mildlyreactive  asked:

How often do you go out exploring? You seem to have an endless supply of awesome pictures.

I try to go someplace at least once a month. Some months are better than others: in May I hit like four or five different locations, but this October I didn’t go anywhere but the tunnels.

But mostly my secret is that I just take an unreasonable number of pictures, and then post even the ones that aren’t that great. Like 60-70% of my SD card. The other day someone reblogged one of my drive-through shots of Norwich and said “this is a bad photo, but the subject is interesting.” Which is my entire tumblr philosophy. If I were doing this to stroke my ego I’d have a little self-respect and post maybe six or seven photos from every trip. But I’m here so other people can see cool places they might not have the chance to see otherwise, so I dump 100 photos from each trip over the course of four or five months.

I’m glad you like ‘em!