wind. You love to high five your rivals, the people who just beat you. You learn that your mind and body must coexist in a healthy relationship. So no, running does not make you special. But it sure as hell wakes you up.”