As promised, here is my list of ereri ficrecs THIS LIST IS FUCKING HUGE BTW (50+ fics). So, feel free to blacklist ‘sarah’s ficrec’ in order to keep this from clogging your dash. I think I have them organized pretty well, but I really don’t have a good understanding of the word, so yeah. Also, I feel like I should mention this: if your fic appears on this list, and I haven’t left kudos IM SORRY I AM TERRIBLE ABOUT FORGETTING TO LEAVE THEM. And, all works posted only come from Archive of Our Own. So, anything posted exclusively to Tumblr, FanFiction, etc. is not going to be on this list. Also, if any of the multi-chapter fics are rated ‘E’: IT PROBABLY HAS SOME FRICK FRACK. So, please be wary of tags. All the fics are posted in alphabetical order.


AU MULTI-CHAPTER (incomplete) -

Around Your Neck by morphemes 


In the depths of the city of Trost, there lies a dangerous and violent rivalry between Sina Academy and Maria Grammar School. The debacle unfolds when Eren Jaeger takes one step too far in his hatred toward the Sina elite, when defending his best friend. With his education on the line, he’s signed up to help develop the annual festival hosted by his school for the town – a perfect opportunity to upstage Sina Academy in a form of revenge. Events lead to first encounters and Eren meets Levi, the mysterious lead singer of a local rock band, and his friends. The tension unravels as Eren tries his hardest to make his school the best it can be and attempt to keep his lacking love life in check, all whilst trying to grow up with those surrounding him. 

Domestic Relations by Shangalangalang 

WC: 37k+ | MATURE

It was only supposed to be for a little while, just until Eren got his degree in psychology and Rivaille paid back his debts to Grisha. But what was only supposed to be for a while turned into an unlikely roommate romance between a college psychology major and a hardass, sleep-deprived doctor, and it all goes downhill from there.

Everytime I Poop, I Think of You by suckaknob 

WC: 11k+ | MATURE

Eren and Levi spend the night drinking and getting into a lot of trouble. They wake up to a lot of surprises. 

Ice Cream in Winter by kazuma85 

WC: 25k+ | MATURE

Eren is a University freshman forced by his sister and his girlfriend to take dancing lessons with them. 

In the dance school, he meets his short and slightly quirky instructor with whom he already had a short and nearly disastrous encounter.

If the Seas Catch Fire by RobinRedR

WC: 46k+ | MATURE

Eren doesn’t really like gay people. Well, and that’s putting it lightly. Somehow, Armin convinces – read ‘blackmails’ – him into joining Trost High’s Gay-Straight Alliance in the hopes of altering his chauvinistic attitude. Now enter Levi, who is pretty damn smart and badass and different, and who begins cropping up everywhere like a weed in the neat flowerbed of Eren’s life. He is also, unfortunately for Eren, very very gay.

Otherwise known as the high school!AU in which pretty much no one is straight, Hanji runs the experiment of their lifetime, and maybe there is more backstory to Eren’s bigotry than first meets the eye.

Keep Your Head Up by MildlyMoonstruck 

WC: 102k+ | MATURE

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be at auditions, Levi acknowledges—if there’s anything that’s true about him, it’s that he will never do something unless he really wants to, on some level. ‘That’s the only stupid reason I said yes to this,’ he grouses, scowling. ‘Never should have watched Dr. Horrible with Erwin and Hanji that one time. Note to self: don’t let anyone know you like things. Liking things is stupid and gives people a way to exploit you because they know you want to do Dr. Horrible like nobody’s fucking business, and they were counting on that. Ugh. I hate them. I hate people.’

Enter a certain bright-eyed freshman who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Keeping Time by WolfNotFawn 


Eren was a bright-eyed dreamer with hopes of making it as a singer, oh, and a hopeless crush on the man who was supposed to help him become one.

Lists by Trick_Fantasy 


The story of Levi (“Why bother trying to make friends when you can learn to control people instead?”) and Eren (“Because you can control people better when they think that they’re your friends. They don’t even know they’re being manipulated.”) coping with social interaction at college in their own different ways.

Never Back Down by warschach 


Eren is a stubborn omega that refuses to submit to any Alpha’s will. No one can make him surrender and therefore he has prided himself on his ability to resist the most imposing Alphas out there. Enter Levi, an beautiful Alpha that makes Eren’s inside wet (literally) and never backs down from a challenge. He set on making Eren his Omega but Eren doesn’t play nice. Now if only that nagging voice inside of him begging for submission would just shut up, Eren will be just fine resisting the beautiful raven. 

Organic Chemistry by pachysandra {WC: 26k+ | RATING: T}

Paint It Red by mc_jaeger (also eruren) {WC: 16k+ | RATING: T}

Romance Is Only a Click Away by Matcha (also eruren, erejean) {WC: 21k+ | RATING: E}

Room 23 by ghosts_desu {WC: 63k+ | RATING: M}

Sang D'Encre by minorthirds {WC: 88k+ | RATING: M}

Sometimes Things Turn Out for the Best by Resmiranda {WC: 132k+ | RATING: M}

Traffic Jams and Holding Hands by Thequietgamer {WC: 17k+ | RATING: M}

Turning Point by LiquidLithium {WC: 5k+ | RATING: M}

Undercover by bexara {WC: 7k+ | RATING: M}

Wanderlust by Sabrinanikkol {100k+ | RATING: E}

AU MULTI-CHAPTER (complete) -

3 A.M. by loveatfirstsight

WC: 101k+ | EXPLICIT

The story is about Levi: A neurotic man who suffers from depression, is successful at writing but unsuccessful at everything else. Setting: Breakfast (never in the morning) at his favorite diner, a record store that hasn’t dusted its ceiling fan since the 1970’s, a hole in the wall cafe to drink black tea and judge the terrible tongue tied poets on the shoddy ill-lit stage, a park with swings that are always annoyingly wet, and his immaculate apartment in the city. Levi is riddled with quirky traditions and struggles with anxiety, still battling childhood memories he can never completely forget. Then enter Eren Jaeger, the too loud and too passionate guitar player that takes the stage one night that just won’t stop staring at Levi. Eren is full of hope and promise and everything Levi needs, but Levi can’t have what’s good for him. Right?

