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7 Days of Heaven (Day 7 – Yugyeom)


Teaser 1 Teaser 2  Prologue Day 1-Jaebum Day 2-Mark  Day 3-Jinyoung Day 4-Jackson Day 5-Youngjae Day 6-Bambam  

Characters:  Kim Yugyeom (GOT7) X You (OC/Reader) X GOT7 members

Genre:  Smut

Warning/s:  Dom!Yugyeom, Lots of hair pulling (just because hahaha), thigh and butt smacking (hmmm), choking (mild), Bondage (light), Thigh Riding (because I love Yugyeom’s slender thighs they scream sex), Actual riding hahaha sorry about that, Dry humping???, what else?? Idk anymore jfc just read it

Length:  5,768 words

A/N:  OK!!! So this is the 7th and last installment of my GOT7 Smut Series, 7 Days of Heaven! It took me centuries to finally complete this hahaha and it’s been more than 5 months since I posted the teasers (can you believe it omg).  I wanted to thank each and every one of you who had consistently shown love and support for this series!  I didn’t really expect to receive this much love and appreciation so I really, really am thankful!!!

By the way here is the final installment, I hope it is good?  And things got a bit out of hand, as always, so I hope this makes up for the weeks rather months of waiting!

Also, please make sure to read until the end :))))))))))))))))  That’s it, enjoooooooooy!

At this point, Mark and Jaebum are already downing the rest of the soju and beers that you guys had left behind while waiting for Jinyoung to come back.  They cannot make you stop talking about their younger members and your sexual desires towards them, making them more awkward by the second, hoping that you just finish rambling and mumbling so that they can put you to bed and they can all either go home or sleep on your guest room or living room.

“_____, let’s tak-“

“WAAAAIIIIT, M’ not yet done, k?” Your voice is turning slurry and Mark just slumped on the couch and Jaebum just let out a sigh.

“Just let her finish, then we can tuck her to bed once she’s done.”  Jaebum pats Mark’s thigh and the older agrees.

“So, we’re down to the maknae of GOT7, ______, Yugyeom, what can you say about him?”  Mark asks before downing the rest of his beer.

“OH OH OH, that maknae, Yugyeom, damn!  He is so sexy when he dances.  Have you seen Hit the Stage? Hot damn!  It is the first time that I envied a fucking floor.  Can he hump on me like that too?  Huh???  What do you think?  That will be great, right?  Damn…” You giggled loudly and Jinyoung already came back.

“OK OK, so I guess we are all done, oppa’s gonna tuck you to bed, okay?  ______?”  You nodded and you barely had your eyes open when Jinyoung asks you to jump on his back, carrying you upstairs towards your room.  Jaebum and Mark just sighed before cleaning the mess in the living room as they waited for Jinyoung to come back so that they can all go home and call this a night.

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Such a pretty neck.

A/n: This picture is completely responsible for this, because his neck is too attractive to ignore and every time I see this photo I need five minutes to recover. Credit to whoever owns this picture, I just saved it on my phone.

There is literally no plot in this, just smut! This is only the second thing I’ve ever posted, so, I don’t know, give it a chance? Over 18’s only, if you’re not you could maybe read my first imagine instead, here! Proof read by way of a text-speech device.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader (Female)

Word count: 1095

Warnings: Smut, but quite mild really, just thigh riding (everyone’s favourite!) Swearing. That’s it.

No plot, if you wanted you could swap the name Bucky for Sebastian and it wouldn’t make any difference.

Bucky is sat on the sofa in your lounge when you arrive home. He seems captivated by whatever he’s watching on TV and you use his distraction to your advantage, taking a minute to study him. He looks good. Obviously he always does, but right now, relaxed and sitting in your shared house in casual clothes, you’ve never been more attracted to him. The joggers he’s wearing cling to his thighs and are stretched across his groin, and you clench your legs together at the bulge visual through the material. When you finally drag your eyes away from his crotch you notice the sweatshirt he’s wearing is the one you’d ‘borrowed’ a few days ago, the one he’s been trying to get back ever since. Then you move your gaze to his neck and get stuck. He hasn’t shaved today, or yesterday from the look of it, and there is the perfect amount of scruff to make you squirm. But it’s the skin a little further down that has your attention. It looks so smooth and unmarked, and before you know it you’re across the room and dropping yourself into his lap.

“Hey Y/N. I didn’t hear you come in.”

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Grind With Me // Peter Parker x Reader

Request: You ketchup hater, please write me a spidey one will ya? (via @bellamyblakesgun )

Pairing: Peter Parker x POC Reader (College AU)
Warning: Fluff, mild thigh riding and dry humping, alcohol mentions, Me screaming in the background as I watch his performance again and again
Word Count: 1.3k+

A/N: I know I said no underage characters (AND I FUCKING MEANT IT) but Tom Holland is 20 so all my Peter fics will be a 20+ year old college AU type thing. PLUS DID YOU SEE THAT VIDEO. I’M DECEASED. This turned out to be a bit more sinful than I originally intended I’m not sorry at all. Also…what the fuck are endings?????

