miku pony


((aaa i know i said that i woulen’t take anymore of these but i dident want the people who sent in ones after i closed it to leave dissapointed.. So i made some chibi sketches of the rest aaaa i hope its okay!! Thank you all for sending one in and i hope everyone continuse to enjoy White dress Miku!))


Damn Micks, back at it again with another drawing! So this is the finished version! I’m super relieved when I finished this. Can you find all the (probably not) hidden dragon balls? This was awesome to put together. See ya in the next post!

Need more blogs to follow

So I had realized that i’m not following a crap load of people and I don’t have a crap load of followers

To make things short and simple i’m just going to ask for folks who post about:

●puella magi madoka magica
● sailor moon
●mirai nikki
●hatsune miku/ vocaloid
●cute things
●Virgo crap
●zodiac signs
● Japan
● sugary sweets
●ouran highschool host club
●lucky star
●my little pony
●and black rock shooter

To please like and reblog this and I shall get back to you all!
(Pretty please)