34,000 Feet Above the Ground by kaorusquee {WC: 8k+ | RATING: M}

The 6th Ward by coldmakerel {WC: 93k+ | RATING: M}

Art of War by catsonfire 


Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.

A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

Charnelle by madchilla {WC: 24k+ | RATING: E}

Club Tryst by ScarlettSiren {WC: 36k+ | RATING: E}

Dental Care by elliewritesthings {WC: 14k+ | RATING: T}

ED May Stand for Emotional Dysregulation… But It Doesn’t Have To by SolSermisiere {WC: 18k+ | RATING: E}

Epilogues Are Better Than Prologues by ninanna {WC: 37k+ | RATING: T}

A Forged Wedding by mistyhollowdrummer {180k+ | RATING: M}

Haute Couture Love by SailorHeichou (also eruren) 


Eren Jaeger is sharp, determined and hard working but doesn’t consider himself beautiful or good looking in the least. When he lands his dream job, working at Survey Corp Publications as the Executive Assistant to a high-end Fashion magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, his life is turned Topsy-Turvy. All he wants to do is work hard to become an Editor, but his boss Levi seems keen on making his life a living hell.

Levi is a notorious playboy who gets what he wants both in and out of the bedroom. As Editer-in-Chief of New York’s best selling high-end Fashion Magazine, Levi is forced to work with an overly determined, hot-headed brat with a rat’s nest for hair and the most incredible eyes he’s ever seen and it’s all because of Erwin Smith.

Holding Hands in the Rain by twisting_vine_x 

WC: 106k+ | EXPLICIT

Basically the one with thousands of words of Eren and Levi crushing like crazy on each other, and being absolutely freaking ridiculous together, and slowly falling in love against the backdrop of modern-day Vancouver.

- - -

Levi only realizes how much he’s not paying attention to anything around him when there are shoes beside the puddle he’s drawing. Looks up to find Eren standing right there in the rain, the hood on his jacket pulled back, and his hair plastered down against his head. He’s just standing there, and – he’s watching Levi with an expression that looks so fond it actually hurts; and Levi’s just managed to get his breath back and open his mouth when Eren moves closer, and Levi loses his air all over again.

It Was Monday by Nelly_Belly 


Levi is an art student, Eren is the new model.

Junkyard Dogs by acidtowns 


Autocracy — a system where one leader has absolute power — is the only government that exists in prison. Levi is the current ‘Top Dog,’ and for years, no one has had the mind to challenge his position — at least, no one until now. Enter: Eren Jaeger, a new inmate with indefinite mentalities and obscure motives. With the power to shake Levi’s throne, Eren becomes the one exception of everything.

Knockout by Raylou 

WC: 113k+ | MATURE

Eren joins the Keith Shadis Self Defense Academy as part of a deal with Armin. For the rest of the summer he has one-on-one sessions with the district’s best martial artist and captain of the Academy’s elite tournament competitors, Levi. Levi is known for scaring off students with his brutal teaching methods, but in order to become an instructor, he needs to prove that he can hold a student in private lessons. Levi doesn’t want to soften himself in order to get promoted, and Eren doesn’t want to become another cowardly student. Eren plans to become Levi’s first official student. The fat crush he develops on Levi is unplanned, but not entirely unwelcome.

Louder Than Words by TheArtofWar 

WC: 142k+ | EXPLICIT

My boyfriend, Eren Jaeger, disappeared ten days before his seventeenth birthday.

Six months later, he was found again, completely intact save for his mental and emotional scars. Oh, and the fact that he would never be able to speak again.

And so, we all started to rebuild from the debris that had been left in the destruction of our lives.

Love’s a Menace by seaofteeth 


“Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

My Old Friend by mongoose_bite


When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house.

Night Drive by shotgunsinlace 


Working as a desk clerk for Sina Enterprises isn’t the most grandiose job out there, but it sure beats every other option Eren had jotted down since graduation. Troubled past behind him, Eren strives to make a name for himself by not fucking up the only good thing he has going for him. But when a certain foul-mouthed and dapper executive waltzes through the lobby doors, Eren is more than willing to set aside his “no fraternizing with the higher-ups” rule. However, the engagement ring on Levi’s finger proves to be a deal breaker. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one night to get each other out of their systems, but the two of them bit off more than they could chew.

No Such Thing As Fate by mysecretfanmoments


“You forgot,” he said, with a tone of sudden clarity. “Ah. So that’s why you called me captain.”

Reincarnation AU in which Eren and Levi never established a relationship in that other life.

Not All Lips Go Blue by claralikesfood

WC: 35k+ | MATURE

Eren never expected to be here. Never, in his life, he had thought of a situation that would lead him into this. Sure he had had some strange experiences. For example, that one time he ended up wandering in a girl’s underwear shop for almost two hours, before noticing where he was (he even had chosen a pair of panties). This, however, was another level.