Originally posted by kevinkeller

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ML fic idea

The squad with rollercoasters

•They add two new rollercoaster to a theme park in Paris in honor of Ladybug and Chat Noir.
•The superheroes were invited to the Grand opening and each get free tickets for them +1. (There were more ticket giveaways to not single them out)
(Also. Cue Chat asking Ladybug if they want to go together. Cue Ladybug making an excuse not to)
•The next day they’re in class and Alya is complaining how she didn’t win a ticket
•"I run the Ladyblog! I should get to review the ride for free!“
•Nino’s not much into big rides but he likes the mild and kiddie rides and hasn’t gone in a while
•Last time they went was for Marinette’s 10th birthday party???
•Marinette says she won a ticket and can cover for someone
•Adrien says the same things
•(the kids are as oblivious as always)
•They make an excuse to why they didn’t mention it before
•Permission to go have been granted all around (Adrien finds a way to be without a bodyguard for the day)
•Plans are all set and they’re ready to go!

 –—Day of theme park–—-

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George Weasley x Reader: Family Matters

AN: Thank you for the patience <3 Here is some George for you tonight, and hopefully I will have more fics out this week

Warnings: There’s a playful NSFW part, but nothing explicit 

Requested by: @resurrectedskeleton

Ice rolled through Y/N’s veins, and it felt like someone was air popping corn kernels in her stomach. She fussed with everything, fluffing her hair and making sure her clothes were pressed precisely. A spot of perfume but not too much, and any blemishes were covered up to make a good impression. Y/N charmed her shoes to dispel any water or mud, thinking she’d just die if she got the carpet in the Weasley household dirty.

Not the best way to be introduced to the parents of Y/N’s boyfriend.

She tried to stay positive, she really did. There was no way that such sweet (albeit mischievous) children could come from hateful people, and George assured her that Mrs. Weasley was already in stitches having heard good things about Y/N from himself. It was high time that they met, Y/N and George had been courting for a good number of months. As her parents had decided to visit foreign relatives during the winter break, the Weasleys invited her to Christmas dinner and other festivities. She was thrilled to receive their enthusiasm, but the butterflies certainly landed in her tummy when she woke up on Christmas Eve morning.

George wasn’t exactly unshakeable either. He knew that his parents would love Y/N, that was stupidly obvious. She was a Hufflepuff ball of sunshine, and anyone who was graced with her presence had their day improved. Y/N had a solid gold heart, and the Weasleys would see that immediately – George knew that he did. However, he was nervous for his own good. The second the baby book full of pictures of George and Fred in the nude appeared, he would be taking Y/N out for a walk. There was the tiniest bit of dread in his stomach, fearing that Y/N wouldn’t want to be with him anymore if she saw the more embarrassing parts of his life.

Swallowing his anxieties, he rapped a knuckle on Y/N’s door.

“Are you in there, love?” George called.

“…No.” Y/N replied, her voice shaking.

George gave a chuckle.

“Come on, we’ve got to leave for the train, sweetheart.” He insisted. “Don’t be nervous, I’m one hundred and ten percent sure that my parents won’t stop fussing over you and will be writing me daily about how much they adored you. It’ll be annoying, I promise!”

“George I’m taking this a lot more seriously than you are!” Y/N shouted back.

“Let me in.” George said.


“If you won’t let me in, I’ll just come in.”

“No George, I’m seri-“

He snatched the door knob, and tugged, walking in to see a topless Y/N, angrily clutching a shirt to her chest. George pulled his eyebrows together, smirking evilly. She did not share his joyous sentiments.

“I told you not to come in.” She snapped.

“But I’m so glad I did.” George said, with a cheeky wink.

Y/N sighed, sitting on her bed, which was littered with different articles of clothing. George rubbed her back, and pulled Y/N into his lap. She curled into his button up shirt, and relished the kisses he placed to her forehead.

“I promise you that if you feel uncomfortable, we will leave. I will not make you stay if you do not want to. It’s your Christmas Eve too.” He whispered, combing through her hair with his fingers.

Y/N uncurled and slipped her shirt on. Nodding and clenching her fist in George’s, she let him lead her out of the room.

The train ride was mild. George got some club soda into Y/N to calm her stomach, and she watched the scenery go by out the window, leaning against him. Snowflakes floated all around the train, and tall trees became coated in white. George’s plush scarf provided good cushioning, and Y/N quickly fell asleep watching the pattern of snow falling.

A pair of soft, warm lips on her cheek woke her gently when the train chugged to a halt. As her y/e/c eyes blinked open, she was welcomed back into consciousness with the view of her auburn-haired prince grinning down at her from above, with a halo of winter sunshine glowing around his head, making his freckles pop like embers from a sizzling fire. It was pure bliss, and she smiled up at him.

“-‘ve got to go. Dad’s waiting outside. Everyone else is already there, love. Can you even hear what I’m saying?” George was explaining.

Oh. Daydream foiled.

However, the fact that she was keeping Mr. Weasley waiting certainly lit a fire under Y/N’s keister, and she clambered out of the seat within seconds. George wrangled the luggage, and soon they were out of the comfy train car, and into the realm of frosted breath and goose bumps. Shielding her eyes from the sun, Y/N looked onto the platform for someone who resembled George, or any of his siblings for that matter.

A very excited man with a receding red hairline stood a few paces down the platform, rocking back and forth on his heels. Y/N swallowed all of her nerves, and followed George down onto the pavement. Mr. Weasley caught sight of them and started forwards at once. Y/N prepared for their first encounter with a warm smile and an outstretched hand, but Mr. Weasley went for a bone crushing hug.

“So nice to meet you, Miss. Y/N!” He said, releasing her. She looked a bit startled, but kept her cool. “Hope that my son has been treating you well. Molly cannot wait to see you, she’s been bustling about all morning – cannot keep still. Too excited.”

“And you know, to see her son who she has missed dearly…” George grumbled, rolling his eyes.

Mr. Weasley gave him a hug and ruffled his hair, then the three traveled off of the platform. Once outside of King’s Cross and muggle scrutiny, Mr. Weasley held out both arms for apparition. Y/N looked uncertain at the notion. George caught her glance.

“Try to hold it in.” He said, tapping her stomach.

“No promises.” She said under her breath, and the familiar whirring sensation stirred her entire body like it was in a cocktail shaker.

Suddenly, they were a few hundred feet from a crooked looking house and a large grassy lawn. There was a raging Quidditch game going on in the field to their left, and up ahead a short and squat, but very friendly, looking woman with busy red hair ran forwards with outstretched arms. George smirked at Y/N and ran a hand through his hair, expecting to be enveloped with hugs and kisses from his adoring mother, but instead found that she had flocked to his girlfriend instead.

“Can’t catch a break today.” He chuckled.

If Mr. Weasley’s hug was tight, then Mrs. Weasley’s hug could be considered pulverizing. Y/N could smell cinnamon and fresh linens, and felt comforted by Mrs. Weasley’s presence. When she pulled back, Mrs. Weasley smiled brightly at her, her crows feet crinkling with joy. Behind her, George mouthed “I told you so”, and followed his father into the house.

“Hello Mrs. Weasley, my name is-“

“Oh Y/N dear, please call me Molly. I’m so pleased to meet the young lady who has been making my son into a respectable man, heaven knows I haven’t been able to.” Mrs. Weasley responded.

“Ma’am I don’t think anyone will ever be able to do that, but I’m making progress.” Y/N chuckled. “Thank you for the invitation and for your hospitality.”

“The pleasure is ours! Don’t be a stranger, supper is nearly ready. Let me show you around.” Mrs. Weasley offered.

As Y/N was led inside, she felt the butterflies settle in her stomach. Everyone dawned a smiling face, and the din within the household was comforting. Taking a seat beside her beloved boyfriend, she felt right at home.

“Welcome to the family, Y/N.” George whispered into her ear.

Jeorme Fic! ~Along for the Ride~ Part One

// Jerome Fic
~Along for the Ride~
Warnings: Mild Swearing. Scene that may be bothering or cause anxiety if you have fear of heights, Ferris Wheels, or falling. A little less cutesy. Ahh possible offensive language (not necessarily cursing but just a term for a girl who sleeps around a lot)
Need to know: Gotham basics. Also, I will be having what is hopefully a really cute Jerome fic coming up after this one.
Rating: Mid-Fluff.
Disclaimer: This might not be exactly to a T how Haly’s Circus is, I know. We only saw if briefly in one episode though, so I made it how I imagine it and how I wanted it for the story, hope it doesn’t bother anyone.
Word count: 1,671 //

