I have been watching Deneuve watch fashion shows for years, and I have come to this conclusion: nobody, nobody, does Classy Boredom like Deneuve. Being too cool for school is a tricky look to pull off post the teenage years, but while Deneuve sits through Paris fashion week’s finest shows with perfect hair and impeccable posture, she gives off the vibe of a fifth-former in double maths who can’t wait to nip outside to smoke fags and bitch about someone. Legend.

Jess Cartner-Morley (The Guardian)

When People Say Movie Audiences Are Not Accepting of a Female Action Hero:

$102,515,793 & an Oscar Nomination with a possible sequel in the works.

$118,311,368 (making back its budget).

$136,307,228 with 2 movies/a $30 million budget.

$163,789,606 with 2 more movies coming out.

$196,828,266 with 2 movies.

$222,412,919 with 4 movies/a 5th in development.

$244,523,928 with 5 movies.

$269,361,252 with 4 movies/a 5th in development.

And of course…

$1,169,814,624 with one more coming out.

The Hunger Games was the #3 movie of 2012 after Avengers & Dark Knight Rises

Catching Fire was the #1 movie of 2013. 

Mockingjay - Part 1 was the #2 movie of 2014 after American Sniper.

I’m really surprised that we don’t have more female-driven films, not just action films. Pitch Perfect 2 just made a ton of money and Tomorrowland - starring Britt Robertson in the lead - just won Memorial Day weekend. So can we get more movies like this out there?

A warm welcome.

the time for Papa III to hang up his robes and pass the torch is coming nearer. so he decides to show the fourth Papal leader his future home!

Papa III showing Papa IV the Ghost manor:

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leading him to the main room:

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introducing him to the Ghouls:

to Omega:

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to Alpha:

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to Earth:

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to Air and Water:

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telling IV that he must satisfy the Ghouls “needs” every once in a while:

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Papa III showing IV his office:

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sneakily showing him how to get into the weed/Zardoz drawer:

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showing IV the cats:

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showing him how to get into the recording studio: 

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explaining to him how shows/tours usually go:

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finally, III asks what IV thinks of it all, and if he can handle it:

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the Ghouls chime in with curiosity:

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Papa IV: