I had such a nice evening hanging out, talking about food and Chicago foodie spots, and taking cute-sie photos with @bebbrell
There are two things in life that I am passionate about and get excited about— food and music. I mean, I can talk about food for forever! Food (and music) is a universal language that unites people, cultures, creative minds. Sorted not only entertains with their silliness, but shares and explore different cultures/“food cultures” that brings people together and inspire others who love to eat and/or make food.
Ben, Barry, Jaime, and Mike had given me more inspiration to fuel my creativity and reasons to love making food (and music. ‘Cause, I mean, Mike is all sorts of music-y talent and whatnot). I really wish I remembered to bring my autograph/letter pad. I would’ve loved to have another entry added! I hope to see the whole @sortedfood gang in Chicago soon! >Millennium Park, Chicago, IL

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My Answers: 1) What super power would you want to have and why? super speed because im always late 2) Do you have any hobbies that not many people know about?  I play the drums 3) Favourite fandom(s)? doctor who and the pun fandom 4) What song is stuck in your head at the moment? underdog by imagine dragons 5) What was the last thing you did today? study for bio lol 6) If you could do anything in the world but only have a limited amount of time to do it, what would you do? watch matt in american psycho and meet him and tell him hes he best  7) Who is/are your favourite Youtuber(s)? vlogbrothers, paint, COMMUNITY CHANNEL YES 8) What is your goal for the new year? stop procrastinating, ive already broken it oops 9) If you were stuck on an island, which 5 celebrities(singers, actors, musicians, comedians, youtubers, etc.) or tumblr users would you want to be with? matt smith, david tennant, patrick stump, hugh jackman, and tom hanks. assuming at least one of them have a boat 10) Let’s say that no source of food can be found on the island and you all go crazy and are forced into cannibalism. Of the 6 of you, who would probably be eaten first? either patricks stump or hugh jackman because they would probably offer themselves for the good of the group stupid dorks 11) Favourite snack? pizza for sure My Questions:

1. Who’s your favorite actor?

2. What’s your favorite food?

3. Favorite movie from 2013?

4. Best fandom?

5. Favorite Doctor?

6. Favorite TV show?

7. If you had a million dollars what would you spend it on?

8. Favorite Avenger?

9. Favorite time of day?

10. Best TV show of 2013?

11. Favorite Star Wars character?

sorry i did another one i got tagged twice but same if you want to answer these consider yourself tagged

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Rule One: always post the rules
 Rule Two: answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones 
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1) Favourite Colour

Blue at the moment :3

2) What would be your spirit animal?

Horse or cat

3) Favourite fandom?


4) What is your earliest memory?

Knocking all four of my front teeth out with a swing. (I was two)

5) What is your proudest moment?

When I was doing Science Olympiad in middle school and I got a blue ribbon for one of the tests.

6) What is your favourite film?

That’s like asking me which breath was my favorite. 

7) Your favourite Youtuber?

Charlie McDonnell or Tryoe Sivan

8) Your Zodiac sign?


9) Name 3 of your major habits;

Biting my nails, cracking my knuckles, and constantly messing with my hair when it’s down. 

10) How do you feel right now?

Pretty great actually

11) What is your lucky number?


My Questions:

1) Do you play any sports?

2) What’s your favorite pastime?

3) Put your music on shuffle. Whats the first song that plays?

4) What house do you think you’d be sorted into if you were in Hogwarts?

5) What’s your favorite time of the year and why?

6) Do you like to be photographed or the photographer?

7) If you had to listen to one song on replay for the next 24 hours, what would it be?

8) What’s your dream job?

9) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other?

10) Who was your last text to and what did it say?

11) What is one quote/poem/song/song lyric that you relate to right now?

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After leaving one party to help a friend get home, I found myself at another. Buzzed with nostalgic feelings, I spent most of the night drinking out on the ledge of some dude’s condo, watching the cars drive in the rain as the sun started to peek out. I sat there watching, drinking, thinking about my life and my experiences both good and bad this school year.

This guy sat next to me, quiet at first. It was really weird, but I ended up having this really deep and emotional conversation with him. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to open up to someone like that and I just broke down. I wish I knew his name or even got his number. I just vaguely remember him carrying me to one of the beds and tucking me in… And then me feeling beyond hungover when I woke up.

I had come to a conclusion at the beginning of the year after a couple of “big” parties:

1. I’m really out of my comfort zone and tend to shell away and hang out in the back.

2. I’m even more awkward if I’m sober.

3. I get drunk as hell if I’m alone and drinks just float around to people

4. Crowds tend to bring out my social anxiety and I either need to get out or end up sulking to the side

5. I become a one-on-one person where I become more social talking to one person the majority of the night and people approach me to converse

6. I need to get out and break my barrier more

7. I’m more comfortable in an intimate party scene with minimal people and more activity

8. I’m just really freaking awkward.

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