You weren’t sure how your friends had gotten you to go to the circus. You weren’t really a fan of them, but something made you go. You had regretted it right when you stepped foot into Haly’s Circus. Kids were all around you, and loud, slightly distorted music played through unseen speakers. You looked around cautiously, unsure of what to do. Your friends had all split up right after entering, and you had been left in the middle of the circus. The colorful lights all around you seemed to blur together, you held your head. You couldn’t think at all, and shut your eyes tightly. Something about circus’ always got to you. The feeling of a hand on your shoulder startled you, and your eyes opened wide. “Are you okay?” A soft voice whispered. When you met his gaze, there was something behind the innocence in his eyes, something dark, and haunting. He helped you stand up, his head slighted tilted as he examined you. “What happened?” He asks, brushing some dirt off your sleeve.
“It’s just…something about this place, I-I don’t like it.” You whisper, upset that you felt as if you were about to break down in front of this stranger. He nods slowly, and exhales.
“A lot of people feel that way. Just give it a chance though, it doesn’t have to be bad. Come with me,” He says, dragging you off towards a Ferris Wheel and smiles at the operator. He simply walks through the entrance, and gets in one of the carts.
“Wait, don’t you have to buy a ticket?” You ask, pointing over at the small stand. He pulls the safety bar down into place. He shakes his head, and laughs as the Ferris Wheel starts.
“Not when you’re a part of the circus.” You look over at him in shock, and his laugh grows louder. You can’t help but think that it’s a quite cute laugh, and he looks adorable while doing it. “My mom is the snake dancer here,” he says, looking over at you. You shake your head, a smile growing on your face.
“So, you live at a traveling circus?”
“Yeah, I do.”
“That must be fun.” You say, more out of kindness than anything else. He laughs again, not giving an answer.
“So, what’s your name?” He asks, a huge smile on his face as he looks over at you. The way he says everything makes you feel like you are on a game show.
“Uh, what?” You ask.
“Your name?”
“Oh, right! I’m y/n.”
“Are you sure?” He quips, and looks down at the ever-shrinking ground.
You roll your eyes, trying to suppress a smile. “What about you?”
“I’m Jerome, Jerome Valeska.” He replies finally, looking over at you once again, that huge smile still on his face.
Your cart reaches the top, and the ride halts, causing your cart to sway back and front gently. Jerome looks over at you, tapping the bar with one of his index finger. before his hand wraps around it. “Are you afraid of heights, y/n?” He asks suddenly. You shake your head.
“No, not really. Why?”
“Are you afraid of falling?” He continues, the danger that lurks in his eyes beginning to come to the surface.
“It’s not exactly a pleasant thought, but…”
Suddenly, without any warning, Jerome yanks the safety bar up. In almost an instant, you can feel yourself slipping. He throws his other arm over you to keep you in, and laughs loudly. His laugh is so loud, it can be heard echoing throughout the night. It reaches a point of hysteria, and his body beings to shudder and shake, his whole body vibrating so hard, it’s a wonder he isn’t plummeting to the ground. He lets his head fall back as he continues to laugh, which just causes the cart to go more out of control, tipping backwards a bit and forcing you back against your seat more. You reach up blindly and feel the safety bar, yanking it back down into place.
“What the hell?” You whisper, not able to make your voice loud. Your heart feels as if it’s going to pound out of your chest, and you close your eyes tightly, only to open them and see his eyes widen, and a huge smile plastered over his face.
“Ahh…what a rush!” He says, dragging his hand down his face, pausing for a second as his bottom eyelid pulls down slightly. His hand quickly moves from his face, and he slaps the side of the cart harshly, laughing again. Thankfully, the Ferris Wheel resumes to move, and this seems to jolt him out of his hysteria. Jerome looks over at you, his eyes still dark, but the huge smile now only a small grin. You were beginning to get a pretty bad vibe from him, and just wanted the ride to be over. You just wanted to get off, and never come back. He tilts his head slightly before he laughs again as the ride stops at the bottom. You push the bar up quickly and practically jump off, your legs shaking as you begin to quickly walk away. Jerome stands up and walks over to you, his long strides letting him catch up to you in a matter of seconds. He throws one arm around your shoulders. “Come on doll, don’t run away from me.” You shrug his arm off, and keep moving. “Okay! Fine, leave!” He shouts after you, causing people to look over. He laughs again, and holds his arms up in the air. “I’ll leave you alone.” Something about the way he says that sends chills up your spine, as if there was an unspoken, for now lurking in his mind.

