milamai  asked:

"Kind people are the best kind of people". Happy Birthday, beautiful! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Well then, my dear, you are definitely one of the best kind of people I’ve met here on Tumblr!! Thank you so much for my 3rd ask of the day (yahoo!!) and for your friendship!! *BIG HUGS* and much love to you!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Little visitors (Part 6)…

Farewell little visitors, until next year, when it’s my beautiful friend’s birthday, again!!! 😄 Happy birthday, dear Mila @milamai!! Enjoy these sexy trees as my little visitors depart on their migration!! 😘🌲😂 Thank you for sharing your beauty in music, photography and most of all, yourself. You are a shining light!! Wishing you much love and peace, today and always!! *BIG SEXY HUGS* ~Angie💖💖

Favorites List/ Follow Forever 2016

Original Photographers:

Hiiii! I’ve complied a list of some (okay maybe more than some) of my favorite photographers over the past year. A lot of the content I share comes from these lovely people so I’d appreciate if you took the time to check out at least a handful of them! Thank you guys for all of the kind messages, likes, and friendships over the past year, I hope to continue seeing all of your beautiful photos in the future <3

This is just a list of my favorite photographers and artists, if you’re looking for curators I made a separate list of blogs here!

@adam-hawaii • @adm-kng • @alifeadventuring • @alphaarts • @alxiuss • ampphoto@annkphotography@anthony-samaniego • @artsinmyheart • @ashleydiscovers • @atmobile@atroy9 • @autumncamera • @benjaminhardman@biancabaumann@bmuqa@bokehm0n@brianstowell • @bridieellenphotography@bryandaugherty@burnedintomyheart •  @capturedbysam • @catharticexperience@ccseyes@chapmanphotography@cinnamonthursdays@curt0s@czechthecount  

@dandonnarumma@danikioko@deeplovephotography • @dennybitte • @diegojpradof@dissonantdays • @dpcphotography@drrinkthewildair@dyrkwyst@el-mo-fo-to • @erubes1@forrestmankins@freddie-photography • @frostklamm@furstyphoto@glasshalfdelicious@greatwideworldphoto • @hannahkemp@happymelvin@herestonow • @hinterdemmond • @hjlphotos@iam-photography@in-apricity • @iniguezalex@jackaphotography@jdrephotography@jeremylfisher@john-noe@jscuttish@juliamstarr@justemoinue2@justinderosaphotography

@kallelundholm • @karl-shakur@kataklysmic@keiranlusk@khyghar • @kylebonallo • @leaberphotos@lensblr-network • @life-and-camera • @louiseowenphotography@louisetakesphotos • @love-abia • @lucatakesphotos@maianicole@marinanawe@matialonsorphoto • @mbphotograph • @meolog@merlinkafka@millivedder • @milamai • @mirandaruby@mistymorningphoto • @nf-photo@nicolas-gaillardgroleas@nikkohendi@normlos •  @novice-at-play@of-two-lands • @olli-dressler • @ollyjelley • @olympusatnoon • @palawanrepublik@paulzizkaphoto@pedromgabriel • @pela-schmidt • @peonagabriel • @photocosma 

@rhiannahoward • @rosemarydanielis@rosemarydanielis@rwsoden@saltywiings@sanwik • @seebest@sinosc • @snappedbyjc • @snorkeldink@stephiramona • @stereocolours@tannerseablom • @tannerwendell@teapalm • @thewhimsyturtle • @thliii • @thonu@tiinatormanenphotography • @tobyharrimanphotography • @tokarphoto@tumblekai@tvoom@uberragend@unceasingobservation@visionsandvistas • @vvnnie • @wafflesworld​  @wavelasso@williamflynnphoto@zackkcore 

Favorite Art Blogs:

@helennorcott@hennerzartwork • @jennifertaylorarts@star-plasma@stargateatl@sugarmint-dreams • @zandraart