Meet Pepé! Neighborhood stray who was in tact. He is now neutered and after a few weeks of rehab he is now ready to go back out. But it comes as no surprise that he keeps coming back! He even creeps on us through the spare bedroom window while standing on our roof!! #stray #mildlyferal #instacat #pepe #animalsofinstagram #boyboy

naniiika asked:

Oh wow you saw that headcanon cosplay thing I made and wow okay you are the best, cutest John and uhm I also really love the ask John and Dave blog you do with Peachy it's so cute and you guys are great and yeah :)

yesss you have no idea how flattered i was it just- made my night when I stumbled on that.  Though I was like “oh man I look really bad in that picture" 

It’s just like the biggest compliment ever to have someone say i’m their head canon for a character