Once you finally find your friends you’ve calmed down a bit, but your still quite pale. The Circus is now mostly empty, besides a few stragglers trying to soak in the last few minutes before it closed for good. After a long argument, you finally convince your friends to go home, not mentioning your run in with Jerome. You keep zoning in and out of the conversation, only catching bits and pieces of it. But a certain sentence snaps your attention back to the real world.
“Y/n, there’s a really cute guy staring at you,” one of your friends says, pointing over to a group of trailers. You peer into the darkness, but can’t see anything.
“Who? I don’t see anyone…” You mutter, squinting your eyes slightly. Your friends giggle, and move forward, forcing you to move with the group.
“Let’s go look for him,” another one pipes up from behind you. In only a few minutes your standing by one of the trailers, and your gaze bounces around nervously, finally landing on a trailer with a clear box in front of it. Curious, you move forward, leaving your friends to go over and look at the box. When you pull back the small curtains, your heart practically stops. A snake. You turn to shout back at your friends, to run, to do something to get their attention, but someone places their hand over your mouth. You can feel yourself being pulled behind the trailer, and panic. When your let go, you instantly whirl around, slapping your attacker in the face. Jerome stands in front of you, a stunned expression on his face. He tilts his head down, his eyes growing misty. For a second there’s a pain in your chest, a heavy weight settling on your heart. But as he lifts his head up again, he begins to laugh.
“Y/n?” You can hear one of your friends calling for you, and you open your mouth to answer. Jerome holds his finger over his lips, the smile disappearing instantly. After a few minutes of silence, you can hear footsteps, and one of your friends laughing. “I guess she can find her own way home.” Annoyance rises in you that your friends would just leave you here alone, and Jerome raises an eyebrow.
“What friends they are,” he whispers, brushing your hair back. You can feel anger rising inside of you, a pressure building up, and as your hands curl into fists, your lips curving up into a smile. Anger fills every vein in your body, and you begin to shake. Your mouth opens, everything in you ready to scream. Air fills your lungs in a rush, and you laugh. Jerome’s expression goes from shocked to maniacal in a split second, and his laughter joins yours, mixing into a horrific blend of hysteria. You feel yourself fall against him as you laugh, unable to stop. His body shakes with glee, he stumbles backwards slightly, his laughter reaching an uncontrollable state. He wraps his arms around you, supporting you in a hug. His laughter shifts and becomes more twisted, which only fuels your laughter, causing you to fall further over the edge.
“You shouldn’t be with girls like that anyways,” He manages to say, his voice taking on the same tone as his dark laughter.
“Girls like what?” You breathe out, finally managing to get your laughter under control.
“Those, sluts.” He hisses, dragging out the last word. This sends the two of you into another fit of uncontrollable laughter, sending the two of you further over the edge. Jerome kisses your cheek and pulls away from you. “I knew all you needed was a push.” He whispers, staring at you in awe. “Can I trust you, y/n?” He asks, his face contorting in mock seriousness.
“Yes,” you giggle.
“Are you sure?” He asks, grabbing your hand and leading you out to the front of the trailer in a waltz.
You nod, laughing softly again. “Yes.” He pulls you to him, and kisses your nose softly.
“How would you feel about hiding a body?” He asks.
Your heart pounds wildly, and a smile spreads across your face. You could tell this would be the start of a legacy.
One of death and madness.
Archive of Our Own - Stick the Dismount

In retrospect, Sami was surprised that it took as long as it did for someone to try and ride the horse. It had been grazing up and the neighboring field all day, seemingly unbothered by the party even though Sami knew that horses had a reputation for being high strung.

Not that Sami would know anything about that.

Rating: Explicit
Relationship: Dean Ambrose | Jon Moxley/Sami Zayn | El Generico
Additional Tags: Mild Hurt/Comfort, Drinking, Horseback Riding, Mild Gore, Blood, Hand Jobs, Frottage

( @sapphoisburning prompted me “Dean riding a horse” and this is what I came up with.)

First Time for Everything

So I combined three prompts into one, making this story consist of Virgin!Lashton and Luke’s first time being fingered and fucked and having an extremely overwhelming orgasm.

Warnings: Smut, virginity, first!time, fingering, riding, mild language

The first time they decided to go all the way, Luke had felt his skin go red as Ashton had quickly pushed him inside of his own bedroom. They had just gotten back from their seventh date together, at a park near Luke’s house.

Luke always got too nervous to go anywhere than 10 miles away from where he lived because he thought that he and Ashton would get lost if they went any further. Of course, this took away any chances of Ashton bringing him anywhere fancy, but he still managed to make Luke feel very special wherever they did end up going.

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daximed  asked:

DUDE AMUSEMENT PARK STEREK HEADCANONS ! I've always said that Derek would go to a theme park with the pack and just kind of silently be horrified on every ride. Like we're talking wolfing out a little in one of the pictures it takes on a ride, or the harnesses have indents that look a whole lot like someone's hands. Stiles would eventually notice and drag the pack to one of those ducky paddle boat rides and be like "guys please I /love/ this one" and Derek is so pleased stiles didn't tattle

OKAY BUT IMAGINE THEM GOING ON PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN AT DISNEYLAND you know how there are like no restraints or harnesses because it’s a super mild ride you just sit in the boat and hang out ok and Derek is just chill and relaxed and watching all the dioramas and everyone is like woo awesome isn’t this nice


and Derek totally ends up sitting in Stiles lap, freaked out and holding on, and when the lights come back on in the next scene everyone turns to them and are like “…dude" 

Mr Holmes takes a wife

My brain wouldn’t let this go, so I wrote it out to let it go (though I highly suspect it will return fully fleshed out one day). Here’s some rubbish tension filled regency smuttiness for you. 


Mr Hooper upon marrying his wife with her 2000 pounds was considered a fortunate man, even more so when he over time accumulated a great estate and 10 000 a year. Importance was never of a great consequence to Mr Hooper, contrasting Mrs Hooper who strode into society desiring to keep her head high in the ton. She wished for an advantageous marriage for her eldest daughter Molly who’s bloom was well-admired, though insatiable curiosity and forthrightness distanced any mild tempered young man through her best years, until she was teeming on spinsterhood.

