Makati Staycation

I consider our “Blogkada” really really busy as individuals, we have so much work to do for school,training and blog duties. We always plan to go out of town and even out of the country but it never seem to happen since we have too little time to be available for each other. Maybe the only time we are free are the weekends, good thing we decided to do a staycation in the newly opened Holiday Inn suites in makati! It’s a really good hotel to go to since Makati is known as the business district of manila and our chosen hotel in Makati is really affordable and it’s close to every mall and shops we want to go to.

Just imagine how much time and money we can save just by having a little vacation 30 mins. away from our home. Trust me guys experiencing staycations like this one if you have a busy schedule is a really good idea! You don’t need to go far  to go on a vacation diba? diba? We were really away from reality after seeing this bed and we just don’t want to leave the place!

We were welcomed by these apples (alam ata nila na “pa-healthy” kami ngayon) and a letter from the hotel manager. The people there are really hospitable,accommodating and kind. We feel like we’re still at home. 

Meet the staycation “Blogkada”! David, Dani,me and kyle

We are such crazy people we literally stayed in our room the whole night! We really justified the term “staycation” hahaha! Okay guys! be ready because you’ll see more crazy photos of us looking like we were trashing the room but we were just having a clean fun while watching horror videos over drinks and fries and jumping on our beds like there’s no tomorrow! hahaha!

We also had an impromptu “photoshoot” hahaha! I think this part of our sabawness as a “blogkada”. Here’s David’s “I’m so hot I even eat apple looking hot” photo. 

Dani’s “kissy-kissy I love happy peanuts so much, I’ll love you forever if you give me a whole pack” photo. 

and Kyle’s “don’t talk to me I’m busy watching/searching for ghost caught on tape videos on youtube” photo. 

and Boom! Dani decided to make love with the curtains. lol. jk. shoot shoot pag may time and peg!

after a while we then decided to open this bottle and….these happened (photos below)

Mr. Pogi and Superman bed jump shots….

Human surfing and squishing game….

and be your crazy self while eating a bunch of fries contest…hahaha!

Then we got tired while Dani still had the energy to pose like this…What can I say, she’s a ball of energy. hahaha! After al the craziness we had the chance to catch up with each other as in todo bonding to the max lang that night!

After that night we were so tired we went to sleep early because we don’t want to miss our buffet breakfast! 

Woke up the next day with a gloomy weather so a cup of coffee before heading to our breakfast buffet is a perfect combination. 

Yes…we were hungry like that. hahaha! and you guys know that I’m a sucker for waffles and pancakes and bacon and more coffee. hahaha! I really love buffet breakfast and ito talaga yung highlight ng staycation ko…joke! hahaha! 

Tried to be healthy in the morning but I just can’t resist to sweets! Ya’ll should try the mini doughnuts! They’re so good! I swear! haha! Anyway, after breakfast we went to the gym and had a 2-hour workout, we were suppose to swim but it was raining hard so we just decided to go back in our rooms and kill time,relax and enjoy the TV(mababaw kami like that! hahaha!) before checking out.

I really love being with these awesome people! I can be stupid around them and just be me without them judging me(naks…sent senti pag may time). Pure ultimate bonding experience! I’m so glad our “Blogkada” did this even just for a weekend. Can’t wait to have another crazy staycation with these people and I’m also hoping that our other kablogkada will also be with us the next time we do this para happy happy and enjoy diba? haha! The more the merrier! yahooo!!!! Thinking if we should book at Fairmont or Intercon hotel for our next staycation? any suggestions?  Anyway, Thank you so much Holiday inn suites Makati for accommodating us and making us feel that we’re at home!!!!! 


Rhthymic Rebound

If you haven’ seen the editorial me, Mikyle and Gerd did for MadHuoseMNL, here it is! we had a british-one direction-boy band-ish vibe for the shoot and it was so much fun! thank you to the crew for taking care of us and giving us unlimited bonchon that day and for doing a really awesome set for the shoot! anyway here are the photos from the shoot! enjooooy!!!!! oh wait! of course visit www.madhousmnl.com thank you so much Raj Bay for this opportunity! :D

Photography. Few weeks ago, I was able to take photos again! Yihee! Happy kid here not only because I was a photographer for a day again but also I was able to spend time with some of the coolest friends ever! Never have I experienced a dull moment with them! I am beyond happy to see them, to be with them!

I don’t think I still have to explain how we had fun ‘coz the photos speak for itself! :) 

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