miku hatsune V3

Winter Wonfes 2017 Pt.1 Summary

Figures announced/revealed as of 7:45pm PDT.

Autocorrected Vocaloid Names
  • Hatsune Miku: Hatsune Mikulski
  • Kagamine Rin: Kagan inexpensive Rings
  • Kagamine Len: Kagan inexpensive Lenny
  • Megurine Luka: Meg urine Luka
  • Megpoid Gumi: Meg point Gunilla
  • Gakupo Camui: Groupon Campion
  • SeeU: Security
  • Yohioloid: Yahoo load
  • Otomachi Una: Ota machine Unadilla


hooo boi i did not actually originally intend for this to become such a big project tbh O_O at first i was only gonna slap together the image and music and maybe lyrics together and call it a day… but then i got some ideas as i was working on it and… one thing lead to another and it kinda ended up turning into an actual PV of sorts (:

but hooo my god why is everything i make is so completely ridden with flaws though :’^) i could point out a million things wrong with every aspect of this, but… i think its kinda just a creators thing. most people probably arent gonna notice or be as annoyed by it as i am… at least i hope not lol.

all and all, i dont mind that my work isn’t actually perfect. ^ ^ i think it actually turned out reallyreally great and i’m actually super super proud of this!! (:

i hope everyone will enjoy it!! i did have a lot of fun making it anyway hehe ^ ^; 

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(I might  also share the drawing i made for this if like anyone wants that idk lol…. aaaa im so tired rn omg lol)