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Cool Restaurants: T’A MILANO – STORE & BISTROT

T’A Milano is the update to the historical Alemagne’s family business: now not only a bakery and chocolate shop but even a very chic bistro and cocktail bar. The real refined interior design is by Vincenzo De Cotiis who created a warm feel, contemporary and retro, at the same time. T’A Milano really celebrates Italian lifestyle: in addition to the sophisticated decor you can enjoy there Italian haute cusine; you can have very delicious breakfast or brunch with tasty dishes, such as Art Club Sandwich or Club Salad, “risotto al salto”, wild Canadian salmon or chianina hamburger; and the dinner that includes Italian traditional  and international exquisite dishes; or you can stop there for a drink and tea time.  

T’a Milano – Store & Bistrot
Via Clerici 1, 20121 Milan