Adrien plays Pokemon Go while patrolling as Chat Noir on his secret phone (his dad tracks his main phone, and the milage he gets would be a bad tip off). Somehow, despite his best efforts, he can never seem to hold the Gym located at the Ladybug and Chat Noir statue for long. It keeps getting taken back by the same player over and over again, a female avatar in all pink, with black hair and blue eyes, username “buginetteo0o”. Regardless, each patrol he stops for a few minutes to try his luck.

Despite all the running around for her blog, Alya can never seem to get ahead of Marinettes hefty pokemon collection, and how quickly she hatches eggs. She blames it on the Dupain-Cheng bakery being a pokestop and the Gym at the statue in the park next door.

Business from the youth has never been better at the bakery.

Another gym in the city is constantly owned by a player with a Butterfree, username “4KUM4T1Z3D”.


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Got my period.

For the 1st time in over 6.5years. At first I was disappointed. To my mind having my period=fat. Which is so fucked up. A period means I am healthy. However this means I am at a higher weight then I have been in a while..(not sure what it is because I haven’t weighed myself.). BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK HOW MUCH I WEIGH! I am having the best summer training of my life, running the most milage ever, my runs are faster, my workouts are great, I’m recovering faster. For once in my life I am respecting my body and I can see the improvements I am making.

After a day I got excited. Because it means I am finally taking care of my body. I called my doctor because she wanted me to go on birth control to try and regulate myself again and I refused. She was so happy with the news :) 

We talked for awhile and realized I got my period back for a few reasons:

-Ferritin and iron levels are finally up! 

-found out I have celiac disease(no more gluten) which was causing missed periods! CRAZY!

-I am eating enough for my body to function probably.

Accepting that I am finally healthy and actually at a healthy weight is hard. But my running has been the best it ever has been. So I can’t complain :)

Work in progress. Blehhhh.

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Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?
You know I love to go there!
Say I’m acting lightskin
I can’t take you no where!
This a place for families,
that drive camrys,
and go to disney!
They don’t need to know all of our business!
You wildin’,
you super childish,
you go to CVS for kotex,
in my bugatti!
I took the key and tried to hide it
so you can’t drive it
and put on milage!
Then you find it,

For 6 months this has been my background on one of my computer monitors at work. A constant reminder of my major fitness goal this year. Everyday I was reminded that time was ticking away. I was reminded that every decision I make today can affect tomorrow. This one screen helped keep me motivated. Kept me from doing things I would regret.
In 2 days I will toe the line of the longest race of my life. Not only in milage but in actual time of moving. I am beyond excited! I am ready. I have wanted this day to come and now that it’s here I’m nervous. I’m not nervous about what will happen or if I’ll finish. I have trained enough to know that I will finish. I have trained and planned for almost every circumstance. My nerves come from not knowing what happens the next day or the day after. I’m a planner. I live a structured life. It’s how things work easily for me. Training 6 days a week has been my routine, but come Monday, that won’t be there. I have no training planned, no schedule to follow. I’ve talked briefly about moving into half marathon training or even getting a full marathon under my belt before the end of the year, but no decisions have been made…yet.
So here I go. The thoughts of next week get pushed out of my mind and I focus on the biggest race of my life. 6+ hours of almost constant abuse on my body. 3 disciplines that I love and hate all at the same.

Egg incubators

As you level up you will be gifted disposable egg incubators. You always have one, but with additional you can take one step and hatch multiple eggs at once. To get the most milage out of your disposable incubators (the ones with limited use) but a 5km egg in. That way you can use the incubator for a full 15km before it breaks. An additional tip is to put 2km eggs in your infinite use incubator, that way you don’t clog your egg inventory with 2km eggs.

anonymous asked:

two years ago i met one of my best friends and because of her i realized im not straight and at one point after (i thought) i stopped liking her she asked who i liked and i said that i used to like her and we got in a fight because she thought it would change our friendship and said that if i was gonna tell her that it shouldve been while i liked her but months later it's not something we talk about and we're going to different schools next year and i love her sm and idk what to do helpp???

that sucks :(

if it were me I’d just lock that shit down and never say anything, but I am not the most emotionally available human so, like, milage may vary