miku hatsune V3

Winter Wonfes 2017 Pt.1 Summary

Figures announced/revealed as of 7:45pm PDT.

Autocorrected Vocaloid Names
  • Hatsune Miku: Hatsune Mikulski
  • Kagamine Rin: Kagan inexpensive Rings
  • Kagamine Len: Kagan inexpensive Lenny
  • Megurine Luka: Meg urine Luka
  • Megpoid Gumi: Meg point Gunilla
  • Gakupo Camui: Groupon Campion
  • SeeU: Security
  • Yohioloid: Yahoo load
  • Otomachi Una: Ota machine Unadilla

//So I have written yet again another song!!

Basically everything you need to know can be found in the description of the video.

Featuring characters belonging to/inspired by @gay4pearl @sighaudrey @angrymemesandicecreams @unwisedevotion and @mcform-voltron

Also can be found on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/yandere-dandere/yandere-p-original-vocaloid-4-hostesss-party-vocaloid-5-1

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Miku V4 design revealed !

It’s by iXima

This design is very simple; even simpler than V3. Maybe it’s because her V4 is just an update of the V3 thus her design reflect that and don’t call for drastic changes

Since the Dallas Miku Expo didn’t get a poster, I made this unofficial one. The size is 11 x 17″ and is printed on high quality paper. If you’d like to order one from me, you can PayPal me $25.00 (which includes a study shipping tube and postage). Please share with other Texas fans. Thank you.