mildly upsetting

it breaks my heart how like 99% of people with trauma feel like their trauma wasn’t bad enough and they shouldn’t include themselves in spaces for those who’ve survived trauma. i mean i feel that way all the time. 7.2 billion people could assure me my experiences are legit traumatic, wouldn’t rly help, i’ll just continue to say i’m fine and making a big deal out of mildly upsetting events.

  • mark gatiss and steven moffatt: johnlock ain't gonna be canon y'all.
  • tjlc: ah, we see what you're doing!
  • mark gatiss and steven moffatt: it's not going to become canon. we're not going to do it.
  • tjlc: right, right. gotcha. wink wink, nudge nudge.
  • mark gatiss and steven moffatt: no. seriously. it's not happening.
  • sherlock finale: *airs*
  • tjlc: we weRE LIED TO!!!

my tablet’s pressure died… 

see you all around after i’ve saved enough money 4 new tablet

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I hate to say it, but it seems that saying "triggered!" in response to anything that mildly upsets or offends you has become a mainstream joke in multiplayer gaming. I've witnessed my 13yo cousin making the joke while playing Destiny with his friends, and I got the vibe that it was common, like it was sort of the current slang. I tried to set him right on it but idk if I got the point across well enough...

yeah like i said, it’s made its way into mainstream but i still can’t really buy the idea that people don’t really know what they’re saying, because the ‘joke’ doesns’t even work without understanding the concept of what it’s mocking

anyway, thanks for trying with your brother

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Shiro is mildly upset that when they find him Allura doesnt run to hug him she doesnt embrace him at all. Later he admits it to her and she replys with, "I was scared that if i held you I wouldnt be able to let you go." Please write this :( I love you!



Shiro remembered very little. He remembered the witch’s voice in his ear, trying to twist his thoughts. He remembered spending almost all of his time in a pitch black, cold, damp cell. He remembered wishing for death, but he also remembered his desperate need to break free. He remembered counting the days. All 243 of them. Roughly 8 months. 8 months without his friends. His new family.

8 months without Allura.

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Today's episode

So, I see a few people are mildly upset about the way Temari slapped Shikamaru and (THIS IS MY OPINION AND JUST BECAUSE I’M VOICING IT, DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO AGREE) I just have to say I see it as her being extremely hurt that Shikamaru doesn’t trust her. You can see it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. She’s hurt, disappointed, worried, and caring and she loves him. She would have never ran after him and asked him is there anything she can do if she didn’t care about him. She’s disappointed in the fact that they have been partners/co-workers for years and you would think that he would trust her with information like that. If he didn’t want her to tell the rest of the council, she wouldn’t have. Love will make you do things you can’t imagine yourself doing so I don’t think she hit him just because, I think she hit him because she doesn’t want anything to happen to him and she truly cares about him even if she won’t openly admit to it.

*some time before Viktor’s birthday*
Yuuri: So, what do you want for your birthday?
Viktor: You don’t have to get me anything! You’re the best gift I could ever ask for.
Yuuri: I’ve got to get you something!
Viktor: If you get me a present I’ll break up with you.

*Viktor’s birthday*
Yuuri: *handing Viktor a present* Happy Birthday, Vitya!
Viktor: Yuuri, I told you not to get me anything!
Yuuri: Too bad. Guess you’ll have to break up with me.
Viktor: *is now mildly upset because breaking up with his fiancé is the last thing he wants to do* I hate you… *takes present*
Yuuri: I love you too. *kisses Viktor’s cheek or smthn*

I’ve had some time to think and I know what’s bothering me about this season. It lacks emotion. Mary is stone cold. At first I was understanding- she was thrown into this after being yanked out of her heaven where she lives with memory-versions of her sons as children and her husband. But a lot of time has passed now and she seems to have no desire to even get to know the men her sons are now. She helps every other hunter who needs her but can’t be bothered with Sam and Dean unless she needs help. And now she’s betraying everyone by working with the BMoL and doesn’t seen to give even one fuck that they tortured and almost killed Sam. 

Then there’s Dean. In some episodes like Regarding Dean, he’s nails it. Jensen was acting his damn heart out and killing it. But most of the time, there’s just nothing there. Even tonight when Cas was dying, he looked mildly upset but he wasn’t invested. It’s like he was just going through the motions. There was no attempt at deal making or OTT dramatic gestures or even tears. He just kinda stood there and said “hang in there, buddy” and then got his butt kicked while Sam and Crowley came through with the save. I heard that Jensen said something in his m&g about how they’re downplaying a lot of emotional stuff on purpose but WHY. I don’t get it. 

Sam is the only Winchester doing great in the empathy department but Jared has to add 90% of that with his facial expressions and body language. And they’re basically just using him like he’s a supporting character in this Dean and Mary drama anyway. 

Hell, when the characters displaying the most real human emotion are Cas and Crowley WHO AREN’T EVEN HUMAN FFS something weird is going on but for the life of me I can’t figure out what the endgame is on all of this. 

Finally watched Emerald City and here are some incoherent thoughts on that

So many feels in this episode.

First of all: Lucas openly upset/mildly annoyed at Dorothy for not being more concerned about her safety because he’s literally caring for the both of them was too much.

And then that whole scene with the little girl. Who are you child??? I, too, would hug a handsome stranger upon sight, but who are you????

Also Lucas’s face was too good when Dorothy asked him to take off his clothes. Dude was probably like “I’d love to, but maybe not now???”

And don’t even get me started on the whole music.

Lucas’s reaction to music was too pure and sweet for this world. And the major heart eyes dorothy was giving him was too much (she is literally such a cinnamon roll)

And that kiss!!!! I love that this show didn’t go for the whole slow burn thing. They just went straight for it. And it was so sweet and simple. But so powerful especially with that song and then sharing ear buds. And Lucas openly saying that the moment they were sharing right then was more important to him than finding out about his past. Like his literal words just made me melt. I mean “the man I am right now is the man I want to be.” Like cmon.

And then all the snuggles were happening and they just looked so warm and together under his coat.

Ughhhhh. This ship wrecked me

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So I have a thought lol, I've always kinda wondered how they deal with each other when one is truly scared, like hanzo having a genji flash back or mccree with his deadlock gang days, and I'm not talking just mildly upset I'm talking about full mental break down, how would they handle each other? Just wanted your thoughts on the matter

I think being there is there big thing. Like Hanzo will cry a lot when he has a panic attack, and McCree will get really frantic and feel like he’s cornered, so they both have to be really slow and patient with the other person but still be really strong. They both will pretty much hold the other person and talk to them, soothe them, let them feel what they need to feel but just support the other in general. Jesse will kiss Hanzo’s tears off his cheeks when he calms down more, and Hanzo will whisper softly in Jesse’s ear.