The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers” by shulkie 

WC: 32k+ | MATURE

It’s the week of the yearly Trust Initiative Teen Action Network (T.I.T.A.N.) retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. To make things worse, Principal Smith gets a replacement chaperone—the new, very green English teacher Eren Jaeger. Levi and Eren butt heads over every little thing from professional to personal. Despite all of this, Levi finds himself distracted by the red long johns the fashion-challenged Eren wears under all of his winter gear and just how to get into them…

Serendipity by seaofteeth {WC: 10k+ | RATING: E}

A Tenuous Third Space by artenon {WC: 13k+ | RATING: T}

Thursday by yaoimage {WC: 38k+ | RATING: T}

Time’s Up by dippthy {WC: 14k+ | RATING: NR}

An Unforgettable Face by ryuusea – WC: 16k+ | EXPLICIT

“Have we met before? I recognize your face…” Levi’s brows furrow, scouring his memory as to why he knows this guy’s face from somewhere.

“Ah, you’ve probably seen one of my videos!”

“Hmm. YouTube?”

“No. Porn.”

Woke Up Dead by PresquePommes {WC: 50k+ | RATING: E}

Yesterday, I Loved You by acidtowns {WC: 14k+ | RATING: G}


I Trust You by twisting_vine_x 


Later that night, he ends up lying in bed with Levi, the air cool on his skin.

Eren’s already out of his shirt, down to nothing but his pants; but Levi’s in no hurry, it seems. Still has all his clothes on, and is propped up on one elbow, trailing his fingers along Eren’s chest and stomach as Eren lies there on his back and tries his best to not squirm all over, his pants tented obscenely and his fingers twisted in the sheets. He’s flushed pretty much all the way down his neck and chest, at this point. Grits his teeth and tries to think over how hard his heart is beating.

Shit, it’s hard to think when Levi’s looking at him like that.

Inappropriate by the_original_n_chan


Eren is trying desperately to figure out what he wants. Levi knows all too well what he wants, and that he probably shouldn’t pursue it. (Make that definitely.) But temptation is a bitch, Levi is far from a saint, and Eren is way too hard to resist.

Mikasa, I’m with Child by NeigeAuSoeil {WC: 99k+ | RATING: E}

This Cruel Yet Beautiful World by fandomesque {WC: 11k+ | RATING: E}


Beyond the Walls by Light_Within_Darkness {WC: 72k+ | RATING: E}

Blackbird by the_ugly_fic_ling


The war is over. Humanity is free…

…except for Levi, whose medical complications lead to an amputation that leaves him feeling trapped, broken, and alone.

And he might have stayed there too, if it hadn’t been for a certain green-eyed soldier who was too stubborn for his own good.

Courting Troubles by Bird_of_Dreams {WC: 10k+ | RATING: T}

Don’t Let Go by twisting_vine_x 

WC: -5k | TEEN

That night, he wakes up – he’s not even sure when he managed to fall asleep – with Eren’s mouth a phantom press against his own, and his hands tangled into the sheets instead of Eren’s hair.

Lies there and pants, his heart slamming in his chest, and then wipes an arm across his eyes, and rolls out of bed. His knees aren’t quite steady and his face is flushed; and he slides on his slippers and wraps his housecoat tight around himself, and then crosses the room to splash some water on his face.

Ends up leaning over the basin with his hands holding tight to the table, doing his best to not look in the mirror, because he really doesn’t like what he sees there.

This is horrible.

Let Me Help by twisting_vine_x {WC: 12k+ | RATING: E}

The Misanthrope by kazuma85 {WC: 25k+ | RATING: E}

A Sound like Breaking Glass by mongoose_bite {WC: 53k+ | RATING: E}

These Weren’t Memories by mongoose_bite {WC: 24k+ | RATING: E}

Trompe-l'oeil by appleapple 

WC: 11k+ | MATURE

He has never minded the bitterness at the bottom of the cup.

Warm Water by KeroseneShowers {WC: 35k+ | RATING: E} 


Checkout by carpebagel {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Cuddling Under the Stars by Bluefxy {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Embers by residualechoes {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Five Years by ichogoangel {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

A Nest of Pillows by ErenShorts {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Nocturnal Baby Dinosaur by Essence {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Professionalism by Mysecretfanmoments {WC: 5k+ | RATING: T}

The Question Game by suckaknob {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Titan Onesie by AuroraLovene {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Tu et Moi by YourShadow {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Unprofessional by S_N_Sterling {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

You’re Kidding? by Zzxya {WC: 7k+ | RATING: M}

Wings Like Cobwebs by seaofteeth

WC: -5k | TEEN

Eren is an incubus. Levi is asexual. They fall in love anyway.


Green-Eyed Monster by lunardistance {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Holiday by appleapple {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

In Which Eren Regrets Trying to Socialize by Aurorealis {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Incomprehensible by DoomedTemperament (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Lay with Me, Stay with Me by zhedang

WC: 4k+ | TEEN

Levi had been sleeping with Eren for over a year. Just that: sleeping.

Laundry Duty by idioticintentions {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

On the Rooftop by JaegerBombs {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Playing Favorites by Ketita 

WC: 6k+ | TEEN

In which Levi seems determined to spoil Eren rotten, whether he likes it or not.

(For the record, Eren hadn’t expected his confession to lead to this sort of thing at all).