Mrs Hooper however found an offer from a highly esteemed family of the nobler kind with barouche boxes enough to satiate her elegant mind for weeks, but the proposal she then put forward to her then 27 year old daughter was countered with a blank refusal, “Sir Holmes’ son is close to your age, and I am told is quite the intellect!”

Mama!” Miss Hooper exclaimed, storming out of the library with a book in her hand, desirous to end the fruitless discussion as quickly as possible. She was a great walker and employed her legs thusly to get out of her mother’s grasp, intending to seek out her father who was as usual in his study, “Papa -,” she stopped in her stride, standing outside the doorstep taking in the sight of her father’s rather severe countenance, “Papa?”

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The First Date-Pt. I

Jude finished brushing his teeth for the second time. He took a look at the mouthwash and debated whether or not to rinse his mouth again. He looked in the mirror and grabbed the styling gel to redo his hair yet again. He was freaking out and Connor was going to be there any minute. Jesus knocked on the door.

“Jude, get out! I need to use the bathroom,” he said.

“But I’m not ready!” he yelled back.

“You’ve been in there for 45 minutes!” Jesus yelled. He banged on the door again.

Suddenly, the door swung open.

“Can you please wait ten more minutes?” Jude asked.

“No!” said Jesus annoyed. “It’s my bathroom, too.”

Jude went to close the door but Jesus stopped him and forced himself in.

“You can stay if you want but you’re gonna have to watch me pee,” Jesus said angrily.

Jude rolled his eyes and walked out of the bathroom. He walked down the stairs and stopped in front of the downstairs mirror. He was somewhat content with how he looked. Maybe I should change shirts, he thought.

“Hey,” said Lena.

“Hey,” Jude replied looking at her from the mirror.

“Where are you boys going on your date tonight?” she asked.

“Connor wouldn’t say,” Jude answered automatically while looking at his hair.

“Do you need a ride?” Lena asked.

“Thanks, mom,” he answered. “But Connor’s dad is driving us.”

“He’s really trying, huh?” Lena said taking Jude’s hands from behind.

“I guess so,” Jude said.. “Connor says so,” he added.

Lena hugged Jude from behind and kissed him on the cheek. “You look great,” she said.

“It’s our first date,” said Jude, the anxiety in his voice betraying him.

“I know, honey,” she replied. “So stop overthinking it. You like Connor and he likes you, right?”

“Yeah,” Jude said blushing.

“So just stop, relax and enjoy your date,” she said smiling.

“Looking good, Judicorn!” said Callie as she walked down the stairs to the kitchen.

Jude couldn’t help but smile.

“Besides,” Lena said. “After all you two have been through to go, you deserve to enjoy it,” she added tightening her embrace.

Jude couldn’t stop but remember every hurdle along the way. Connor had been the first friend he made in Anchor Beach and Jude was so used to people leaving him behind that he didn’t think much of their friendship initially. When his adoption came through, he found himself getting closer and closer to Connor until he was everything he thought about. It was really confusing for him but not as confusing as the kiss they shared in the tent after he broke down remembering the physical abuse from his previous foster dad for wearing that dress. And now we are here…going on our first date, he thought. Lena’s voice brought him back from his thoughts but he wasn’t sure what she had said, so he just replied with a “yeah.”

“Where are you guys going?” asked Callie as she walked out of the kitchen. She was holding a sandwich.

“Connor didn’t say,” Lena and Jude said in unison.

“Ooh,” Callie teased Jude. “A secret first date?” she said.

Jude gave her an amused look.

“No later than 10,” said Lena as she kissed him on the cheek and then messed his hair.

“Mom!” Jude yelled turning to the mirror to quickly fix it. Callie laughed.

“I can’t believe you’re going on your first date,” Callie said taking a bite of the sandwich.

“Me, neither,” Jude replied.

“Listen to mom, okay? Don’t overthink it and have fun,” she said with a mouthful.

“What if I mess up or something happens?” he asked.

The door knocked. Jude felt his heart drop to a stomach full of butterflies.

“Connor’s here,” he said trying to sound calm.

“If anything happens,” Callie said. “Take three deep breaths and go from there.”

Callie opened the door to find Connor standing in the porch. Jude walked outside and hugged him.

“Aww, you guys look so cute together,” Callie said endearingly.

Jude’s gave Callie a wide-eyed look but said nothing. Connor saw this from the corner of his eyes.

“I think we look pretty cute, too,” Connor said kissing Jude on the cheek. He took his hand and they walked together to the car.


The ride was quiet for the most part.  Jude kept thinking about how comfortable Connor was around his family. He was pretty sure he had never heard Connor say the word “cute” before. He attributed this to the mask that he had to keep up in front of his dad. Mr. Stevens had made small talk about how Jude was and Connor’s recovery then he gave instructions to Connor to be home by curfew when he dropped them off in the parking lot of some lot. Jude could see some roller coasters and a Ferris wheel so he assumed it was a fair of some sort. He had no idea it was in town but he wasn’t looking forward to the rides.

