mild ride

Jeorme Fic! ~Along for the Ride~ Part One

// Jerome Fic
~Along for the Ride~
Warnings: Mild Swearing. Scene that may be bothering or cause anxiety if you have fear of heights, Ferris Wheels, or falling. A little less cutesy. Ahh possible offensive language (not necessarily cursing but just a term for a girl who sleeps around a lot)
Need to know: Gotham basics. Also, I will be having what is hopefully a really cute Jerome fic coming up after this one.
Rating: Mid-Fluff.
Disclaimer: This might not be exactly to a T how Haly’s Circus is, I know. We only saw if briefly in one episode though, so I made it how I imagine it and how I wanted it for the story, hope it doesn’t bother anyone.
Word count: 1,671 //

You weren’t sure how your friends had gotten you to go to the circus. You weren’t really a fan of them, but something made you go. You had regretted it right when you stepped foot into Haly’s Circus. Kids were all around you, and loud, slightly distorted music played through unseen speakers. You looked around cautiously, unsure of what to do. Your friends had all split up right after entering, and you had been left in the middle of the circus. The colorful lights all around you seemed to blur together, you held your head. You couldn’t think at all, and shut your eyes tightly. Something about circus’ always got to you. The feeling of a hand on your shoulder startled you, and your eyes opened wide. “Are you okay?” A soft voice whispered. When you met his gaze, there was something behind the innocence in his eyes, something dark, and haunting. He helped you stand up, his head slighted tilted as he examined you. “What happened?” He asks, brushing some dirt off your sleeve.
“It’s just…something about this place, I-I don’t like it.” You whisper, upset that you felt as if you were about to break down in front of this stranger. He nods slowly, and exhales.
“A lot of people feel that way. Just give it a chance though, it doesn’t have to be bad. Come with me,” He says, dragging you off towards a Ferris Wheel and smiles at the operator. He simply walks through the entrance, and gets in one of the carts.
“Wait, don’t you have to buy a ticket?” You ask, pointing over at the small stand. He pulls the safety bar down into place. He shakes his head, and laughs as the Ferris Wheel starts.
“Not when you’re a part of the circus.” You look over at him in shock, and his laugh grows louder. You can’t help but think that it’s a quite cute laugh, and he looks adorable while doing it. “My mom is the snake dancer here,” he says, looking over at you. You shake your head, a smile growing on your face.
“So, you live at a traveling circus?”
“Yeah, I do.”
“That must be fun.” You say, more out of kindness than anything else. He laughs again, not giving an answer.
“So, what’s your name?” He asks, a huge smile on his face as he looks over at you. The way he says everything makes you feel like you are on a game show.
“Uh, what?” You ask.
“Your name?”
“Oh, right! I’m y/n.”
“Are you sure?” He quips, and looks down at the ever-shrinking ground.
You roll your eyes, trying to suppress a smile. “What about you?”
“I’m Jerome, Jerome Valeska.” He replies finally, looking over at you once again, that huge smile still on his face.
Your cart reaches the top, and the ride halts, causing your cart to sway back and front gently. Jerome looks over at you, tapping the bar with one of his index finger. before his hand wraps around it. “Are you afraid of heights, y/n?” He asks suddenly. You shake your head.
“No, not really. Why?”
“Are you afraid of falling?” He continues, the danger that lurks in his eyes beginning to come to the surface.
“It’s not exactly a pleasant thought, but…”
Suddenly, without any warning, Jerome yanks the safety bar up. In almost an instant, you can feel yourself slipping. He throws his other arm over you to keep you in, and laughs loudly. His laugh is so loud, it can be heard echoing throughout the night. It reaches a point of hysteria, and his body beings to shudder and shake, his whole body vibrating so hard, it’s a wonder he isn’t plummeting to the ground. He lets his head fall back as he continues to laugh, which just causes the cart to go more out of control, tipping backwards a bit and forcing you back against your seat more. You reach up blindly and feel the safety bar, yanking it back down into place.
“What the hell?” You whisper, not able to make your voice loud. Your heart feels as if it’s going to pound out of your chest, and you close your eyes tightly, only to open them and see his eyes widen, and a huge smile plastered over his face.
“Ahh…what a rush!” He says, dragging his hand down his face, pausing for a second as his bottom eyelid pulls down slightly. His hand quickly moves from his face, and he slaps the side of the cart harshly, laughing again. Thankfully, the Ferris Wheel resumes to move, and this seems to jolt him out of his hysteria. Jerome looks over at you, his eyes still dark, but the huge smile now only a small grin. You were beginning to get a pretty bad vibe from him, and just wanted the ride to be over. You just wanted to get off, and never come back. He tilts his head slightly before he laughs again as the ride stops at the bottom. You push the bar up quickly and practically jump off, your legs shaking as you begin to quickly walk away. Jerome stands up and walks over to you, his long strides letting him catch up to you in a matter of seconds. He throws one arm around your shoulders. “Come on doll, don’t run away from me.” You shrug his arm off, and keep moving. “Okay! Fine, leave!” He shouts after you, causing people to look over. He laughs again, and holds his arms up in the air. “I’ll leave you alone.” Something about the way he says that sends chills up your spine, as if there was an unspoken, for now lurking in his mind.