Rules of Breeding by milleandra (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Taking Flight by ilydaa {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Ten Kisses by kittenprince (slightly nsfw) {WC: 8k+ | RATING: M}

Until the End of the World by noero  (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Want by artenon

WC: -5k | MATURE

Eren sits on the edge of the bed. Levi waits for him to lie down next to him so they can sleep, but Eren just continues to stare at the floor. He looks like he’s working up the nerve to say something, so Levi waits patiently, and sure enough, Eren turns to him a minute later and opens his mouth.

“Have you ever thought about sex?”


Always Taking Care of Me by twisting_vine_x 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck.

Ambrosia by Missmurder {WC: 6k+ | AU}

As Gentlemen by XoxStrifexoX {WC: 7k+ | AU}

Barley Legal by CuddleFuddle {WC: -5k | CANON}

Black Gloves by ryuusea 

WC 5k+ | AU

Levi gets no warning, just a jerk of Eren’s head and a glimmer of pearly whites before he feels teeth sink into the index finger and thumb of his gloved hand.

Blue Silence by loveatfirstsight {WC: 6k+ | AU}

Body Choreography by kirakiracats {WC: 6k+ | AU}

Call the Shots, Babe by MildlyMoonstruck {WC: -5k | AU}

Christening the Kitchen by JaegerBombs {WC: -5k | AU}

A Commander By Any Other Name by shotgunsinlace 

WC: 5k+ | CANON

Rising in the chain of command normally isn’t something worth celebrating, but after a division-wide toast that triggers a foreign sense of merriment in him, Levi isn’t above getting his hands a little dirty. Lucky for him, Eren’s been waiting for this night for the last six years.

Come Closer by noero 

WC: 6k+ | CANON

Completing the Hunt by murakamism  

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi marks him, over and over and then over the same spots, wishing that they would stay past morning. He’s mine, Levi thinks, and growls at the thought of others not knowing.

Countdown by Opulence {WC: 16k+ | AU}

Do, Pretty Boy, Don’t Think by erenjaegrr {WC: -5k | CANON}

Don’t Worry, I’m Weak to You by myoue {WC: 6k+ | AU}

An Exercise in Self-Restraint by kirakiracats 

WC: 10k+ | AU

Levi moves away from the only town he’s ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.

Unfortunately for him, it’s bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.

Fragile by noero {WC: 8k+ | CANON}

Good Enough to Eat by kirakiracats 

WC: -5k | AU

Eren has a new kink that he wants to try, and if Levi had actually been paying attention and not been so sarcastic when they were discussing it then he probably would’ve seen this coming a lot sooner.

Good Little Corporal by erenjaegrrr 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi wants Eren to fuck him, hard. Eren accepts the challenge.

Hang-Ups by freshia {WC: -5k | AU}

How We Love by Pinkfxy {WC: -5k | AU}

I Don’t Mind Dying if It’s You by PorcelainBlue {WC: -5k | CANON}

If We Should Happen by Resmiranda {6k+ | CANON}

Interesting (Falling Deeper In Love) by TheSketch {WC: -5k | AU}

Interruptions by FoxofNineTails {WC: -5k | CANON}

Juicy Couture by shotgunsinlace {WC: 5k+ | AU}

Kissed by Fire by gayofthrones 

WC: -5k | AU

A Saturday afternoon between the sheets.

Knot a Word by shotgunsinlace 

WC: -5k | CANON

Hanji had warned him that, sooner or later, some biological quirk would be bound to show up in titan shifters. Of all the possibilities, Levi had never expected for this to actually be it.

Last Customer by mongoose_bite {WC: 5k+ | CANON} 

Late Bloomer by shotgunsinlace {WC: 5k+ | CANON}

Making a Mess by ryuusea {WC: -5k | CANON}

Morning Snack by ackermvn {WC: -5k | AU}

Nape by ryuusea 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi wonders if it is ironic or just pure coincidence that Eren’s weakest spot is the back of his neck. He licks one, two stripes across that exposed nape, then another up, then down, reveling in how this always turns Eren into a keening mess in his arms.

No Rest for the Wicked by Azshalade 

WC: 8k+ | CANON

Levi just wants a good night’s sleep but you can’t always get what you want.

Open Book by morphemes 

WC: 8k+ | CANON

Eren has always thought Levi couldn’t express any sort of emotion, let alone show it, but, after Levi ignores him for three whole days and Eren demands an explanation, he’s led into a whole variety of emotions regarding his corporal.

Ousama Game by shiroyasha {WC: 8+ | CANON}

Power Struggle by erenjaegrrr {WC: -5k | CANON}

Quarter to Five by gayofthrones

WC: -5k | AU

I can barely breathe when you’re here loving me.

Salt on Your Skin by kirakiracats 

WC: 11k | AU

When people ask Levi about how his summer holiday went, he’ll say ordinary things about the weather, the food, and the hotel. But actually, the first thing that comes to his mind, and the one story he’ll never tell, is how Eren had been a horny little shit at the beach.

And Levi had gone along with it.

Surprises by mitsukoooo {WC: -5k | AU}

There’s a First Time for Everything by kiokushitaka {WC: -5k | CANON}

Until the Mountains Crumble to the Sea by ohheichoumyheichou {WC: -5k | CANON}

Yellow Wall by Trick_Fantasy {WC: 9k+ | AU}

Please note that the length of some of the multichapter fics is obviously going to change (same thing goes for the ratings). So, please don’t hold me to these word counts. Also, more fics may be added, because I am positive I have forgotten some. I sincerely hope this sates all of your ereri fanfic needs, because this took forFUCKINGever. And, what are art skillz bc look at my shit drawing omfg ahahhahahahahah.