“You don’t sick easily, right?” Connor asked as they walked to the entrance.

“Not unless I’ve eaten,” Jude joked.

They bought the tickets and headed inside. They walked through a small and pretty bad smelling animal attraction and headed towards the main attractions.

“So what do you want to do?” Connor asked.

“Mmm,” Jude contemplated. “I don’t know.”

“That’s not helpful,” Connor replied giving him a playful nudge with his elbow.

“We can do one you’d like first,” he said smiling.

“How about that one?” Connor said pointing at a ride.

Jude squinted and read the attraction’s name: The Stinger. Jude saw as it swung from side to side and eventually stayed upside down.  People screamed. He didn’t think he could get on it but didn’t want to sound scared when he said no.

“How about some other one first?” Jude asked.

“We could do walk around and see?” Connor said. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Jude replied.

They walked for a while and eventually decided to get on a pirate-looking boat that went back and forth. Jude could handle a mild ride but he was never a big fan of the crazy ones. The boys laughed and yelled as the boat went higher and higher until eventually it stopped. They got out and walked around some more. They talked about Callie, school, Daria and Taylor, and their parents. As they walked every so often, their hands would brush one another. Every time, Jude’s heart would jump because he was eager to hold Connor’s hand. On the other hand, every time their hands brushed, Connor’s heart would jump because he was desperate to reach for Jude’s hand but didn’t have the courage to do so in public. Jude understood that Connor was still accepting himself and he wasn’t ready for public affection. As the sun began to come down, they decided to grab something to eat near the concessions stand. They sat down and shared a slice of pizza while playfully giving footsies to one another underneath the table. Jude would smile every time he looked at Connor and he in return couldn’t help but blush every time Jude smiled at him. Between the footsies and eating, a piece of pizza fell on Jude’s shirt and he bolted up from the chair in such a panic that the plastic cup on the table spilled everywhere. Jude’s face turned red from embarrassment and he got frustrated at his misfortune. Connor made his way to the counter and came back with a couple napkins to help Jude clean up but could sense how tense and aggravated he was.

“Hey, it happens,” Connor said laughing.

Jude didn’t know what to say and felt like running away. Remembering what Callie told him, he closed his eyes and took three deep breaths one after the other. He opened his eyes to find Connor giving him an amused look.

“You okay, Judicorn?” he said smiling.

Of all the people who called him Judicorn, Jude loved Connor’s voice the most. There was something soothing about it. He smiled and reassured Connor that everything was okay.

“I’m gonna reek of pepperoni for the rest of the night, though,” he said playfully.

“You know pepperoni is my favorite,” Connor joked. “Come on,” he added.

He guided Jude behind the concession stand and began unbuttoning his flannel shirt. Jude blushed as he saw Connor’s golden skin appearing. He glanced down at his feet and didn’t look up hoping that Connor couldn’t see him, which he did, but decided against joking about the situation to avoid making Jude uncomfortable. Connor had a gray tank top which had a blue square and a sun with some seagulls on it. Jude took off his shirt, put it in his back pocket and put on Connor’s shirt. He was distracted by Connor’s scent on the shirt. He took a deep breath and exhaled. Connor pushed Jude’s body back against the trailer and planted a deep kiss on his lips. Jude didn’t react at first from the awe but then quickly returned the kiss. Connor pulled back and made some comment about Jude looking adorable in his shirt and then they left. The entire moment happened so fast that Jude felt like it didn’t happen at all.

They went on ride after ride again but none of that excitement compared to the 30 second kiss behind the trailer. After the bumper cars, Connor bought some cotton candy, which they shared. The sun was staring to disappear and night was quickly overtaking the sky. They ate silently occasionally making a small comment about a ride or the fair while exchanging tender looks with one another. Connor had asked Jude if he wanted to have dinner with him and his family since they were now aware that they were dating but Jude was somewhat hesitant due to his history with his father. Connor reassured him that his dad was trying to be more accepting and welcoming towards the boys but he told Jude not to feel pressured.

“I’ll ask my moms,” Jude said.

“You wanna go on the ferris wheel?” Connor asked as he pinched a piece off the fluffy candy.

“I think it’s the only one we haven’t been on,” Jude pointed out.

They tossed the remainder cotton candy and headed towards the Ferris wheel. The time was now 7:45pm and the sunset was beginning to die out. Stars began to trickle slowly onto the night sky and the light from the rides became more prominent. The boys took a seat and looked around as the wheel took them higher and higher above ground. Far away from everyone’s eyes, Connor gave way for the feelings he had been holding back all night. He reached and found Jude’s welcoming hand and the boys intertwined fingers. Jude turned his head to find a smiling Connor looking right at him.

“I’m sorry,” Connor said.

“For what?” Jude asked genuinely perplexed.

“I’ve been wanting to do that all night,” Connor confessed. “I’m not as brave as you are.”