Once you finally find your friends you’ve calmed down a bit, but your still quite pale. The Circus is now mostly empty, besides a few stragglers trying to soak in the last few minutes before it closed for good. After a long argument, you finally convince your friends to go home, not mentioning your run in with Jerome. You keep zoning in and out of the conversation, only catching bits and pieces of it. But a certain sentence snaps your attention back to the real world.
“Y/n, there’s a really cute guy staring at you,” one of your friends says, pointing over to a group of trailers. You peer into the darkness, but can’t see anything.
“Who? I don’t see anyone…” You mutter, squinting your eyes slightly. Your friends giggle, and move forward, forcing you to move with the group.
“Let’s go look for him,” another one pipes up from behind you. In only a few minutes your standing by one of the trailers, and your gaze bounces around nervously, finally landing on a trailer with a clear box in front of it. Curious, you move forward, leaving your friends to go over and look at the box. When you pull back the small curtains, your heart practically stops. A snake. You turn to shout back at your friends, to run, to do something to get their attention, but someone places their hand over your mouth. You can feel yourself being pulled behind the trailer, and panic. When your let go, you instantly whirl around, slapping your attacker in the face. Jerome stands in front of you, a stunned expression on his face. He tilts his head down, his eyes growing misty. For a second there’s a pain in your chest, a heavy weight settling on your heart. But as he lifts his head up again, he begins to laugh.
“Y/n?” You can hear one of your friends calling for you, and you open your mouth to answer. Jerome holds his finger over his lips, the smile disappearing instantly. After a few minutes of silence, you can hear footsteps, and one of your friends laughing. “I guess she can find her own way home.” Annoyance rises in you that your friends would just leave you here alone, and Jerome raises an eyebrow.
“What friends they are,” he whispers, brushing your hair back. You can feel anger rising inside of you, a pressure building up, and as your hands curl into fists, your lips curving up into a smile. Anger fills every vein in your body, and you begin to shake. Your mouth opens, everything in you ready to scream. Air fills your lungs in a rush, and you laugh. Jerome’s expression goes from shocked to maniacal in a split second, and his laughter joins yours, mixing into a horrific blend of hysteria. You feel yourself fall against him as you laugh, unable to stop. His body shakes with glee, he stumbles backwards slightly, his laughter reaching an uncontrollable state. He wraps his arms around you, supporting you in a hug. His laughter shifts and becomes more twisted, which only fuels your laughter, causing you to fall further over the edge.
“You shouldn’t be with girls like that anyways,” He manages to say, his voice taking on the same tone as his dark laughter.
“Girls like what?” You breathe out, finally managing to get your laughter under control.
“Those, sluts.” He hisses, dragging out the last word. This sends the two of you into another fit of uncontrollable laughter, sending the two of you further over the edge. Jerome kisses your cheek and pulls away from you. “I knew all you needed was a push.” He whispers, staring at you in awe. “Can I trust you, y/n?” He asks, his face contorting in mock seriousness.
“Yes,” you giggle.
“Are you sure?” He asks, grabbing your hand and leading you out to the front of the trailer in a waltz.
You nod, laughing softly again. “Yes.” He pulls you to him, and kisses your nose softly.
“How would you feel about hiding a body?” He asks.
Your heart pounds wildly, and a smile spreads across your face. You could tell this would be the start of a legacy.
One of death and madness.