Enjoy ~

anonymous asked:

you should definitely share the bottom!levi fics (please?)

Sure! I’ve probably forgotten some, but here are a few of my favourite bottom!Levi fics:


Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day

Sooo I’ve decided to do a list of my favorite authors in honor of Fanfiction Authors Appreciation Day instead of a rec list because I’ve been reading fanfics for probably 3 years straight (read: too many faves) and I already have one here. For even more fic recs, check out my AO3 bookmarks here for 264 lovely fics. 

I’d like to say a huuuuge THANK YOU to all of you authors for all the time and effort you invested into your writing to give me an enjoyable experience. I’ve actually learned a lot about a lot of things that more mainstream media doesn’t touch on, so thank you for helping me be a better person too. <3 Every one of you has touched my heart in some way, whether your story made me sob like a baby, laugh for five minutes straight, cringe of embarrassment, roll around on my bed because I can’t stand the cute, become unbearably horny, or be late to something because I just had to finish your story before I left. 

Well here goes. I’d love to give a shoutout to: 

4TAE | acidtowns | AirenRin | andreaphobia artenon | avoidingavoidance | Azshalade | bfketh | BlakeBroflavski | catsonfire | Cheese_kun | Chellodello | cinnamon_skull | coldmackeral | cottontale | crunchrapsupreme | dividedheart | dizzyondreams | driedupwishes | elliemoran | elliewritesthings | EquinoxSolstice | feriket | foreverautumn | freshia | GraarPlacemat | HaleYes | Imanza | joouheika | KayteaEm | Kenjiandco | KerosineShowers | Ketita | khimairan | kiokushitaka | kirakiracats | Kyogre | lalazee | Lanii | LavenderProse | Matcha | MildlyMoonstruck | momohime69 | mongoose_bite | Monsoon | murakamism | mybrainproblems | Mysecretfanmoments | Nakimochiku | NeigeAuSoleil | ninanna | odoridango | Opulence | Pas_dAutres | peralta | po cketsizedtitan | PorcelainBlue | PresquePommes | qwartootyryuusea | saekimchi | scarrle tmoon | sciencefictioness  | seabear | seaofteeth | shotgunsinlace | shulkie | tanyart | TheModernChromatic | TheSpazzBot | throneofwaste Trick_Fantasy | twisting_vine_x | Variabile | WhiteSilverandMercury | Yuu_chi | zhedang


Finally got to make one. These are some of my favorite ereri fanfics (no particular order).

The Intern by Lutte

If you are part of the Ereri fandom, you probably heard about this fanfic before. And you must read. Every Ereri fan should read The Intern. Coz it’s fucking perfect. The plot is amazing, the characters are amazing, the development is amazing, and Lutte is amazing. Also, there’s a new chapter every thursday, so you don’t need to worry about the story being suddenly abandoned. If you’re a fan of Eremin bromance you’ll also love this story.

The Titan Trials by WithNoRegrets

Hunger Games setting AU. I searched for one everywhere and this one it’s the best I read so far! Even if you know the HG’s story, this one have many diferences and a lot mistery.

Partners - Ao3   by HannahBanana000 (surveycorpsjean)

If you want a fanfic with lots of friendship and the characters being idiotic together, you must read this one. I could spend the entire day writing why this fanfic is amazing but the post would be too long. Anyway, the story is focused on Ereri, but there’s a good amount of friend interactions that brings tears of joy to your eyes. All them are very close and are always protecting their backs. GO READ IT. NOW!!

Fairy Tales
- Ao3 by HannahBanana000 (surveycorpsjean)

Modern AU where Levi is a prince and gets Eren (who got kicked out from home and became homeless) to work for him as a maid. Includes Levi having to deal with spoiled girls wanting to marry him forhis status. FLUFF! And just like Partners, a good amount of interaction with other characters. Oh, and pervert Erwin. XD

The Strange and the Usual by lalazee

Supernatural, Eren sees ghosts, Erwin is an exorcist and Levi takes care of the ones that were exorcised. Really insteresting fanfic with lost of mistery and Levi being Levi. Really unique story.

La Maison des Chats by AuraFelix

Very unique story, might be a bit heavy for some people? Levi’s a english painter in love with beauty (he’s still pretty much Levi, so not much oocness imo) that goes to France and gets dragged by Hanji to a bar/brothel where he mets Eren and finds him the most beautiful thing he ever saw. Lots of drama, and smut, but also lots of fluff! Oh, and Eren is an werecat.

Keep Your Head Up by MildlyMoonstruck

This fic will make your heart burst out of your chest. I’m serious. Fluff. Lots and lots of fluff. And it’s very emotional. And I just can’t explain how incredible this fanfic is. Just go read it. You won’t regret it. Besides, you get to see Levi acting as Dr. Horrible. Yes. And it’s amazing.

Angel of Dreams by AnnonymousInsanity

Wingfic. Only 3 chapters so far, but have an interesting plot and have potential.

The Little Titan Café by yaoititan

Another full of fluff fanfic that will make your cheeks hurt from smiling like an idiot for hours. Another must read fanfic. Includes Levi getting brain damage from seeing Eren dressed as a maid.

What it Means to Feel by Opulence

Eren’s sent to an psych ward after trying suicide. There he mets Levi. This one it’s pretty much dramatic and feels. Lots and lots of feels. Seriously, at some point the emotions are so intense that after you finish the chapter you’ll stay at least 10 minutes staring at nothing. Extremely well writen.

