Nuovo video sul canale ( Guardatelo in HD :O ) Ho voluto ricreare un video fatto di clip e musica per ricordarmi, seppur in minima parte, di tutte le cose viste a questo Expo 2015 dedicato al cibo e alla vita.

Oltre tutte le polemiche su questo evento mondiale, a me, l’expo è piaciuto e vorrei, con questo video mostrarvi ciò che ho visto con i miei occhi!

Spero che questo video sia utile e che piaccia a qualcuno che magari avrebbe voluto tanto andarci e non ha potuto ( ancora )

Ricordate: Un like e un commento sono sempre ben accetti :) Baciii <3

Here’s a very random list of things to see and do in Milano

I’m an incurable romantic dreamer, so I start by advising you to take a walk in the Porta Venezia park with a good cup of take away tea/coffee in a hand and Billie Holiday songs in the iPod (do this in autumn and it will be impossible not to feel in love - even without knowing with who - and completely in harmony with the city which runs fast outside your bubble of colored leaves)
Spend a morning to visit the vintage markets of Navigli and let be enchanted by the courtyards of the old houses which are often home for artists studios and showrooms. This area is crowded by vintage shops but also by beautiful windows of antique shops and art studios. Always on the Ripa di Porta Ticinese there’s a wonderful store of old books; ok, it will not be the Shakespeare and Company of Paris, but if you too are those who like to smell the pages of old books, you will like to have a look at that place. Then, if you are hungry, you can have lunch at the small but cozy Bagel Factory store in XXIV Maggio Square). 

Some churches and cathedrals: Duomo (of course), Basilica di Sant’Ambrogio, Basilica San Lorenzo Maggiore (close to the Columns of San Lorenzo, the basilica is located in the center of Milan, in the gate area of Ticinese, and it is the oldest in the city), Church of Santa Maria in San Satiro, Sant'alessandro In Zebedia (located in the little lovely Sant'Alessandro square), San Carlo al Corso, Church of St Sepolcro, Santa Maria della Passione.

And now… shopping. For a very luxury shopping I’m forced to recommend to you the Milan’s fashion district called Quadrilatero della moda (composed of Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia), Corso Buenos Aires (1 km of shopping which has really everything), Via Torino (very close to Duomo, it’s the street of the “young shopping”) and Via Dante (between Piazza Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco, it’s a beautiful pedestrian street surrounded by shops and bars where you can enjoy aperitifs and lunch sitting outside. Don’t forget to visit the Giorgio Strehler Piccolo Teatro and the well-stocked international library American Bookstore, located at Largo Cairoli). 

If you love ART you have a huge choice: the Museo del Novecento in Piazza Duomo, the Palazzo Reale (find out about current exhibitions; last year I saw exhibitions of Klimt, Chagall, Van Gogh and Segantini. Not bad, right?), the Triennale (international exhibitions, art conferences and events, design, architecture, fashion, cinema and more else), the Gallery of Modern Art located in the Villa Reale in Via Palestro, the Pinacoteca di Brera (Brera is one of the most evocative districts of Milan: architecturally beautiful, charming and romantic, originally it was the neighborhood of artists, painters, students of the Academy of Brera and art dealers. Take a walk on the cobbled streets, have a look at the tea shop “Kusmi” and buy some of their very different and fragrant teas - you will leave that place inebriated! - and end your tour having a drink in one of the many bars and bistros that this magical district offers to you. Red wine or spritz, in both cases you will be in perfect harmony with the buzzing atmosphere of Brera!).

A really super and wonderful place which I love very very very much is “10 Corso Como”. For a tea time a dinner or a glass of white whine, 10 Corso Como multifunctional philosophy allows to present a unique blend of art, music, design, cuisine and culture from around the world to the world. I LOVE IT.

Just one last thing ‘cause I’m late (as usual!) and I have to go. If you like brunch here is some nice and good places:
California Bakery. Is a chain of restaurants inspired by the American culinary culture which has eight stores in Milan. My favorite store is in Sant'Eustorgio square.

Santeria. Very Berlin style, you can get there by bike and then enjoy the Sunday brunch which changes every week.

Le Biciclette. It offers a large buffet among art, designer furnishings and a radical-chic customers.

Les Pommes Bistrot. This lovely vintage-style bistro offers four menus: Scandinavian, American, Mediterranean and Homegrown (”nostrano”).

Triennale Design Café. A good exhibition and a tasty brunch, what else?

Fonderie Milanesi. An unexpected corner of the countryside in the city center, where the flavor of tradition of the old Milanese courtyards is breathing in a modern design (but not too much). The nineteenth century walls, with burns still lives on the walls, a recycled bar and a collection of vintage motorcycles are the theater of this beautiful place. 

There are many other things I would advise you but I’m really late. I will update the list as soon as possible. In any case, the only advice I can give you is to be good flâneurs and enjoy the city; improvisation and curiosity are always the best guide ;)


ps. I’m sorry for any grammatical errors, I’m studying to improve my English!