Firbeck's First Handmade Craft Fair

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Saturday November 5th was our first handmade Craft Fair, we had beavered away for what seemed like months to create all the items we would hopefully sell.

Before I go into any more detail I would like to thank Sue Hunt for being at the village hall nice and early to ensure we all got our stalls set up before the doors opened at 10:00am. Thank you.

There was a real mix of stalls and you could tell by the quality of items available that an awful lot of effort and hard work had gone into creating them, well done to everyone from Rob and Nic.

As the crowds of people flooded in (artistic licence used here) there was a real buzz in the air, this was it, we were open for business and it was nice to see a lot of familiar faces and a lot of not so  familiar which proved to us our meager marketing efforts hadn’t been in vain.

The coffee and cake was a real hit, and at £1.00 a go it was very easy on the pocket, still not sure how Nic managed to pull that one off but I’m glad she did, apparently the carrot cake was amazing, or so I was told in great detail by Grace (thanks for all your help in the kitchen, much appreciated), I will definitely get my order in earlier next time.

I am sure I talk for everyone involved when I say it was a fantastic day and cant wait for the next one on December 3rd.

Thank you to everyone who came to view our wares and an even bigger one to the ones who spent some of their hard earned cash.

Be sure to come to the next one, it will be bigger and better 

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 and hopefully more portions of carrot cake.

Here are a few pictures of the day 

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I love this song and thought Id share it with you all :)

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Clun Greenman

Hi all Greenman fans, here is a papertoy for you to make. Its the Clun Greenman, click picture to get the template.

The Clun Green Man is different and special to Clun. Great trees border his cloak, their branches interlacing across his chest and, uniquely, his leaf face is crowned with deer antlers. This indicates our union with the green vegetation, which surrounds us so abundantly, and with animal life too. Deer move secretly through the woods, which clothe our hills. You may not often see them, but like the spirit of nature himself you know they are there.

If you make a Clun Greenman, send it here so we can all see it.

Cool Greenman links 

Company of the Green Man

Mike Harding (Green Man)


The MITC bunch went to Castleton today with our lovely neighbors G and D, we saw the Devils Arse and Peveril Castle plus the fantastic Derbyshire countryside.

After Castleton we went to Ladybower reservoir and Derwent Valley, a great day was had by all, well worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

Plus PB has some memorable ‘planking’ moments :)

Here at last, the deeds to the Faerie Houses are finished.

If you have recently bought a house you can print these out and you are the legal owner, sign your name preferably in Mother-in-Laws blood but ink will suffice.

And you are then the protectorate of your Fairies/Elves/Dwarves or whoever or whatever has chosen to live there.

Visit to download the Acrobat version :)