Snow and Silence by elliemoran

Eren lives in a ranch and it’s really reclusive. One day a half-frozen man appears at his door and he do anything to save him. Really nice fanfic, have a good pace and it’s well writen.

Danger Line - Ao3 by lunatrancy

Really nice police themes AU. Very focused on the ereri, lots of fluff but also serious stuff. It’s also regularly updated and I’m currently dying to know the next chapter.

The Minutes of the Red People by  throneofwaste

Levi’s a hitman and is sent to kill Eren. I don’t really know what else to say without giving major spoilers, but it’s very dramatic and angst fanfic and the writing is amazing. Truly recomend.

Degrees of Innocence by freckledsatan

One of the first ereri fanfics I read, really really good. Werewolf Eren and Vampire Levi. But not that classic cliche vampire story. It’s far from it. Interesting plot, lots of mistery and very well writen. It worth a try.

Log On by Windwolf0097

Also one of my first ereri fanfics. Eren meets Levi online and they become game buddies. This is one of my favorite fanfics. It’s one of the most well built fanfics I know. The pace is perfect and you’ll definitely cry tears of joy while reading it. It have lots of comedy and fluff. The “hurting cheeks from smiling like an idiot every chapter” kind of fic.

River’s End by Feriket

Feelings. So many feelings. Reincarnation AU, Eren and Levi are brothers, and Levi have flashes of his past life with Eren. If you have weak heart, don’t read it. I’m seriously, this fanfic made me cry. But it’s beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

In Hot Water by freshia

Thief Eren meets Cop Levi. Complete, only 4 chapters, but really good. Includes child Mikasa as Eren’s little sis.

Innocence Within by Vixey F

Kid!Eren. Eren’s 5 years old and can turn into a titan and he’s put under Corporal Levi’s responsibility. Really nice story.

I’m gonna stop here. There’re others, but those are my main favorites. Hope you guys like it, and if you have any suggestions for me I would really appreciate.

anonymous asked:

Do you know any really good ereri smut fics with bottom!Levi??

Ohohohoho you are speaking my language, anon. Holy shit, let me show you the world.


Open Book by preraphs

Call the Shots, Babe by MildlyMoonstruck

Come Closer by noero

Power Struggle by erenjaegrrr

Serendipity by seaofteeth

A Commander By Any Other Name (not necessarily bottom!Levi, but well, you’ll see) by shotgunsinlace

Don’t worry I’m weak to you by myoue

As Gentlemen (also riren) by XoxStrifexoX

Trust No One by cottontale

Surprises by mitsukoooo

Fever by noero

Almost Tamed by anewkindofthrill

Good Little Corporal by erenjaegrrr

Always Taking Care of Me by twisting_vine_x

Knot a Word by shotgunsinlace

Mile High Club (shamelessly putting my own fic on here because yolo)

MultiChapter (so not really ‘smut’ fics, but they still have bottom!Levi):

Woke Up Dead by PresquePommes

The Misanthrope (also riren) by kazuma85

Dreaming About the Things We Could Be by DontGetTooCloseItsDarkInside

ED may stand for Emotional Dysregulation… But it doesn’t have to by SolSermisiere

I think that I might have recced too many, but then again, you can really never have too much bottom!Levi.

Happy reading, anon. ~

Ereri/Riren Fic Rec List

Okay, so I figured I should do one of these because I’ve read so many good fics and just want to share them with everyone. Most of them are NSFW, just fyi. And most of them are longer fics, because I like to torture myself with reading long fics that cause me to stay awake until 5am. 

♥ = Super Favorites 
✿ = Explicit
❀ = Mature
✽ = Teen and Up
Any that have no flower symbol are either general or have no rating at this time. 



Favourite Fanfictions

1.Changing skies  By: flowerslut SasuSaku- Complete-rated T

2.Dark Paradise By:Tsugi no mai hakuren SasuSaku Complete-rated T

3.Ayurnamat Theorem By sasukes SasSaku Complete -rated T

4.Apathy By:Valerianna SasuSaku Incomplete- rated M

5.Heart’s Desire By: K-chu SasSaku Incomplete- rated M

6.Eien No Kessoku: Gouka By: IAmNotANut SasuSaku Complete-rated T

7. stop breathing By: ohwhatsherface SasuSaku Complete-rated K+

8. Aru By: ethereal infernia  SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

9. A Fresh Snowfall By: The Detective Prince MadaraOC Incomplete-rated M

10. In the Palm of My Hands By: Sweet.Crazy-DramaQueen SasuSaku Complete-rated M

11. Variance By: dances.with.sunflowers SasuSaku Complete-rated T

12. Wake Up, Darling By: viviannnnn SasuSaku Complete-rated T

13. Amidst a War By: Saezuri Nohito SasuSaku Complete-rated T

14. Return&Rehash By: Le Requiem SasuSaku Incomplete-rated M

15. Trust By: chickypeg SasuSaku Incomplete- rated M

16. What Comes After the Ever After By: Azura Songstress SasuSaku Incomplete -rated M

17. Divorce or not Divorce By: zoikoiroi SasuSaku Complete-rated M

18. Arrested By: Saucysasusaku SasuSaku Complete-rated T

19.Aftereffect By: GreenRoseRegalia SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

