AU Faberry: Quinn and Rachel are both successful solo artists. Their managers convince them to work on a song together and although both are hesitant in the beginning, they manage to get along. During the shooting of the music video however, sparks start to fly and the mutual attraction can’t be ignored.

All of my friends should confront the fact that I don’t want another girl… You know my heart’s too drunk to drive, but I’m on my way to you… 

My mom doesn't understand the term "demisexual" when I tried to explain it to her

So I tried it a different way.

Being demisexual, in my opinion, is like looking at a piece of artwork and initially not finding it all that special. Yes, the colours are pretty. Or the design is attractive, but it’s still just…another piece of art.

But then you find out more about that artwork. That colour represents this. Or it was inspired by this. The deeper meaning is about _____. And suddenly it becomes relevant to you. It becomes gorgeous. 

The artwork hasn’t changed at all but suddenly you love everything about it because you don’t just see the artwork anymore. You’re seeing the different facets that make that artwork what it is. You feel like you share something deeper because you feel as if you personally know the art. And in a way, you do.

That’s what being demisexual is like.


{ Power Portraits }

It’s almost three am and that is the only pun I can think of

Posterladies and gents who are kickass and awesome. With intervals of sad sandwiches and angst-ridden kickpunching. 

…which is my 3 am summary of Posterchildren. 

(will post close ups of these when I get some sleep)


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Important things to remember about Lapis Lazuli

1. She was trapped for millennia, but when she went home, she found a world she couldn’t understand. She was once again captured and held prisoner by her own kind, without any concern for needs or well-being. Then, while fused with her captor, she took the fusion over and dragged them both into the ocean, possibly to their deaths.

2. She is an important and tragic figure in the Steven Universe, uh… universe.

3. She got a lot of milage out of one fart joke.

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Yemir: "Good golly miss molly, I thought I smelled something bad, but now I know why!" The Gallade grunted as she stared down at the altered form of Freddy. She wasn't sure what was worse, the overpowering stench that wrecked havoc with her nostrils or the constant anxiety that came with being inside a city. A quick zap from Eudai's Charge Beam made her wince a bit, staring back at her smaller brother with a defensive look. "What? It's not my fault cities make me all antsy!"

Freddy stared at the giant- what the fuck was that? Was that even a person? Should it count as a person? The people around the street stared at the giant monster in confusion. Was it going to attack that aromatisse? Was it evil? Should they call the police. All of these thought went through the civilian’s and Freddy’s mind. Until…

“H-hey! I don’t smell! Maybe it’s you that smell, considering you look like you sat live out of barn. So don’t you even tell me of that I smell shit!” Freddy yelled at the giant. To the crowd watching this was the oddest thing. An aromatisse in a weird yellow jacket was yelling a giant shark man that has a floating napkin next to it. “I’ll have you know I have a meticulous shower schedule, which I can clearly see you lack!”

Suddenly in a poof of smoke Freddy turned back into his toxicroak form. To all of the civilians that had gathered, they were now even more confused. Was this some sort of avante-garde street performance with a aromatisse turning into a toxicroak in a dumb yellow jacket, while a giant man and a floating dress watched? “Not only that I have a great tendency to care for my clothes, which judging by that rag you have on your shoulder, you don’t even bother! Hell you probably just use that to wipe your ass and as a napkin! So don’t tell me! I! Smell! Bad! Got it?!”

Havona had arrived on the scene and could only watch in confusion and awe. No one would believe her that Freddy Pancotta was yelling at a monster.

Then it donned on Freddy. “Oh shit. I just yelled at a giant in the middle of a city. Uh…yeah…don’t call me smelly.” With that he walked as fast as he could away from the giant occasionally seeing if the giant was chasing him.

(Aromatisse Freddy 4/4)

Animal Ethics

I can’t rescue birds then turn around and eat/permit harm to them… or any other animal for that matter. As an animal lover, that would make me a hypocrite and make all my blood, sweat, and tears… time… gas milage… be for nothing.

“This parrot was living in filth, but I found him a good home…” *HAPPY*
“This chicken was living in filth, and I paid someone to slice her throat, for me to eat…” *HAPPY?*
That’s counter intuitive. Why is the life of a parrot any more significant than that of a chicken?

People turn around and say I’m infringing on their “choices.” If what I say didn’t matter, if it was wrong, then how can I be infringing on your choices?
I offer documentation. They call FACTS propaganda… 

Honestly, what choice does the animal being consumed have? Didn’t their life matter? 
I feel all life matters. Dogs, cats, pigs, horses… I don’t NEED to kill to live a healthy life. I don’t need to pay someone to kill to live a healthy life.

I’m not asking you to listen to just me. I’m encouraging you to do your own research and draw your own conclusion.

Every time you choose a plant-based meal option - you save a life.
It’s a process. It’s a process fueled by love and compassion… not my ego.

I devote my life to save every animal possible… This is my purpose in life, I don’t mean to offend, I mean to inspire.

so which one’s the princess and which one’s the failed knight who joined a pseudofascist state-sanctioned military unit in order to become her bodyguard

god i could get so much milage out of this, i have to be stopped


eprepe na se akousw otan mou milages kai na eixame mazi fygei ,αντ’αυτου εγω στην κοσμάρα μου κυνηγαγα καποια ανουσια υλη και ξυπνησα αργα οταν πια ειχε κλεισει της καρδιας σου η πυλη και τωρα δες μας δε μπορουμε καν να μαστε δυο γνωστοι δυο φιλοι…

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Killing Quicksilver (in AoU) is akin to killing Sebastian Shaw (Xmen): it's fukkin stooppid & ruins some great story lines. I mean why bring him in and then off him when you have tons of milage to get out of him? Unless he's a clone, I think the rumor is all bunk... 

yeah i see it as pointless as well

same with killing vision

really i think it comes down to hulk, thor and hawkeye.

but i will find out in a month


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Okay I am so glad I'm not the only one who finds the two-servings ramen thing bizarre! I was like... do I just eat a lot? Am I somehow preparing these wrong to not yield enough solid food mass??

yeah tbh the ramen thing is 100% because of all the sodium, anyway the way i make instant ramen is i strain it and add a little butter and then half the flavor packet, so HA HA HA i get all the ramen and half the sodium anyway, fuck u ramen packet, but this is the way i’ve been doing it since my mom made em for me as a little kid so your milage may vary. let’s be real tho: a single ramen bag isn’t a whole meal anyway, u are still gonna be hungry!