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Hatsune Miku makes her appearance in Persona 4 Dancing All Night! (x)

“I’ll miss you alot Mister phantom! You’ll always be the best Friend-tance!!!”



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I really don’t think I can name EVERYTHING here cause I don’t know what the names are for everything. If you wanna know something specific, just ask. Lots of this stuff you can’t really get anymore/is very hard to get, so if you ask where I got something you might be very disappointed. Some stuff I got from artists at cons as well.

I’m like 90% sure this is all of it, I know I’m missing a Len but I haven’t seen him in months. My Project Mirai blanket is under everything but it’s there. I’ve lost a couple of things over the years too, nothing I’m really heartbroken about though.

I know people are going to say “I wish I had the money for that” and trust me this is YEARS of using money I SHOULDN’T to get this stuff, I actually have to stop for a bit and wait a couple paychecks before I should even think about getting more. If you want a collection like this, you gotta work hard for it. I’ve searched high and low for some of this stuff, it takes real fucking dedication. When I started I was just barely scrapping money out of the couch cushions. If you manage your money right, you can have a collection like this some day, so please don’t be discouraged. 

So the game is to tag 5 people and they have to take a picture of ALL their vocaloid stuff and list it (I’m sorry I actually can’t)

@firstclasslentrash, @squidmiku, @imemiliswear …. uh idk if you wanna do it you can say i tagged you LMAO