20. Say Cheese By: ProfessionallyCrazedNarutoFan SasuSaku/Team7 Incomplete-rated T

21. Tightrope By: snowrabbit2012 SasuSaku Complete-rated M

22. Empire By: pastel daisies SasuSaku Complete-rated M

23. Mysterious Found By: Unknownred SasuSaku Incomplete-rated T

24. Say When By: Surmise SasuSaku Incomplete-rated M

25. Surrogacy By: charliedee SasuSaku Completed-rated T

26. Love, Rain, and Frozen Tears By: Sangami Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

27.Ice cracks By: Summer Eclair Gruvia Incomplete rated K+

28. The Promise By: majinbuu00 Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

29.Droplet By: Summer Eclair Gruvia Incomplete rated K

30.swimming in the frozen sky By: randomteenager Gruvia Incomplete-ratred M

31. Exhausted By: Quilliariya Gruvia Complete- rated T

32, Serendipity By: BonneyQ Gruvia Incomplete-rated T

33. The Burial By: thirdorigin Gruvia Complete -rated K+

34. Much Stronger Than Forever  By: BonneyQ Gruvia -rated T

35. Punishment By: xloudxloud Gruvia Complete-rated T

36. Fading Colors By: Sauri Gruvia Incomplete -rated T

37. Blue tears By: XXinsidemymindXX Gruvia Complete-rated M

38. Third Wheel By: StoryQuipster Gruvia Complete-rated T

39. End of Silence By: Saya Moonshadow Gruvia Incomplete-rated M

40.To Love, Protect, and Sacrifice By: Ississ-Perok Gruvia Complete-rated T

41.The Runes Master By: TeaGirlDays Gruvia Complete-rated K+

42.Blame It On the Alcohol By: MildlyMoonstruck Gruvia Complete-rated T

43.A Measure of Time By: MildlyMoonstruck Gruvia Complete-rated T

44.Serenity By: astudyofmemory Gruvia Completed -rated T

45.Gray, please stop the rain By: Tinxies Gruvia Complete-rated K

46. Place Beneath the Thunder By: 4thFromTheFurnace Gruvia Compleated-rated K+

47. The Baby Problem By: BonneyQ Gruvia Gruvia Complete-rated T

48. The Changing Waters By: The Crafty Cracker Gruvia Incomplete-rated M

49. From Gray to Silver By: BonneyQ Gruvia Complete-rated K

50.Heartaches & Devotion By: Ladie Fuyuki Gruvia  Incomplete-rated M

51.Changing ways By: Shadowsofsouls Gruvia Complete-rated K+

52. Change By: Lady of the Round Table Gruvia Complete-rated K+

53.The times Soujirou cried By: Sheen Shan SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated K+ 

54.More Text, Less Scared By: bluewitch143 SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

55.Weakness By: Little Minamino SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

56. Eye of the Beholder By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated M

57.In the Rough By: tempestquill  SoujirouXYuuki- CompletedCompleted Hana Yori Dango -rated T

58.Gravity By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

59. Scared of Love By: tempestquill SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

60.Insights By: Gravity SoujirouXYuuki- Completed Hana Yori Dango -rated T

61. Changes in Friendship By: FrenchieLeigh Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Incomplete-rated M

62. Close Encounters of the Combustible Kind By: Gumi Reloaded Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

63.Hajime and Tokio By: Angrybee Rurouni Kenshin HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

64. Saitou Tokio A life By: Mara-Amber  Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

65.Through Your Eyes By: Stealiana Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated T

66. Hajime By: Chiharu Kamoshiro Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated T

67. Monthly Curse By: Scarred Sword Heart Rurouni Kenshin KenshinXKaoru Complete -rated K+

68. Romancing the Artist By: Shin Sankai Rurouni Kenshin AoshiXMisao Complete-rated M

69. Adventures at Uwajimaya’s and Afterward By: Gumi Reloaded /Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Complete-rated M

70.Unending Winter By: Clorinda Rurouni Kenshin Saito HajimeXTokio Incomplete-rated K+

71. A Tolerance to Alcohol By: Kaiyako Kagami Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated T

72. Finding By: neon-elixir Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Incomplete-rated T

73. Deities, Demons and Disaster By: littlepinkwolf  Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated K+

74.Seed of Emotion By: Shawny Wong Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated K+

75. After the Fall By: blue-eyed-shuichi Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Complete-rated T

76.Going Gently By: Port Yu Yu Hakusho BotanXKurama, Incomplete-rated T

77. PopTart Prediction By: VO1 Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated T

78.Twilight Bastille By: apsara Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated M

79. Fighting Gravity By: Flutterby Ashes Sailor Moon Senshi/Shittenou. Incomplete, rated M

80. Comfort Object By: VO1 Sailor Moon Rei Hino X Jadeite Complete, rated T

81.Diamonds in Wine By: moonlit.nocturne D.Gray-Man Kanda Yuu, Tyki Mikk, OC, Complete-rated T

anonymous asked:

um m what are your fav ereri fics

Okay well I spend my life reading ereri fanfiction so I kinda had to narrow it down because there’s so many I love, and I’ve probably forgotten some, but here you go:

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend some good ereri fics?

