Get to Know Me Meme

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Name: Alice Grace 

Nicknames: I don’t really have one. Majin?

Birthday: March 28th 1995

Sign: Aries

Gender: Trans Female

Sexuality: Bisexual (70%girls 30%boys)

Favorite color: Blue, Purple and Black

Time right now: 06:51 and I am very tired. 

Average hours of sleep: I honestly don’t know

Lucky number: 5 or 8

Last thing I googled: Minion sex toy. Yes, I am ashamed. No, I don’t want a minion sex toy nor do I find them attractive. 

Words that come to my mind: I am so very tired. 

Number of blankets I sleep under: One.

Celebrity crushes: Hayley Atwell is a goddess. 

Favorite book: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The demon cycle and the newsflesh trilogy. 

Favorite band: Check my spotify or my Youtube playlists

Dream trip: Time travel

What I am wearing right now: Leggings and  a blue dress.

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Get to Know Me Meme

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Rules: Tag 10 followers you would like to get to know better. (oops not doing this sorry friends)

Name: Katherine Nastylicious Marie Allen

Nicknames: Kat, Kitty, Milayou, Tsintah (oops I totally stole this one), I have too many of these.

Birthday: August 12th, 1993

Sign:  Leo

Gender: Female (trans)

Sexuality: Who knows

Favorite color: Green, blue, black, brown

Time right now: 10:13 am

Average hours of sleep: 4-16???

Lucky number: the fuck is luck

Last thing I googled: Unstained Mark Log. I play too much FF14 right now.

Words that come to my mind: I am so very tired.

Number of blankets I sleep under: 2, 3 I guess? I gues it deepnds on how you count sheets?

Celebrity crushes: David Bowie (Does this one even need to be stated?), Shirley Manson,  Agnete Kjølsrud,  Estelle, probably hundreds more.

Favorite book: The Dream Merchant, A Wild Sheep Chase, A Primate’s Memoir.

Favorite band: That changes pretty much daily, but I’ve been listening to a lot of Ghost, Busdriver, Run the Jewels, They Might Be Giants, and a bit of Marina and the Diamonds, and Godspeed You Black Emperor.

Dream trip: Probably just visiting who I’m dating.

What I am wearing right now: Black PJ pants and a fairly oversized orange tshirt. I’m kinda boring.

My Favourite Game Of All Time

My Favourite Game Of All Time involves jumping into a drawer and meeting an elemental read about it here #FavouriteGame

Warning, This Post May Contain Spoilers! “Do you remember what mum and dad said? Stay up too late and you will be carried away by the monsters.” But of course Terry wanted to meet the monsters so the evil Warabou came and kidnapped his sister Milly (known as Milayou in this game) while she was sleeping. It’s a strange sensation to see a monster just pop out of your drawer, it certainly surprised…

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