Since the Dallas Miku Expo didn’t get a poster, I made this unofficial one. The size is 11 x 17″ and is printed on high quality paper. If you’d like to order one from me, you can PayPal me $25.00 (which includes a study shipping tube and postage). Please share with other Texas fans. Thank you.

The new Official Snow Miku design was decided today!!!

I watched the Nico live broadcast and casted my vote the number 4 design [Strawberry Daifuku White Kimono Miku] which I’m really happy won as it is awesome!

“She has a strawberry leaf on her head with a snowflake lacing around her head. She is wearing a white kimono with silver snowflake patterns on it.”

The whole style and Miku Hatsune with a kimono is always cute!! I think the design is based on the traditional Shinto bridal kimono Info which I’ve always liked with a “Tsunokakushi” (Horn cover) headdress. Definitely going to try get her when she’s released >.<

You can check out the other designs Mikatan blog and here

MMD Appreciation

hiiiiii im backkkkkkk by jjyun

Why It’s Here: It’s absolutely stunning. Her pose is mystical. The hair is special; it is so intricately and perfectly posed that it brings about a perfect frame for the girl while still looking natural. The effects and colors are perfectly chosen for it’s sci-fi/fantasy theme, and the way the lights bounce off the crystals bring a whole new dimension to the picture. It’s enchanting and magical, and quite something to look at.