Here’s some pics I took of the HeR Interactive offices when I went to visit this summer.
Little Jackelope showed me around. I was introduced to 2 artists who were designing statues for LIE. They’ve both done some voice acting as well (like Nico’s diary, or a contestant’s behind-the-scenes recordings in MED). They were very nice and spoke to me at length. And FINALLY, the mystery of the creepy weird thing in GTH was solved! They told me it was supposed to be a naked mole rat….

I also met a puzzle designer, who has many toys around her desk, like Legos to help design Corinne’s dental puzzle or the submarine puzzle in MED.

And I met Dahlia (which is not her real name, btw) while she was setting up to make a video.

The office wasn’t very big at all– it consisted of a few cubicles, a few meeting rooms, a game-testing room, a reception area, and a break room.

Everyone was very nice and gracious with their time. I highly suggest scheduling a tour of the offices! :)

1. Iggy!
2. Did y'all know there’s a CUR game for your DVD player??
3. A HeR artist’s cover of the Sonny comics found in MED.
4. The covers in a heart shape, and the sign from DED.
5. White Wolf for Wii and PC, with a cute little stufty.
6. A letter and review of the first SCK from Mildred Wirt Benson. :)
7. A bookcase filled with references for the games, including books on Nancy Drew, code-making, linguistics, puzzles, history, and more.
8. Printers send HeR large sheets with copies of the cover art, so the art can be checked for issues. After they approve of them, HeR employees hang them up to decorate. ^^