Jude smiled as he felt his cheeks get warmer. He leaned in and kissed Connor lightly on the cheek. “I told you I understand,” he said.

“Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” Jude replied flashing him a full smile.

Up here above everyone’s sight and away from all his worries, up here where it was just Jude and he, Connor felt truly happy. He felt like he didn’t have to pretend to be someone he wasn’t, or split his personality to keep everyone else happy. Up here next to Jude, he felt whole. He leaned in and kissed Jude. Jude took Connor’s face in his hands and returned the kiss. Up here, in the eternal dying minutes of twilight, the boys shared their first kiss since the hospital and they, submerged in one another, failed to notice the beautiful moment in which it happened.

Let Your Hair Down While You Still Can

“Could you, maybe, play with my hair?” Louis can’t see much, but he can feel the rush of heat in Harry’s cheeks when he blushes. “It’s what my mum used to do when I couldn’t sleep.”

“Well, if that’s what Mummy Anne did, who am I to disagree?” Louis teases lightly, then runs his hand slowly through Harry’s hair. It’s still a little sticky from the product the hair team put in before the show, still a little crunchy from dried sweat because Harry won’t have access to a shower (with a decent amount of elbow room, at least, unlike the one on the bus) until the morning, but with each stroke of Louis’ hand through lank curls Harry goes looser, looser.

Born to Be Mild

“So do you ride?” the boy asks. He grins, nods at something behind Harry. “Is one of those yours?”

Harry turns, remembers that he had been ogling a shiny white motorcycle. It still gleams temptingly, and there’s a sudden thought flashing in Harry’s head like a warning light: tattoos-soft fringe-blue eyes-do you ride? and Harry says, “Yeah.”

The boy’s eyebrows raise, slowly but steadily. Like he can’t believe it. Like it’s unbelievable that Harry would ride a giant white motorcycle. That, Harry decides, cannot be allowed to happen. So, he also decides, turning back to the motorcycle, he must prove his validity. His manhood. Even if he’s lying.

Suddenly, Harry’s straddling a motorcycle, and this isn’t even the weirdest place he’s ended up after a night out.

The Deepest Cut (Is The First Time)

“You know what we should do?” Louis asks, his voice a little wobbly but otherwise fine. Harry’s jealous of how in control of himself he seems, when he feels like he’s about to combust into a million heart-shaped pieces of confetti. “Or, actually, you know what you should do?”

“What? Anything. Whatever you want,” Harry mumbles, his attention scattered by the heat thudding through his veins.

“You should fuck me,” Louis says.

And, suddenly, he has Harry’s attention laser-focused on him once more.

Like A River Flows

Harry wonders at his luck, sometimes, that when he looks at Louis and feels his stomach flip, he doesn’t have to push it away, drown it out; he can do something about it, lean over, kiss the joy right off Louis’ lips. He’s still trying to figure out what good deed he did in a past life to earn this. Still a little awestruck that this is the person he’s in love with, the boy he’s in love with.

And. Wait.

That’s new.

Harry’s fully awake now, his eyes wide open. His heart’s beating so hard he’s surprised it doesn’t wake Louis, because all Harry can hear is the thunder in his eardrums and feel the pounding against the inside of his chest. Love. He’s in love, he’s in love.

Get Knocked Down

A yellow blur, a massive yellow blur, comes roaring out of nowhere. Harry, sickeningly enough, recognizes him: it’s Agbonlahor, a striker for Aston Villa and one of Louis’ favorite players on an otherwise terrible team. He’s hurtling toward Louis and, for a moment, the world stops. Harry feels the beer he’d been holding drop with a soft thump to the carpet. Louis looks so tiny, suddenly on the very big screen; how did anyone allow him out on the pitch with all those huge men? Harry can’t look away. He has to look away. He can’t.

Agbonlahor crashes headlong into Louis and the crunch can be heard all the way in Los Angeles.

Stay With Me 

Louis doesn’t let go the way Harry lets go. Harry lets go in throat-ripping cries, in buzzing limbs taut with tension, tossing his head until Louis forces him still.

Louis lets go softly. Louis lets go like an exhale, a breath of air and his muscles go loose, his body follows Harry’s lead. Louis lets go like a flower’s petals unfurling, opening himself up delicately, quietly. Louis lets go and the world spins slower, just for him.

Lovely Made From Love 

There’s gonna be a baby, soon. A real one, one made of little pieces of Louis and little pieces of Harry, and they’re gonna get to keep it, forever.

Harry grins into his palms, a little overwhelmed.

The sleepy silence is disturbed suddenly, the loud sounds of both of their phones vibrating startling them both into action. Harry’s getting a call from his mum, Louis is getting one from Lottie.

“H’lo?” Harry answers. “Mum?”

“Harry, love,” comes Anne’s voice. “It’s time.”

Harry nearly drops the phone. He looks up, meets Louis’ startled eyes. It’s time.