I knew I’d never be able to draw a decent picture I was satisfied with more Miku’s 10th Anniversary, so I ended up doing something way more personal. That way I didn’t have to worry so much about how the art looks, but also because it’s hard for me to articulate exactly how much she means to me and this was an attempt at it.

This got pared down a lot from the original draft because there were sooo many other ‘I remember when’s - 10 years is a pretty long time after all.

I was still hesitant about doing it at all because I don’t really like drawing myself or depicting things related to my mental health, but it’s kind of important. I redrew that one page a few times because it did make me pretty uncomfortable and I couldn’t really figure out how to stop it from completely ruining the tone of the comic, so it got left kind of vague in the end.

To all the artists, musicians, animators and producers who bring her to life, I am eternally grateful. It’s an honour to have seen every one of her 10 years from the beginning.