Let Your Hair Down While You Still Can

“Could you, maybe, play with my hair?” Louis can’t see much, but he can feel the rush of heat in Harry’s cheeks when he blushes. “It’s what my mum used to do when I couldn’t sleep.”

“Well, if that’s what Mummy Anne did, who am I to disagree?” Louis teases lightly, then runs his hand slowly through Harry’s hair. It’s still a little sticky from the product the hair team put in before the show, still a little crunchy from dried sweat because Harry won’t have access to a shower (with a decent amount of elbow room, at least, unlike the one on the bus) until the morning, but with each stroke of Louis’ hand through lank curls Harry goes looser, looser.

Born to Be Mild

“So do you ride?” the boy asks. He grins, nods at something behind Harry. “Is one of those yours?”

Harry turns, remembers that he had been ogling a shiny white motorcycle. It still gleams temptingly, and there’s a sudden thought flashing in Harry’s head like a warning light: tattoos-soft fringe-blue eyes-do you ride? and Harry says, “Yeah.”

The boy’s eyebrows raise, slowly but steadily. Like he can’t believe it. Like it’s unbelievable that Harry would ride a giant white motorcycle. That, Harry decides, cannot be allowed to happen. So, he also decides, turning back to the motorcycle, he must prove his validity. His manhood. Even if he’s lying.

Suddenly, Harry’s straddling a motorcycle, and this isn’t even the weirdest place he’s ended up after a night out.

The Deepest Cut (Is The First Time)

“You know what we should do?” Louis asks, his voice a little wobbly but otherwise fine. Harry’s jealous of how in control of himself he seems, when he feels like he’s about to combust into a million heart-shaped pieces of confetti. “Or, actually, you know what you should do?”

“What? Anything. Whatever you want,” Harry mumbles, his attention scattered by the heat thudding through his veins.

“You should fuck me,” Louis says.

And, suddenly, he has Harry’s attention laser-focused on him once more.

Like A River Flows

Harry wonders at his luck, sometimes, that when he looks at Louis and feels his stomach flip, he doesn’t have to push it away, drown it out; he can do something about it, lean over, kiss the joy right off Louis’ lips. He’s still trying to figure out what good deed he did in a past life to earn this. Still a little awestruck that this is the person he’s in love with, the boy he’s in love with.

And. Wait.

That’s new.

Harry’s fully awake now, his eyes wide open. His heart’s beating so hard he’s surprised it doesn’t wake Louis, because all Harry can hear is the thunder in his eardrums and feel the pounding against the inside of his chest. Love. He’s in love, he’s in love.

Get Knocked Down

A yellow blur, a massive yellow blur, comes roaring out of nowhere. Harry, sickeningly enough, recognizes him: it’s Agbonlahor, a striker for Aston Villa and one of Louis’ favorite players on an otherwise terrible team. He’s hurtling toward Louis and, for a moment, the world stops. Harry feels the beer he’d been holding drop with a soft thump to the carpet. Louis looks so tiny, suddenly on the very big screen; how did anyone allow him out on the pitch with all those huge men? Harry can’t look away. He has to look away. He can’t.

Agbonlahor crashes headlong into Louis and the crunch can be heard all the way in Los Angeles.

Stay With Me 

Louis doesn’t let go the way Harry lets go. Harry lets go in throat-ripping cries, in buzzing limbs taut with tension, tossing his head until Louis forces him still.

Louis lets go softly. Louis lets go like an exhale, a breath of air and his muscles go loose, his body follows Harry’s lead. Louis lets go like a flower’s petals unfurling, opening himself up delicately, quietly. Louis lets go and the world spins slower, just for him.

Lovely Made From Love 

There’s gonna be a baby, soon. A real one, one made of little pieces of Louis and little pieces of Harry, and they’re gonna get to keep it, forever.

Harry grins into his palms, a little overwhelmed.

The sleepy silence is disturbed suddenly, the loud sounds of both of their phones vibrating startling them both into action. Harry’s getting a call from his mum, Louis is getting one from Lottie.

“H’lo?” Harry answers. “Mum?”

“Harry, love,” comes Anne’s voice. “It’s time.”

Harry nearly drops the phone. He looks up, meets Louis’ startled eyes. It’s time.