milanoo review

So waaaayyy back in the Winter of 2010, I bought an Ouran High School Host Club outfit for my very first Supanova. Two of my friends both bought exactly the same outfits within the same week, so we could all go as a group.

The outfit arrived in time, and consisted of a white formal shirt, a blue school blazer, and a black and purple tie. The first few things I noticed was that the fabric of the shirt was horrid. Like, really awful plastic crap, that was even slightly sheer. The second thing I noticed was that as soon as I attempted to don said shirt, I immediately lost a button. And another. And another. After I had stopped shedding buttons and managed to put the damn thing on, I then realised that the sleeves were about 4 and a half ½ inches too short. Considering I’m 6"2’, this is quite a big deal. Not only that, but the tie that came in the package wasn’t a real tie, but was instead a fake zipper tie, also made out of horrible fabrics.

After comparing notes with my friends who had bought the same costumes, we noticed a few things -

  1. The fabrics for each costume were all different
  2. Two of the costumes had iron-on patches for the school logo, while one had a screenprinted logo
  3. Two of the costumes had zipper ties, while one had an actual tie tie.
  4. Every single shirt lost all of their buttons within one day of us receiving our packages

I wrote a review for the costume saying that the sleeves for the jacket and shirt were both way too short, and messaged them asking if I could get it remade, but heard no response. Eventually, my mother managed to find a very similar fabric and made sleeve extensions for the jacket, hiding the seams with gold braid, so it looked acceptable, if a little different.

Fast forward to today, almost exactly three years later, and I FINALLY get a response from them, basically telling me to lay out the jacket and measure all the parts that were the wrong sizes so that they can help me out with it.

While I do appreciate the fact that they’re finally getting around to sorting through complaints emails and responding to them, the moment has most definitely passed, and I certainly won’t be attempting to get a refund anymore.

And that’s my Milanoo experience!

I’ve kinda been neutral towards the “Doge” meme–there are worse ones, but there are more interesting ones, too. But I just realized one thing that can make me chuckle a bit about it: Lots of the more “positive” ones sound like a fake Milanoo review.