mild clouds


flowers bloom,
stars twinkle,
and skies
they stretch,
bursting, with ribbons of clouds
bathed, in a kaleidoscope of colors,

fools, they are
what do they know?
how my heart stays taken,
to their mild seduction,
I am,
so deeply moved
by the beauty
of my love,
I have,
only for him.

© SoulReserve 2016

New paths

Just a little post TFP drabble i wrote. And as my eyes are drooping, any mistake is mine and am sorry for that.

The winds were strong but surprisingly not very cold. The clouds were supposed to bring a dip in the temperature but other than split the sun’s rays in various shades of grey, they did little else. The salt in the air made her feel fresh. It wasn’t every day that she managed to get away from the confines of the hospital and London and get away to the coast.

But she did. And it seemed to be an excellent decision, no matter the pressing reason behind it. Mild clouds, fresh air and green all around did wonders for her spirits.

She wondered why she hadn’t done this earlier.

But then she hadn’t felt such a mixture of emotions before. There had been anger, pain, frustration, sorrow…relief. The smorgasbord of feelings had made London seem claustrophobic. So she had left at first light, catching the first train out of town, not even sure of her destination.

She had always loved the sea, always loved the sound of waves as they crashed on the shore. There was something calming, something tremendously soothing about the repetitiveness of that action. Something that gave her a faint glimpse that things would be alright, that she would survive. She’d always had and she always would.

She was stronger than they gave her credit for.

She looked at the now tepid tea in her hand, placing the cup down and leaning on the table as she gave the scene in front her whole undivided attention. The season meant that there were hardly any crowds; she had the terrace to herself and no one to disturb her reverie.

After the last few days…especially that evening, all she wanted was to be left alone, to be undisturbed.

She’d jumped a little when the waiter interrupted her thoughts to ask her order.

“I am going for a walk, maybe I’ll have something a bit late,” she replied.

The walk by the cliffs felt exhilarating, her hair getting blown this way and that, the breeze almost uncomfortably strong at some spots. She persisted, walking till she couldn’t see her hotel. The steep drop to the beach below would’ve terrified her at other times, but all she could think right then was how high above the water she was, and how she intended to remain so.

She stopped at an area that had a sturdy railing, looking back at the path she had taken. It seemed tough, with dips and rises and gaps in the cliff face that looked frightening from where she stood. But it didn’t seem like that while she was walking.

She barked out a laugh. How appropriately similar to her own life.

She was shaking her head in proper mirth when something magical happened. The sun appeared from behind the cloud cover on its way down, casting a magical pink glow on the cliff face. The cliffs were glowing in their rosy golden glory and it was beautiful, so beautiful-

“Makes you want to cry, doesn’t it? It looks so glorious.”

She had no idea how long he had been there, but somehow she wasn’t surprised to see him. She turned to look back at the cliffs, and in good time ‘coz the sun disappeared behind clouds and then it was all normal, boring white cliff face.

Something otherwise majestic had now been reduced to ‘boring’, just because of a glorious moment. Not fair, she muttered.

But the air was still fresh, the breeze still warmish and she still felt fine. In fact, she felt wonderful.

They fell in step as they walked back to the hotel, not feeling the need to use words. The silence was companionable, almost soothing. The path now seemed a bit rough, Molly cursing herself for not realising that she had been walking downslope all this while.

She came at a particular spot that she had just jumped down from, the small climb now looking difficult in the fading light.

Sherlock got up halfway in just two steps, but instead of going ahead he turned around. And offered her his hand.

She looked at it for a moment, suddenly feeling breathless, not able to take her eyes off it. Until he gestured with his fingers for her to come closer and take his hand, which she did. He pulled her up as he made the small climb, easily hauling her up over the edge.

She smiled in relief when she finally made it to the top, she’d never been very agile that way.. Her smile faded as she looked up at his grave face, realising then that he still held her hand. He simply stared back at her.

She waited. He was the first to break their gaze, lowering his eyes to their joint hands. He then slightly tightened his grip and looked up, slowly smiling.

It was the most intimate expression she’d ever seen on him. The smile conveyed a lifetime of apology, a lifetime of gratitude…and a lifetime of promise. So much promise.

It wasn’t the smoothest of paths in the fading light but she made it back with ease. He never did leave her hand during that time.


Always knew you. Saw you
First time in the coffee shop.
Your flower-dibbled shirt. I
Knew that I had always known
You. Like the mellow lemon
And milk. Smile, you ease.
Always you. Day mild. Cloud
By sun and sigh and sleep
Beside you. Always home. 
I was always at home with you.

anonymous asked:

Can I get an imagine where George and I get married and then they retire to thier suite/room to "celebrate"? If you write smut, if not super fluffy is awesome too (: the name is Emma.

I finally managed to complete one! So sorry it took so incredibly long, and I hope it was somehow worth the wait – got a bit short towards the end, hope I didn’t leave out too much.. but anyway, I’d be more than glad if you enjoyed it! (And I didn’t include the name since I want it to be relatable to  all readers, so I hope that’s not a problem, soooz x) Thanks for reading x


George closed the door behind him, his bowtie opened around his neck, and sighed out. His look reminded you of former times; with rather tousled, ginger hair, the shirt, the slightly reddish cheeks. For a moment, you found yourself thinking about how you two had come this far, and how astonishing it was to actually call him your husband. After all, it was merely some sort of sealing, but your wedding had brought you a lot of joy: George and you had decided to hold the ceremony at the Burrow – especially to Molly’s delight. Yet, it hadn’t been quite as fancy as Bill’s a couple of years ago. The main aim had been to have an atmosphere everyone would consider pleasant. Of course George had organized fireworks and entertainment for all; it would have been a shame if he hadn’t. Still, thinking back at it felt surreal as you sat on the edge of your bed with a slight tingle running through your body, now, a few hours later. It was a feeling you wanted to keep. Looking at George, you believed to have found out how. The night was silent and mild, with small, milky clouds tracing the sky, and your newly wedded husband stared at them when your glimpse caught his figure, causing you to smile. “Pretty overwhelming, isn’t it?” you grinned, getting up quite teasingly, when suddenly stopping and leaning on to the wall. “Yes” he replied, “I’m starting to think I made a mistake giving that vow.” – “Oh, just shut it.” you countered, whereupon he finally walked towards you and pulled you into a deep hug, his lips quickly pecking your temple. He was the center of your thoughts. “Mind showing me your gown once again? I feel like I’ve neglected you a bit these past few hours with all the relatives coming up to me. It’s a one and only thing, after all. Couldn’t think of anyone who’d want to miss out on that beautiful sight.” – “You’re very cocky nowadays, George.” you smiled while distancing yourself from him so he could take a look at your dress once more. “Cocky? I’m your husband” he countered, “That’s what you’ve chosen to put up with.” His glimpse was on your figure as you turned around quickly, whereupon you grabbed his hands and proceeded to push him backwards. “I only made a statement, Georgie. Doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t like you being a bit cocky. You’ve always been.” – He smirked – “And although it does make you a bit of a prick sometimes, I wouldn’t want to change it” you joked. George placed his hands on your waist, eagerly pulling you closer and bringing his face close to yours. “So you secretly hate but can’t resist marrying me because I’m too suave?” – “Never would I be that weak!” you chuckled before finally putting your lips on his, your hands sliding to his jaw, whereas his grip around you tightened. He let out a soft sigh against your lips since your kiss was gradually becoming more heated. Sometimes, you let go of him just so to see him leaning forward and devotedly craving your affection once more.

