milan contemporary art

Michelangelo Pistoletto
La ragazza che scappa (Girl running away), 1970
This work is part of the so-called mirroring paintings that have distinguished Pistoletto’s production since 1962. Mirrors reflect the image of figures looking in a direction that is opposite to the viewer. Their clothing and the moment they are captured in the mirror, sometimes ironic and indiscreet situations, make of Pistoletto’s figures a vital fragment of society.
Museo del Novecento, Milan


rice counting exercise - marina abramovic || pietro menditto
Participants will sit down at a table and count two different types of grain for six hours non-stop. The aim of performing this exercise is to develop endurance, concentration, perception, self-control and willpower. It will allow the public to stretch their physical and mental limits. Marina Abramovic Institute MAI, Milano Salone del Mobile 2014