mila & bruce

A warm welcome.

the time for Papa III to hang up his robes and pass the torch is coming nearer. so he decides to show the fourth Papal leader his future home!

Papa III showing Papa IV the Ghost manor:

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leading him to the main room:

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introducing him to the Ghouls:

to Omega:

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to Alpha:

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to Earth:

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to Air and Water:

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telling IV that he must satisfy the Ghouls “needs” every once in a while:

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Papa III showing IV his office:

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sneakily showing him how to get into the weed/Zardoz drawer:

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showing IV the cats:

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showing him how to get into the recording studio: 

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explaining to him how shows/tours usually go:

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finally, III asks what IV thinks of it all, and if he can handle it:

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the Ghouls chime in with curiosity:

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Papa IV:

anonymous asked:

I'm thinking of seeing Jupiter Ascending. I heard people saying it was awful but you seem to love it. How would you describe it?

It’s like the Fifth Element (with Mila Kunis being Bruce Willis) meets Star Wars meets Cinderella. Yes, the movie could be described as “awful” but I can guarantee you all that awfulness was intentional. The movie takes itself as seriously as Rocky Horror Picture Show.

For example,

Sean Bean’s character is spliced with bee DNA and his name is Stinger Apini. In case you didn’t know Apini is the biological tribe that honey bees belong to and a stinger is (obviously) something a bee has. His name is literally Bee McBee.

Channing Tatum’s character is spliced with wolf DNA and his name is Caine Wise. Caine being a play off the word canine.

Mila Kunis’s character’s name is Jupiter Jones. I don’t think I even need to explain why that one’s hilarious.

The movie is a space opera in every sense of the word. You’ve got space romance, space royalty, space capitalism, a forced space wedding, and a guy with a huge Oedipus complex. Caine owns a pair of gravity boots and spends the first half of the movie SPACE ROLLERBLADING WITHOUT A SHIRT ON. For no apparent reason. Why didn’t he put a shirt on???? Nobody knows. And he has these dog habits, like he paces a lot and growls and sniffs things and asks Jupiter permission before he shoots someone. And Jupiter Jones is SO THIRSTY FOR CAINE. She wastes no time trying to hit that, but who can blame her? He spent 40 minutes chilling without a shirt on and wears eyeliner. 10/10 in my book

It’s a stupid but ultimately charming movie, and it made me smile so much. People who came out of the movie saying it was dumb and bashing it took it more seriously then they were meant too. People don’t watch Rocky Horror Picture show expecting the same things that they would from the Hunger Games, you know? This movie is ultimately meant to be FUN and it achieves that so well. This is an amazing movie to just escape in. Watch it when you’re sad, watch it when you’re anxious, watch it when you want to smile. I want five million.