His hands were everywhere; on your nape, your arms, your waist, your back, softly stroking and tracing your skin, leaving soft tingles everywhere. George responded by  pushing you backwards, his lips continuously searching for yours, before finally making you lay down on your bed and wait for him to join you – it all went fast, perhaps due to your sheer excitement and arousal. George elegantly got onto the sheets to face you from above. “We need to get that dress off of you.” he mumbled, putting soft pecks on your face, “As beautiful as it looks, it’s kind of getting in the way.” He was right, not just in an allusive way, but also because the dress was actually keeping him from properly approaching you; besides, it felt rather uncomfortable anyway. “I must admit you’re right…” you smirked after he put a soft kiss on your lips, and while they met over and over again, he brought his hands to your shoulders before slightly pushing you upwards so you would lift your upper body. You obeyed, enjoying his gentle touch as he sought for the zipper, and couldn’t help but sigh out when he finally opened it. George smiled teasingly before starting to pull down your dress, whereas you were confident as ever about revealing your body, and gave him a proud, cheeky look as he admired it. “Jeez, you’re looking mighty fine, (Y/N)” he breathed, his hands sliding to your thighs. You, on the contrary, gave him another cheeky smile because you knew. After putting another kiss on your lips, he started covering your neck in pecks, soon tracing them down to your chest and stomach as if trying to cover every inch with his touch. A soft moan escaped your mouth when he teasingly ran his fingers up your thighs once more, panting, and smirked at you. “We need to get that suit off of you now, Georgie” you mumbled. Your husband responded by pausing for a moment, a rather pleased look on his face, and slowly straightened up to take your hands and pull you towards him. “It would be unfair if you remained like this the entire time, don’t you think?” you said. He gave a satisfied, deep sigh, and seemed rather fascinated when you started kissing his neck while sliding your hands over his waist and strong back before you brought them to his collar, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

Your clothes had been piled up on the floor by now, whereas George was closer than ever, devotedly kissing your neck and sucking it slightly from time to time. Both of you panted and laughed, not once thinking about who might hear you – it was all too good to be true sometimes. George grabbed a pillow to place it behind you after pulling you upwards; you now had a comfortable rest that would allow you to sit up straighter, whereas George found his benefits in terms of finally taking things a step further. He breathed heavily, bringing his fingers to your most sensitive spot and stimulated you before he finally slipped in, a deep groan escaping his mouth. You joined him immediately; it felt more fulfilling than ever to have him inside you, and when he started moving, you started letting out quick, high moans. While George slid his hands over your legs to the back of your knees, you ran your fingers through his hair, stopping right underneath his ear and the hole that marked the place where his other one had once been, massaging him slightly. A smile traced both of your lips between all the passionate moans – without having exchanged one word, you knew exactly what was on his mind. It was not too different from all the other times you had been intimate with each other, and yet there was something so extraordinary about feeling George closely to you tonight. You slid your hands over his bare chest once more, several moans escaping your mouth when he started to speed up, soon finding a rhythm that made both of you become louder and louder. “Georgie” you smiled blissfully at him, whereas his cheeks reddened from all the movement. He probably took it as a stimulation and started pounding even harder until you drilled your fingers into the pillow, almost screaming, and felt your body shaking as a wave of pleasure came over you. George groaned upon seeing you reaching climax and stopped for a moment, whereupon you put your hands around his neck in search of support. He smashed his lips onto yours, still panting, and slid his hands over your waist. “Are you okay?” he mumbled, “I see it was quite a strong one” – “Oh, what do you know, George” you sighed, still slightly paralyzed from the pleasure he had just caused. Your husband chuckled in return. “Are you challenging me?” – You raised your eyebrow with a smirk, whereas a moment later, George had once again put his lips onto yours.

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Courage and Kindness: Part 2

PAIRING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: none! 

PART 2 yay!!! I’m so happy that so many of you are enjoying this very impromptu idea! I was so nervous posting Part 1, I have no idea why *shrugs* but any who, I’ve spent all day writing on this because my brain was very hyper active and I just couldn’t stop and I’m working tomorrow so I doubt I’ll be posting another part tomorrow SO TWO IN ONE DAY WILL HAVE TO COMPROMISE!!! 

Part 1   

Originally posted by place-of-torment

Time passed and pain turned to memory. In her heart, (Y/N) stayed the same. For she remembered her promise to her mother. Have courage, and be kind.

(Y/N) had grown into a beautiful woman, her radiances shone through not just in looks but in personality too. Her father loved her dearly as did the household staff; the death of her mother at such a young age made other wonder how it would effect the young girl. But you proved that light could prevail even in the darkest days. Natasha and Clint grew up by your side as well, Clint proved to be an exceptional hunter. Expertly skilled with a bow Clint had made a name for himself in the village as one of the best hunters the Kingdom had scene, although you didn’t approve much of the hunting of animals.

