miku miku moving


[Photos taken by sarahjaynewebb]

I could have had my photo taken with any of the sports anime cosplayers, but I had to pick one I have yet to watch– (but am planning to once I’m done with some others, and that’s what’s most important here)

Anyway, we all know I’m biased, and I’ll admit I was most excited to have a photo taken with the Shizuo, the Sophie (me and SJ were like “ooh, they’re from Howl’s Moving Castle!”), Miku, Kurapika (really happy seeing this one), and of course the Persona cosplayers (SUPER HAPPY because I found them before leaving).

So yeah, Cardiff Comic Con was awesome (If you see yourself in here, please let me know so I can tag you!).

EDIT: Okay, so people have recognised themselves, which is super awesome, so!

P5 Protagonist: succubusvincent
Kurapika: kurapilka
Minato: jediknight123