milan catwalk

I fully understood what was expected of me: I had to be a young woman who was fresh-faced and pretty, never moody and with no needs or desires of my own except to conform to the desires of those who were selecting me. And, above all, never stressed-out. Designers had the monopoly on stress: they were the ones whose career was on the line at the next show, who were exposing themselves to rave reviews or devastating criticism and who were taking all the risks. All we had to do was be good ‘clothes hangers’ as Karl Lagerfeld put it.  Slim, efficient, a winning walk and a killer gaze. Next please!  I’d also understood that when you were a model, eating in public was simply not the done thing. You absolutely had to give the impression you weren’t interested in food, or indeed, anything at all except fashion.
—  Victoire Dauxerre, Size Zero: My Life as a Disappearing Model.

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