Dear cis feminist

Please acknowledge that not all men have male privilege, not all men are seen as male, not all men are “manly enough” to have male privilege. And some men have life experience as a woman. And some people you assume are male aren’t.
~just a friendly​ reminder from your neighborhood transgender folk.

jdmcc880  asked:

Not trying to be rude but do you not believe that someone can be male or female by birth sex and by chosen gender, but still be gay/lesbian? LGBT+ Community is there for people who fit any, Not all of the acronym. So to the CisLGBT yes that is possible and don't let people do exactly the same thing they are upset about being done to them. Have a nice day everyone! ^_^

Smoke and Sunshine - infinitelystrangemachine - Akagami no Shirayukihime [Archive of Our Own]
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“The longer he stayed, the more she seemed aware of his presence, asking him if he did, indeed, have to leave at the end of each day, asking him to bring her a book or a certain plant from another greenhouse for the next day, forcing an implied promise out of him that he really would still be there tomorrow, and smiling when he smiled and waiting for him each morning and taking him apart piece by piece until the messenger and the knight and the bodyguard and the lost soul and even the friend fell away, and all that remained was Obi. Just Obi. Just a man.”

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There’s a certain rhetoric from some nonbinary and transgender people that taunt cis people, and they’re fragile security in their own gender. IE:

  • they had to dress all the boys in blue, and the girls in pink for their family photo!!?! That’s not cute, that’s just sad. 
  • We get it. You’re telling the baby that they’re a girl. You don’t need to paint everything in her room pink.
  • Latin-o!?!?!?!

There’s a deep level of irony in these statements from people who have nothing more interesting about them than their “identified gender.”