milan harrell


Too funny. Like, I don’t even know…I can’t *crying and dying*


King Rayos|19|Freak|Alcohol Addict|FC:milan harrell

King is the middle child of his family, With one older sister and a younger sister. With his two sister getting most of his parents’ attention, he needed to find a way to catch their attention. He joined football, but his parents were too busy at his younger sister’s ballet performance. He joined basketball, but his parents were too busy at his older sister’s singing performance. Soon he gave up on trying to receive the equal amount of attention that he deserved. He started to party when he was 16, and that’s where his addiction fell into place. He partied every night, no longer caring about much.  But alcohol got the best of him and he would end up coming home drunk every night. Still he caught no attention from his parents. Finally on night he came home drunk from a party and only his sisters were home. He was instantly enraged and shot them both, killing his younger sister and severely hurting his older sister.He still then got no attention from his parents, but now, they don’t even want him as their son.

Connections: None

Secret: “I killed my younger sister and almost killed my older one..”

Why you’re here: “Whatever”.