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I am incredibly late to this redraw the squad meme, but I have been finally catching up on Voltron and it made me want to do this for a good laugh.(Also pretty good expression challenge too)

I haven’t done a redraw for anything in so long. Last one I did was for Haikyuu lol  

mahi-mahixsakkun  asked:

Hi CA3!! Umm...I was wondering if you could do a comic for you're Human au for Christmas? And everyone will be there including Sakuya of course, but when all the kiddos and Kuro's siblings arent looking, Sakuya and Kuro have a battle on 'Who can get Mahiru under the mistletoe with that person wins' but all three of them end up accidentally tripping and they all fall under the mistletoe and Mahiru gives them both a kiss on the cheek! Hehe! Sorry 😶 I am a kawaii piece of Servamp love... THANKS!

I am glad you sent this a month in advance but lmao I still finished this like 5 days late. :,D I got too busy to actually work on this… (and I was too far in to just quit on it so here it is anyways) 

Also since I am trying to keep age au more on the lighthearted side with the shippy stuff, there’s no “battle” here exactly….. But I hope it’s still a funny ending. x) There a lot of silliness in this one. I had to cut out a lot of stuff unfortunately and ended up rushing a lot I am kinda sad about it. but this ended up being longggggg still. Oops….  

but here’s a SUPER LATE age au comic everyone. Enjoy! <3

The rest of the comic is under the “keep reading”!~

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