favorite story: apparently, while filming “black swan,” the director would try to pit mila kunis and natalie portman against each other, telling them that the other woman was doing a better job, in hopes of making their characters’ rivalry seem more authentic. but it completely backfired, since instead of getting angry or competitive, natalie and mila would just congratulate each other on doing such good work.

Everyone is discussing the age difference between Peyton Kennedy and Sydney Sweeney from Everything Sucks! And people are saying that it’s disgusting. Although I do believe that it was wrong to have a 14 year old kiss a 20 year old, I also know that probably none of you reacted this way when you realized that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher were around those ages when they had their first kiss. You probably even think that they’re the cutest couple despite it. So let me just say that they are doing a job. It never went further than a single kiss. Anyways, other than that little problem with the show, it is really good. Please watch it. Do not make it to where they cancel the second season because you refuse to watch it but you will definitely watch That 70’s show. The actors are really good and they did a great job. Don’t let their hard work go unnoticed.