Here are some that I like:

Like thy Neighbor by myoue 

Words Cannot Describe by zhedang 

A Little Less Dead by MildlyMoonStruck

No Such Thing as Fate by Mysecretfanmoments

Organic Chemistry by pachysandra

Sex Sells by PresquePommes

Lucky Foot by Lazy_Writer

Do You Want Fries with That? by TheSpazzBot

Oui, Chef! by pateshie

kick off your stilettos by moonstruts

Chasing Disaster by freshia

Leather Jacket by Ereri

The Scent of You by lunardistance

Sweep Me Off My Feet by LaurelNymph

Degrees of Innocence by freckledsatan

The Misanthrope by kazuma85

Blame by TheModernChromatic

the basement by WhiteSilverMercury

Aromatherapy by Chellodello

The Rhythm of a Metronome by thingishouldntbedoing

Not All Lips Go Blue by claralikesfood

An Eternal Mystery by Cheese_kun

Ereri 365 Project by Nowl

Be sure to check out other works by these authors too. *A* And anything by foreverautumn, mongoose_bite, feriket (which I’m sure you’ve already read but I’ll still put in anyway)  

I actually have a lot more to add but this is getting too long so I’ll just direct you guys to momoicchi27’s bookmarks because she has awesome taste!

Top 10 Fairy Tail Gruvia fanfiction
  1. DropletBy: Summer Eclair Small hands made a flailing movement and the small girl puffed her cheeks in amusement. “He yoo !” then she giggled, cupping her mouth giddily. /“What the fuck,” Gray’s eyes widened. “I-is that…?” He lifted his index finger at the child. “Juvia?”Rated: Fiction K - English - Romance - Gray F., Juvia L. 
  2. Love, Rain, and Frozen TearsBy: Sangami When Lucy is critically injured in the Grand Magic Tournament, Juvia blames herself. “Juvia does not deserve Fairy Tail’s kindness… Juvia does not deserve Gray-sama,” she cries to the dark, pouring heavens. Enter one silver-haired ice mage and a very irritated Gray. Set after manga chapter 291: Naval Battle. Gray x Juvia x LyonRated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Drama - Juvia L., Gray F., Lyon B.
  3. Third WheelBy: StoryQuipster Honestly, he’s just a little irritated because he can’t help but feel that he’s somehow out of the loop. He’s left out and obviously not part of their little circle and it really upsets him.Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Friendship - [Gray F., Juvia L.] Gajeel R.
  4. A Measure of TimeBy: MildlyMoonstruck ‘No one else has any time to have some sort of reaction, because the vision has overwhelmed her, and Juvia is boiling.’ An alternate take on Juvia’s reaction to the vision of Gray’s death, and the aftermath.Rated: Fiction T - English - Friendship/Romance - Gray F., Juvia L.
  5. Blame It On the AlcoholBy: MildlyMoonstruck Gajeel tries to maintain some semblance of dignity as he hobbles towards the table. “None of you have ever wondered how Juvia and I became friends in the first place?” In which Juvia is a terrifying drunk. Gruvia. Companion piece to 'A Measure of Time’, but can be read alone.Rated: Fiction T - English - Humor/Romance - Gajeel R., Gray F., Juvia L., Cana A
  6. Far Longer Than ForeverBy: BonneyQ A month after the Games, Gray and Juvia’s relationship seems to be developing well, but when something comes up to disturb their peace, things can get a out of hand. Will Gray and Fairy Tail get in time to save her?Rated: Fiction T - English - Angst/Romance - Gray F., Juvia L.
  7. PunishmentBy: xloudxloud “Gajeel-kun knows he cannot hit Juvia. The warning wasn’t for her,” Juvia paused, her face grim. “It was for you. Don’t follow him. Juvia won’t let you.” With that, she positioned herself between the door and her confused guild mates.Rated: Fiction T - English - Gajeel R., Gray F., Juvia L
  8. SerenityBy: astudyofmemory In which Juvia doesn’t think she’s beautiful. And Gray is all too happy to prove her wrong. Gruvia, post-GMG.Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Gray F., Juvia L.
  9. Gray, please stop the rainBy: Tinxies Gray tries to stop the rain for the second time. Sorry, summary sucks. I spent 15 minutes trying to write just the summary XD Please R&R.Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Gray F., Juvia L
  10. Place Beneath the ThunderBy: 4thFromTheFurnace After what happened to Lucy, everyone had trouble sleeping, including Gray. So he decides to pay her a visit in the middle of the night. Little did he know that Juvia was already there. Set after Chapter 291/Early 292. Very slightly AU. Spoilers up to 292. Subtle GrayxJuvia.Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Gray F., Juvia L.
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog
String Theory
Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog

So there’s this great theatre!AU Levi x Eren fic by MildlyMoonstruck, it’s called Keep Your Head Up. It’s really cute and well written and it has Levi (and his shitty jokes) and socially awkward Eren (and others of course) being a part of a theatre group, singing and acting to Dr.Horrible’s Sing Along Blog and falling in love in the process. I must thank this amazing author for convincing me with this fic to finally watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. I loved it. The songs won’t leave my head. So this is for everyone that enjoyed it as much as I did :)

anonymous asked:

have you read any really funny fics? i love a good laugh!

i am assuming you mean ereri fics, but i am including an erejean one in here for safe measure because it is amazing omfg


The Sweetest Taste by AuraFelix

You’re Kidding? by Zzxya (oneshot)

Everytime I Poop, I Think of You by suckaknob

Love’s a Menace by seaofteeth

Sometimes Things Turn Out for the Best by Resmiranda

The 6th Ward by coldmackrel

Playing Favorites by Ketita (oneshot)

ED may stand for Emotional Dysregulation… But it doesn’t have to. by SolSermisiere

Holding Hands in the Rain by twisting_vine_x

Keep Your Head Up by MildlyMoonstruck

Ousama Game by shiroyasha (twoshot and smut)

Jaeger Royale by Variable (erejean BUT FUCKING AMAZING HOLY SHIT)

and here are my fics, because i like to think i am funny ayyyy

happy reading, anon!