mild body horror

so since its canon that peridot can detach her limbs w/o them poofing into gem dust, does this mean that shes basically mr potato head

mr peridot head

?? i dont know i just wanted to be immature and draw this i apologize


For our first assignment in my Screen Design class, we had to make an animatic about a “lost dog.” So, naturally, I made this.

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adornedwithlyrium said:

What do you think of Samson and Calpernia from DA: Inquisition? Have you ever drawn either of them?

I think  Samson’s story is a pretty sad one really. If he had more screen time, I might’ve been more interested in his character. During the game play, I was quite curious about what his own justification in siding with Corypheus was, aside form his addiction.. since villains don’t turn villains just for the sake of being one. I don’t think I really got a satisfying answer for that.

As for Calpernia, I just didn’t see her enough to care = =;;
(Maybe because I sided with Mages for all my play through??)


Today’s Gender of the Day is: Every single time a character on Star Trek Voyager uses the phrase “Some kind of”

Axolotl - Chapter Six: Dv’oo Nvvg Ztzrm

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Well, I left you with quite a cliffhanger last time, didn’t I? Let’s fix that.

Thanks as always to the wonderful @scribefindegil​ for beta-ing, and for the header image!

Shouldn’t we be doing something for him?” Soos asked, hovering by the door.

Ford shook his head, glancing back into the darkened bedroom where Stan had been tucked in for the night.“There’s nothing we can do, besides keep an eye on him. And be there for him when he wakes up.”

Is he going to be okay?” Mabel asked. “Should we take him to a hospital or something?”

A hospital? What would we even tell them?” Dipper replied.

He doesn’t need a hospital.” Ford said. “Physiologically, what he just went through is very similar to a seizure. Not a nice experience—I had the displeasure of learning that firsthand for a few months thanks to Bill’s interrogation in the Fearamid. He’s going to be exhausted after that. What he needs now is rest.”

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