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the space between us (chapter 10)

chapter title: stars aligned together
words: 3.5k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

a/n: In which every side of the love square gets a moment under the stars.

AO3 | FF

Giuseppe stares with dismay as he actually hears Adrien utter the words “Ladybug, my hero!” as she grins at him with a ten thousand watt smile. The boy looks like a smitten kitten instead of the dashing (single) young man he’s supposed to be as the face of the Agreste brand, and Gabriel Agreste will kill him if he doesn’t figure out some sort of way to get the boy to give off that vibe again.

Perhaps asking Ladybug to participate in the photoshoot was a mistake. Giuseppe hadn’t realized how deep Adrien’s passion for the spotted heroine ran, and now he’s worried that he’s wrecked his own photoshoot.

Until it occurs to him that perhaps he can channel this passion into something more constructive. 

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Listen to Your Inner Child


A light breeze carried through tall green trees that blanketed the planet’s surface. The day was mild, puffy white clouds scattered across a beautiful blue sky. John wished he had taken a ‘jumper with them. Not because they needed it, just because it was a beautiful day for flying. The MALP didn’t pick up any life forms so John decided to let his company wander as they pleased. The newest member, if she could be called that, took off in another direction. Kate had accompanied them on a few missions but she was stubborn and independent, and with all these trees around John had a guess she was finding a spot up high to scope out the surrounding area. She had a com, if he needed her she wouldn’t be too far off.

Rodney had already started on his usual abnormal energy readings that happened on every other planet they visited. Oddly enough the scientist nodded toward the direction Kate went. John just nodded along as McKay prattled, casting glances here and there to Ronan. He was practically sighing with boredom and kicking himself mentally for not bringing the ‘jumper.

“Just figure out where the energy is coming from so we can tell if it’s useful or dangerous to us will ya?” he ordered McKay exasperatedly. John turned, pulling the aviator sunglasses over his eyes. He adjusted his Kevlar vest so his main weapon hung securely to his chest without him being forced to hold it. 

A sudden shout caught his attention breaking the serenity of the planet. John snapped to attention, the gun at his shoulder as he looked at the direction of the sound. Kate. His brain immediately concluded the sound was coming from her. “Bishop.” he called through the radio. Silence. “Bishop!” he shouted running in the direction he watched her go.

Let It Snow

For @gay-tea and the Critical Role Secret Santa!

I wrote something for your love of Percy and Vex and included Gilmore and the Celestial boys during the Winter’s Crest Festival. I hope you like it! 

For a place as cold as Whitestone during the winter, the Winter’s Crest Festival was depressingly lacking in snow. The weather was frigid, forcing most everyone who wished to celebrate back inside with only bright red faces for their trouble. It was a shame and something that Vex intended to fix.

Outside, in the back courtyard of the castle, the half-elf ranger stood determined. With her were Hunin and Kyor, bundled up in cloaks, scarves and gloves to protect them against the biting wind. As she stood there, she absently tightened a scarf around Kyor’s neck.

“Are you warm enough, darlings? I know it’s cold, but I promise, Whitestone’s weather can be far more welcoming than this. Even in winter, as you’ll see in just a moment.”

“Through outside means and some wondrous magic provided by me.” Gilmore, in his plush purple winter robes, gave a rakish grin at the young boys and Vex. He pulled his cloak tighter around himself and looked up at the clear, unyielding sky as he prepared himself for the spell he was about to work. “Do not worry, boys, this place will be a winter wonderland in no time. Winter’s Crest’s weather is now sponsored by Gilmore’s Glorious Goods and I pride myself in customer satisfaction.”

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Fantastical Nonfiction
Mutant Clouds!

It’s the… Cloud! The name sounds more suited for a comic book character than the moniker for a $100 billion dollar computer services industry. But soon even the most mild-mannered clouds will be getting some uncanny powers. Researchers at IBM, AT&T and ACS have developed a prototype system creating elastic bandwidth between clouds, reducing cloud-to-cloud set-up times from days to seconds. So all kinds of clouds, with all kinds of data sets, can join forces in an instant to become exponentially more powerful. For more about these mighty shapeshifters, read on →